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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 480

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 02:58 | Go to History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

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tl by molokidan

BATTLE480: Distance between two
text: I'm...home!

1: This is Ryouzanpaku!!
2: A place where martial arts experts gather!!
3: Chu
4: Hoh, nice thrust.
5: The philosophical jujutsu master, Kouetsuji Akisame
6: Haah!!

1: Heheh! His eyes have gotten sharper.
2: I'm surprised to see him using suishu (pushing fists). He's really grown.
3: Street fighting karate master
Sakaki Shio
4: Master of all Chinese kenpo
Ba Kensei
5: Kuohhh!
6: Cheryaaaah!!
7: Mmm, your movements have gotten sharper.

1: Son of swords and weapons
Kousaka Shigure
2: Ohhhh
3: Hmph!
4: Guwahhh!
5: Perhaps...because he's walked the line of life and death.
6: Ahhhh
7: Grim Reaper of the Underground Muay Thai world - Apachai Hopachai
8: Iyadabadouuuuuu!!
9: Doahhh!!
10(2b): Apa?! What? Did I just kick something?
11: Oh man.
12: He did it again.
13: Ohhh!

1: N...not yet!!
2: History's strongest disciple - The top disciple at Ryouzanpaku - Shirahama Kenichi
3(small): Nice guts!
4: I've seen a battle of the Living Fist vs. the Killing Fist, and a battle between two Killing Fist users...I've really seen a lot of incredible things...

1: Haaah!
2: Up until now, I've worked as hard as I could in martial arts to fight against evil that most people ignore, or to protect those important to me...
3: I've learned that average preparation will not allow one to pierce their beliefs through in the world of martial arts!! The path of martial arts is a dangerous one!!
4: Uwahhh!
5: Hey now...
6: perfect.
7: Yes...but...
8: there is one salvation for this dangerous road.
9: The fact that my teachers are the masters of Ryouzanpaku!!

1: That's why, even though I know I walk a dangerous road...
2: I've decided once again that I will not flee anymore!!
3: Apa! What is this?
4: What a machine.
5: Hey, don't open that! My special incomplete anti-Kenichi-kun "Torturous Hell #28" machine is in here...
6: Kyaaa
7: This is a strategic escape.
8: Guwaah! Let me go!
9: Oh my.
10: I'm sick of machines!
11: You easily risk your life and jump into battle to save Miu, so why are you so strangely weak when it comes to this?
12: OK! Everyone, that's enough morning practice.

1: Better hurry up and eat soon, or else Kenichi-san and I will be late.
2: Okaaay.
3: I was really worried about after-effects from the Demon Fist God's brainwashing...
4: Hang in there!
5: My serum needles should be working now!
6: For the first few days I really thought it was all over.

1: But now, there isn't even a trance of the brainwashing left, and she's the bright Miu-san she's always been.
2: Let's hurry, Kenichi-san!
3: Not only that, but she's felt closer ever since the Tidat incident.
4: You have no memories of being brainwashed?
5: Hardly any.
6(2b): I do remember a little bit about wanting to slice you up, Kenichi-san...but it feels like it was just a dream.
7: Th-that might be because your consciousness had half returned.
8: There is one thing that sticks in my mind, though...
9: Kenichi-san, you gave these to me...
10: Yes, your mother's mementos.

1: Who did you get them from?
2: I can faintly remember that scene.
3: Keep quiet about it for a while.
4: It may just be me.
5: It feels like my dreams and reality were mixed up then.
6: Oh, let's hurry.
7: Why does the elder hide the details about Miu-san's father from her?
8: There are still a lot of secrets surrounding her that I'm not in on.
9: It feels strange. Like we're close, yet far.

1: Hey honey! You alright?
2: She's been saying she's fine every day! Takeda-senpai!!
3: Well, she said she went through so much, I was just worried for her, of course, as a friend!
4: You just want to grab her!
5: That's so ruuuude!
6: Takeda was really worried about you guys, so give him some slack.
7: Yeah.
8: How much longer will I have to listen to this?
9: Who cares?! We can celebrate our allies' safety for as many days as we want!!
10: Gebu!!
11: Eeiii!
12: Who cares about the past?!

1: YOMI's movements have been getting more active recently!!
2(small): wants to stand out
3: The YOMI members who have been hiding out in Kouryou High have been taking class off and gathering!
4(small): cake
5: Does this have something to do with the Demon Fist God dying in Tidat?!
6: Of course it does!
7: Hyaah!
8: Hey, where are you touching, you alien?!
9: My diagnosis says...

1: Judgment day...
2: is near.

1(2b): I already informed the Captains who aren't here...Ogata Isshinsai, the Holy Fist of YAMI, has been moving around trying to swallow up the Shinpaku Alliance.
2: I imagine he has three members...
3: After investigating, I found one to be Atarante, or Kokorone Rimi, the high school girl who tried to steal the data back then. The other two are a mystery.
4: Please prepare to fight all of them.

1: Eh? We're going to spar now?
2: Yes.
3(2b): Lately, my body's been feeling rusty because of the healing...and my balance may be slightly off due to the brainwashing.
4: I see. That's fine.
5: Wait a minute. I've been feeling great lately...
6: If Miu-san's not feeling too hot...
7: Then this might be my once-in-a-lifetime chance...
8: to beat Miu-san?!

1: Huh?

1: I'm sorry! My body seems to be moving way better than I imagined it would...
2: I really hit you hard, didn't I?
3: Bbbbbbnnnn...
4: Are you alright?
5: Bbbbnnn.
6: So Junazard's training sped up the awakening of Miu's power.
7: I was making her training go slowly on purpose.
8: It'll eventually be a path she must cross...I suppose.
9: Apa! Kenichi's dead!
10: Oh my. Apachai, you again?
11: No, it wasn't me!

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