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Translations: Gintama 601 (2) , One Piece 836 by cnet128 , Bleach 686 by cnet128

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 483

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 02:59 | Go to History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

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tl by molokidan

483: Aquarium Showdown!
side: Miu vs. Rimi again!!
1: Ryuuto-sama said he was coming here to meet Shirahama Kenichi, but he
didn't tell Rimi anything about this woman...
2: Just what...
3: are you to Ryuuto-sama?!

1: I see. It isn't just speed. Is tis from Ogata Isshinsai's ancient
martial arts?
2: It's the result of my "specialization training" that comes from focusing
on speed and growing from there.

1: Eat this!!
2: (furigana is impossible to read)

1: Kya!
2: What's that?
3(2b): ...I dunno. No one should be here but us...
4: Perhaps it's one of your friends?!
5: How rude.
6: If I said I'm coming alone, then I'm coming alone!!
7: Anyway, let's go see what it is.
8: Yeah, I'm curious.
9: It sounded like a girl.
10: Maybe it's a ghost of a dead employee?
11: S-stop that...

1: Reminds me of sneaking into the school at night, a long time ago.
2: Yeah.
3: Together.
4: We got caught by a security guard and he gave us an earful!
5: Hmph.
6: Until the end, you never said that I was the ringleader.
7: ...I just forgot.

1: Kyaaa!
2: I-impossible! That move...how could you knock away my entire kick?!
3: Kaahh!!
4: Uohhh!
5: Wh-what?!

1: Uuuu! Something's different from the last time we fought!!
2: Uuu!
3: Wh-what was that just now?
4: H-how should I know? Stupid!
5: Uuuuu!! But Rimi's been training too!
6: Hyuuu!!

1: I'm getting serious now!!
2: Ahhh, those are gold shoes!!
3: Now, when I strip, I change a bit.

1: Ahhh! The gold shoes!!
2: She's wide open!!

1: Speed up...
2: Genya no Tsubame!!! (*Phantom Night Swallow)

1: Hah!!
2: Oh no, my power...
3: Gyauu!!

1: There it is again. It sounds like someone's on a rampage...
2: This aquarium must just be a front for a bioweapon laboratory.
3: Stop it!!
4: Fufu...
5: And they're fusing human genes with sharks...
6: Stop, stop! You know I really hate hearing stuff like that!!
7: Uwahhhhh! Theeere!!

1: A-Atlanta.
2: Oh no! They found me!!
3: Huh? That super fast girl?
4: I thought you were coming alone, Ryuuto...
5: More like, why is she in the tank?
6: Ahh!! Look, Kenichi?
7: Uohhhhh!
8: Just a little more.

1: Oh no, we have to save them!!
2: Wh-why is Miu-san here?!
3: It's no good! That octopus is really strong! He won't let go of the gold
4: Uuu...
5: That was a doozy.
6: And she was holding back, too.
7: Just what happened to that woman since the last time we fought? She's
even faster than Rimi now...
8: Rimi's gotten stronger too, but...
9: The shine in her eyes, and her aura...
10: Hah. Could tis be...
11: There are 2 major types of martial artists.

1: Quiet types who calm their hearts and condense their energy,
2: and those who free their hearts and power up their energy!!
3: That explosion of energy she just released means that she's the latter!!
4(3b): Ryuuto-sama made a mistake in his energy flow and was
damaged...Kuh...the Sacred Fist told Rimi to be careful...but now I've
fallen behind.
5: Miu-san!
6: Hauuu!
7: You're mistaken!
8: Miu...it's been a while.
9(2b): Uuu...I'm sorry for coming. It's not like I didn't trust you,
Ryuuto-san...I just knew that the Rimi girl was coming too.

1: I know. I believe you.
2: Hmph.
3: I'll be firm with Atlanta.
4: Ahh!
5: Yo.
6: We're in the back so the floor is covered in pipes.

1: ...he never lets
2: Rimi push him.
3: Kenichi, it's unfortunate that we weren't able to discuss anything...
4: It looks like I've got too much business to attend to today. Let's meet
again later.

1: We're leaving, Atlanta.
2: Can you push me?
3: Yeeees, I'll push you! It's my pleasure!
4: You're going a bit fast.
5: How about we go home too?
6: Achoo!
7: You'll catch a cold.
8: Fuurinji Miu...

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