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Dragon Ball SD 9

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 03:05 | Go to Dragon Ball SD

-> RTS Page for Dragon Ball SD 9


tl by molokidan

red: Where's the stolen Dragonball...?!

1: The Dragonball on Mt. Frypan was stolen by a mysterious mecha...and now it's returned to the castle of Emperor Pilaf, a maniac planning on world domination...
2: Hyo hyo hyo...
3: Now I have TWO whole Dragonballs!
4: And it looks like the other 5 are coming straight this way.
5: Now, the world will finally be mine!!
6: I'm so glad I learned about these things!!
7: Emperor Pilaf!! They're here!!
8: Fu fu fu...just like a summer moth flying into a flame!

1: Here, here! This has to be where the Dragonball signal is coming from!!
2: This place is huge!
3: C'mon, let's sneak inside!
4: We've gotta steal back our Dragonball!!
5: Hey, you guys should be careful. We're not up against any old thieves this time!
6: Y...yeah, you may be right.
7: Ssshh...
8: Hm?!
9: What's this?
10: An arrow...but why...?
11: Maybe there's something past here...
12: There's another one here!

1: Let's see what's there...
2: What? What is it?
3: Huh?
4: It's a dead end.
5: O-oh noooo!!
6: We're trapped!!!
7: W...we caught them already...
8: I can't believe they actually fell for such a stupid trap...

1: Nooo! This place is totally shut tight!!
2: My punches can't even break through it.
3: I told you we shouldn't have come in here!!
4: Geheheh...! Now the moment when I become ruler of the world has arrived!
5: Emperor Pilaf! We found 4 Dragonballs in their car.
6: What?! Then one of them must be holding the final ball!
7: Hmmm...I can't see it in any of their hands...
8: Gnnnn...
9: How about we put them to sleep with some sleeping gas and then search their bodies, sir?

1: A-ha! I forgot about that!!
2: Yes!! Put them to sleep at once!!
3: Wh-what the?!
4: Ahhh!!
5: Cough, cough! Uwaaaah!
6: Wh-what's all this smoke?!

1: Hahaha! They're all asleep!
2: Yeees! Now for the Dragonball...
3: Dragon...ba...
4: Ba...
5: Ahh!! Emperor Pilaf!!
6: Didn't you put your gas mask on?!
7: I'll search for the ball, you take the Emperor...
8: Sheesh.
9: OK then...
10: Hm?!
11: Here it is!!!

1: Hoo...
2: I still feel a bit drowsy...
3: But enough about that! Excellent job! Now we finally have all seven Dragonballs!!
4: Yes sir!
5: Keeheeheeheehee! Now, finally, the entire world will kneel to the great Emperor Pilaf!!!

1: Haaa!!!
2: It's no good! This wall's way too thick to punch through!!
3: Kicks don't work either!
4: It's all over now...!! They probably took the ball when we were asleep and got their wish by now...!!
5: Wait! Son-kun!!
6: Use the Kamehameha!! That one move the Turtle Hermit used!!
7: Oh yeah!
8: Alriiiight...

1: N-now, at last, we can summon the Dragon God...
2: Gulp...
3: Ka...me...
4: Ha...me...
5: Haaaa!!

1: Nope!
2: I haven't trained enough yet, so all I could make was this little hole!
3: Ahh!! I can see them outside!
4: Wait!! It doesn't look like the dragon's appeared yet!!
5: What?!
6: Puar!! Turn into a bat and go through the hole!!
7: Steal a Dragonball from them while there's still time!!
8: OK!!
9: You're so smart!!
10: What are you standing around for?! You go too, Oolong!!
11(2b): What?! M-me...?
12: You need to make yourself useful once in a while! Don't you care if that weirdo takes over the world?!
13: A-alright! I'll go, I'll go!!

1: We have to hurry!!
2: Come out, dragon!!
3: And grant my wish!!!

1: Uwahhh!! Uwawawawawawahhh!!!
2: W-we didn't make it!!
3: The dragon's here!!!
4: Oh no!! The dragon's already arrived!!
5: Aaaaaaaaahhhh!! T-this is the end of everything!!
6: Let me see too!!
7: W...wow...
8: It...it makes an alligator...look like a mouse!
9: Now, say your wish.
10: I will grant whatever single wish you desire...

1: I-I want
2: the world...!
3: T-this is bad...!! W-we'll just have to escape!!
4: Y-yeah, I guess you're right...
5: ...hm?!
6: W-wait!!
7: If I say a wish before he finishes...!!
8: Huh?!

1: Gimme a girl's pantiiiiiiiies!!!!!

1-3: float
4: flutter...
5: I have granted your wish.
6: Farewell.

1: Ah...ah...
2: Ahhh...!!
3: Eh...eheh!
4: Eheheheh...
5: That crazy bastard did it!!
6: Take that!!
7: Oolong's perverted mind saved the day!

1: C-capture the pig and the cat thing!!
2: I'm going to punish every last one of them!!
3: Yes sir!!
4: H...how dare you stand in the way of Emperor Pilaf's dream to take over the world...
5: Death penalty!! I'm going to execute every last one of you!!!
6: Now they're really trapped in a life-and-death situation!! What will happen to our trapped heroes...?!

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