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Dragon Ball SD 10

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 03:05 | Go to Dragon Ball SD

-> RTS Page for Dragon Ball SD 10


tl by molokidan

1: Gokuu and friends, in the clutches of Pilaf!!

1: How pathetic...I can't believe we let them catch us so easily!
2: sigh
3: Well, come on. They had a laser gun...
4: We can't even open a hole in the wall in this room.
5: It's all thick metal...
6: Hey guys! You sure did a great job screwing up my plans for world domination back there!!
7: So, I've decided to execute you all!!!
8: Gufufufu! I'm sure you noticed that the ceiling is made out of glass.
9: The sun is really bright and hot during noon around here, you know! So hot, in fact, that it makes that room just like an oven...!!
10: The metal walls in that room are 300mm thick! Not even a cannon could bust through them!
11: Have fun roasting to death!
12: D-dammit...!!
13: Nothing but death awaits those that stand in the way of Emperor Pilaf's world domination!!

1: C'mon...!!
2(red): You can do it! you can do it!!
3: It...it's no good...!
4: It's completely impossible to break out of here...!!
5: I'm too hungry to use any power...
6: Are we just going to die down here...?
7: Hm?
8: What are you doing, Puar?
9: Looking at the moon. A beautiful full moon's out tonight!
10: I thought I should look at something beautiful before I die...
11: Hey, we aren't dead yet!!
12: A full moon...?

1: A big monster comes out on nights where there's a full moon!!
2: Fufu! Yeah right...don't start talking about that monkey man.
3: If you have time to be blabbering about stuff like that, then think of a way to get out of here!
4: I'm not lying! My grandpa got squished and killed by him!!
5: What kind of a guy was he?
6: I was asleep, so I didn't get to see him.
7: But grandpa always used to tell me.
8: Never look at the full moon at night!!
9: I dunno what me looking at the moon has to do with anything, though...

1: I wonder if monsters come out around here when there's a full moon, too...
2: Wh...wh...what do you think...?
3: N-now that I think about it, I had a feeling he wasn't a normal kid...!
4: W-we'll know for sure if we show him the moon...l-let's give it a try...!
5: B...but if it's really true...we could be in trouble...
6: Y-yeah!! Phew, I was almost going to show it to him...but that'd be bad...!
7: Hey, Son-kun!! We don't think it's a good idea for you to look at the moon!!
8: Huh?

1: throb
2: G...Gokuu...?
3: H-hey, Gokuu...!! Wh-what's wrong...?! Hey...!!
4: S-stop joking around...!!
5: Gyagyaaaaahhh!
6: G-Gokuu!!!

1: Pogegyaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!
2: Roaaar

1: Kyaaaaaaahhh!!
2: Uwaaaoooohhhhh!!
3: Hey!! The prison broke!! Now we can escape!!
4: Gokuu!! Th-that's enough!! You can go back to normal now!! H-hey!!
5: Mmmmm...
6: What in the world is that noise?
7: The prisoners are probably acting up...
8: I can't sleep with all this noise...
9: crash
10: Wh-what the?!
11: Gyaaaahhh!!

1: Gieeeehhhhhh!!!
2: Roaaaaaaaaarrr!!
3: Move it!!
4: He's gonna kill us!!!!
5: E-escape in the plaaaane!!
6: G-get it in the air!! Hurryyyyyy!!!
7: Fwah
8: We're saaaaved!!!

1: Hooraaaay!!
2: We're saaaaved!!
3: gah
4: Gyaaaahhh!!!
5: Gieeeeehhhh!!
6: Gwahhh!! W-watch ouuuuuut!!!

1: Wh...what is that...thing...?
2: Th-that was close...!!
3: Gokuu's gone insane...!
4: Talking to him isn't going to make any difference!
5: We have to run farther away or we'll be dead meat!!
6: Heeeey! Heeey!
7: Hm?
8: I got stuck.
9: Guohhhhhh...!!
10: I-it's no good!! It won't budge!!
11: But...

1: Eeeee!!!!
2: Hey!! H-he's coming this way!!
3: Gegehh!!
4: Gahh!!
5: Wawawahh!! H-he's gonna crush uuuuus!!!

1: Yamucha, wasn't his tail his weak point?!
2: Ahh!!
3: That's it!!!
4: I'm not sure if his weak point's the same in this form, but...!!

1: Huh?! Huh?!
2: Now, Puar!! Transform into some scissors and cut his tail off! That might knock him out!!
3: OK!!

1: H...he's back to normal...

1: Huh. It's already morning...
2: Fuahh...
3: Sheesh...he sure caused us hell...
4: It's probably better we don't tell him he was the one who stepped on his grandfather...
5: Just what is he, though...? Don't tell me he's an alien?
6: Maybe Gokuu was a soldier sent from a distant planet inhabited by an alien warrior race, entrusted with the mission of exterminating all earthlings...however, one day, he accidentally fell into a valley, hit his head hard, and forgot his order to exterminate the earthlings. He was raised as a normal child...even though he was born as a Yasaijin on the Vegetable planet...
7: That sure is long and detailed...
8: But we cut his tail off, so I doubt he'll transform into a monster again.
9: Hmmm...
10: Ahh! He woke up!
11: Mrmmrmmm
12: Yo! Mornin'!

1: Yo!! Heheheheh!
2: Heheheh my ass...
3: Huh?!
4: Why am I naked? Where's my clothes?
5: Don't you remember?
6: Remember what?
7: Oolong, give him your underwear!
8: Huh?!
9: Y-you've gotta be kidding me!! No way!! These are the special panties I got from Shen Long!!
10: There's tons of weirdos who go around naked these days, I don't see what the big deal is...
11: Awww, fine...here, have my pants!
12: You really have short legs.
13: Shut up! We're all super-deformed, there's no real difference!!

1: What's wrong?
2: I can't really stand up right...
3: You lost your tail, so your balance's changed.
4: I'm sure you'll get used to it soon.
5: Huh? My tail?
6: Ahhhh!!!
7: I-it's gone!!
8: My tail's gone!!!
9: Oh well!
10: Gokuu looked at the full moon, transformed into a monster, and went on a rampage! But his lone weakpoint was cut off -- his tail! And so he reverted to normal, but...what will happen next...?!

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