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Eureka Seven AO 4

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 03:06 | Go to Eureka Seven AO

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tl by molokidan

episode:04 - Walk This Way
1: An emergency evacuation order is now in effect.
2: Citizens are to calmly...
3: Naru!

1: Uncle!
2(2b): How are you feeling? Did you run out of medicine?
3: Umm...
4: Where's Ao?
5: He...

1: A SDF fighter plane...
2: Everyone's getting desperate about the island.
3(2b): Humans and children alike...
4: Wait, don't tell me Ao...
5(2b): Yeah. He ran out talking about how he was going to protect the island.
6(2b): Oh no. I have to go find him...

1: Take care of Miyu for me!!
2: Huh?!
3: Hey! Naru!

1: What are you thinking, Gazelle?!
2: Nothing! I just want to move this thing and fight!!
3(2b): We can't move it on our own! Besides, he said he didn't want to get in it...
4: So just...
5: You idiots!

1: So what if he said that?!
2: Are you just gonna give up?!
3: You saw that G-monster, didn't you?!
4: It could easily erase this island in an instant. And...
5: There's no way we can put such huge pressure on a lone kid...

1: Ao!!
2: You...
3: I'll...
4: get in it.

1: I understand now
2: what you were saying,
3: and what your father said...
4: I love this island.
5(2b): I've had some bad memories here, but more than that, I love my daily life...and everyone who lives here.

1: That's why
2: I'm gonna fight.

1: uiin
2-4: beep
5(2b): beep beep

1(2b): beep beep beep
2: Just stay still a bit longer.
3: I'm teaching it to help you.
4: Nirvash.

1: beep beep
2: beep

1: Nirvash.
2: You remember me.
3: Ao, you idiot!

1: Naru?!
2: Where do you think you're going by yourself?!
3: Huh?

1: Take me with you!
2(2b): Huh?! Uhh, I dunno about that...
3(2b): I know I'm weak. I may become a burden...
4(2b): But I have a bad feeling...it's like you're going to disappear forever...
5: So

1: It's alright, Naru.
2: I promise I'll come back.
3: I

1: want to protect you along with everyone else.

1: So I'll be off now.

1: Don't attack?!
2: Do you want us to just sit here and die?!
3: You really don't get it.
4: What?!

1: Secret can send out powerful electromagnetic pulses around itself and destroy machinery.
2: This works on normal weapons as well, so attacking will have no purpose.
3: Only IFOs can attack Secret.
4: When is the IFO going to be here?!
5: In 6 minutes, with Aleluya and Kirie.
6: Hm?
7: IFO detected on Iwato Island!
8(2b): What?! It can't be...
9: It's the...

1: mk.I

1: Uwaaaaaahhhhhh
2: jakoh
3: jakah

1: How many of them are there?!
2(2b): Oh no

1: Break your promise, and I'll never forgive you!
2: Ao.

1: The G-monsters...are all...
2: We barely made it.

1: I guess?

slanted: The Pied Piper squad, Elena and Flare appear!!

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