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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Eureka Seven AO 5

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 03:06 | Go to Eureka Seven AO

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tl by molokidan

1: On that day, Anmaa
2: looked sad.
side: As he searches for traces of his mother, fate accelerates.

all text has english equivalent below it
bottom: Original Concept: BONES
Manga: Katou Yuuichi

Fighting for someone

1: This is an IFO, just like
2: Nirvash?

1: Wha?!

1: ggh
2: Oww...

1: What are you losing your concentration in the ZOA for?!
2: Do you want to die?!

1: Z-ZOA?
2: Once you enter the ZOA, it'll take only dozens of seconds for a secret to capture you.
3: Don't tell me you were planning to fight without even knowing that?
4: Who are you guys?
5: An international rescue team
6: that takes part in unexpected disasters: "Generation Blue."

1: We're their ace team: "Pied Piper."
2: You've at least heard of us, right?
3: Flair!

1: Really...how many of them are there?
2: This is starting to look bad...

1: Alright! I'll be right over.
2: Go aggro all the little guys!
3: While you're doing that, I'll get near the source and take it out in one hit...
4(2b): Huh? You want to fight? But in the ZOA...
5: I'll be alright for dozens of seconds, right?!
6: I'm sick of just watching.

1: You're right. I don't know anything.
2(2b): I don't have battle experience like you do. But.
3: I decided that I'm going to
4: protect this island!!

1: We simulated this plan. It's effective.
2: Mark 1's main weapons use mass bullets, so they'll be weaker the closer you get.
3: The problem is that using only one arm will halve attack power...
4: Flair.
5: Assist him and pass on the orders.
6: Ivica?!

1: You intend to put the children in danger due to some amateur's idea?!
2: I won't let the children die.
3: That's why we're here.
4(2b): Flair Blanc, that's my name. What's yours?

1: Fukai Ao.
2: ...I should have guessed. (*Note: "Fukai Ao" means "deep blue" in Japanese.)
3: Wha?!
4: I'll help you as much as I can on my side.
5: But
6: I don't accept failure.

1: Naru!
2: Dad!!
3: What are you doing out here?!
4: Um...no, you see, this is...

1(2b): We're going home!! This place is dangerous.
2(2b): No! Wait!! I have to make sure Ao...
3: Uuu
4(2b): Cough! Uuu...kuh...
5(2b): Naru?! Another fit?!
6: No...
7: I...

1: have to be by
2: Ao's side...

1: I set the course, so just follow it!
2(2b): And make sure you finish it off within dozens of seconds without letting the enemy notice!!

1: Confirming the arm delivery...but
2: Can the Kirie's parts be used?
3: All IFO standards are based on the Mark 1.
4: It was basically

1: monkey see, monkey do.

1: Goooooooooooooo

1: oooooooo

1: You're fine. There's nothing especially wrong.
2: The chaos is over for now, so you should get some rest.
3: All I did...was fall over again.
4: I had to keep my eyes on Ao, yet I...

1: Is Ao alright?
2: Naru...
3: Mr. Fukai?
4: I'm sorry for bursting in all of a sudden, but I have a question to ask you.
5: Fukai Ao...that boy...

1: He's Eureka's child, isn't he?

1(2b): The scub's getting bigger...and that's not all.
2: What the hell are they doing?

1: Huh...it's that thing...
2: That's a Generation Blue IFO.
3: Why are they with the scub?
4: The international rescue squad.
5: Mysterious actions...
6: Things are getting interesting...

1: We've recovered the Quartz.
2: The burst's subsided too.
3: How about calling BEFORE this shit happens...?
4: Interesting.
5: Huh?
6(2b): His idea about beating the secret inside the ZOA. He's an interesting kid.

1: Ao!

1: Naru...
2: Grandpa...
3: You idiot!
4: Naru?!
5: Ao, you idiot!
6: ...Naru?
7: ...this

1(2b): This is your sea giant, isn't it?
2: It's Nirvash.

1: I'm Ivica Taovic from Pied Piper.
2: Fukai Ao. I've heard about you from Flair.
3(2b): I've been searching for a long time...trying to find a girl who has the same color hair as you, who piloted this IFO long ago.
4: You know Anmaa?!
5: Ao. There's something I need to tell you
6: about your mother...

1: 10 years ago, during the Scub Burst--
2: Hey!
3: I have to go.
4(2b): He's fighting too.
5(2b): If...something happens to me...

1: Please
2: take care of Ao.

1: She headed toward the Scub Burst and never returned...
2(3b): If you continue riding in this, the same thing will happen. So...
3: I remember.
4: I remember seeing Anmaa that day.
5: I remember it clearly...
6: But
7: I don't know anything.

1(2b): I really don't know anything about myself. I don't even know why my hair turned this color.
2: That's why I'm going to pilot Nirvash.
3: If I pilot Nirvash and follow Anmaa's path,
4: I may be able to see her.
5: So...

1: can you let me join Generation Blue?

1(2b): Hey...Ao. Me too...
2: cough
3(2b): Cough! Guu...
4: Uuu
5(2b): are you alright?! I wonder...if we can heal that...
6: I'll investigate about your disease too, Naru.
7: Stupid Ao.
8: Huh?

1(2b): That errrrts!
2(2b): Stop it, Naru! That erts!
3: Naru!
4(2b): Oww! What are you...
5: Ohh
6: Take Noah.
7: Huh?

1: I have nothing else to give you...
2: And it looks like Noah wants to go...
3: Come back safely.

1: I'm leaving now.

1: He really went...

1: This world is full of errors.
2 You can't see the "truth."
3: Wh-who are you...
4: Just what are you?!
5: Who knows?
6: I just...

1: want to know the truth.
2: This world's erroneous answer.
slanted: He who seeks truth changes the world.

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