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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Eureka Seven AO 6

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 03:07 | Go to Eureka Seven AO

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tl by molokidan

slanted: The Triton heads out from Okinawa.
1: I'm Elena Peoples.
2: You should also make a pact and become a Pied Piper.
3: ...huh?
4(2b): Don't worry about it. She's always like that. Anyway, we'll
almost be at

1: the Generation Blue HQ.
episode:06 - Light My Fire

1: beep
2(2b): beep beep
3(2b): beep beep
4: beep

1: A check-up...?
2: I guess I should have expected this...
3: That's enough.
4(2b): No anomalies. He's a normal boy.
5(2b): Huh? Is this the newbie I heard about?

1: Welcome to Generation Blue.
2: I'm the CEO, Bran.
3: I imagine you're a bit nervous, but feel free
4: to think of me as your father.
5: ...father?

1: Something wrong?
2(2b): No. Sorry. I just don't have any good associations with the
word "father"...
3: Sorry. I'll go on ahead.
4: Huh? Flair?
5: You...
6: have no right to say the word father...!
7: Sorry to interrupt.

1: Elena.
2: Yes sir!
3: Can you guide him?
4: Guide?
5: Yeah. You'll definitely get lost if you're on your own.
6(2b): We have thousands of employees working here. It's like a
7: And?

1: What are you doing?
2: Sorry, sorry. Just checking the new issues.
3: Ohhh! This month's appendix is insane!!
4: Haa.
5: You have really pretty hair.
6: Huh?
7(2b): Your mom's genes gave you that, right? I wonder what kind of
guy your father was, then?
8: My father...
9: ...ggh.

1: He
2: left my anmaa all alone.
3: He's nothing but a piece of shit.
4: Hmmm. That reminds me of someone else..
5: ...someone else?
6: Waaah!

1: It's a sloth!
2: Kuu?
2: Noah!
3: Wahh!
4: Ah!

1: You...
2: Are you Fukai Ao?
3: Who?
4: Didn't you hear? He's a newbie than beat a Secret inside the ZOA.
5: I also heard he moved the mk.I...
6: Wh-who are you?
7: Tee hee.

1: Generation Blue's IFO Team!
2: Goldilocks!
3: This is big sis Maive.
4: I'm the little sister, Chloe.
5: And that's Maggie.

1: U-uhh...nice to meet you...
2: Hm?
3: Ao-kun! She may be short and a kid, but she's a pilot, you know!
4: Eh?
5: Wha?!
6: So what if you're on the ace team...?
7: I'm still your senior!

1: Chloe, your ice cream is melting.
2: Don't think she's just some kid, Ao-kun.
3: Huh?
4: I'm not a kid!!
5(2b): Hohoho! What's going on, everyone?
6: Ah!
7: Bruno!!
8: The Pied Pipers are bullying me!!
9: Hohoho!
10: Isn't something wrong here?
11: Huh?

1: Uwahh!
2(2b): Welcome to Generation Blue. With that said.
3: Go back home as quickly as possible
4: before you cause sorrow to those you love.

1: Now then.
2: Let's go, everyone.
3: We got a Scub Burst on Gynas Island in Columbia.
4: Ah!

1: Wh-what about us?
2: We can take our time.
3: Upya?!
4: After all, the ones who were called were
5: Goldi...
6: ...ah.

1: U-umm, sorry...about Noah.
2: It's alright.
3: This is just a special one-time service!
4: Huh?

1: His vision cells greatly differ from ours.
2: Electromagnetic waves like infrared rays that normally can't be
3: may be visible to him.
4: You're really interesting...

1: How does our world look to you?

1: Do we have a Secret update yet?
2: Chief!
3: We still haven't confirmed an appearance yet.
4: What's going on? The Scub...
5: You three?! This is--
6: Sorry, we were just guiding Ao.
7: It's rare for a Secret to appear late after a Scub appears...
8: But more importantly

1: this hurricane is getting in the way of our progress.
2: Just hurry to the Scub.
3: We'll go ahead to the Scub and collect the quartz.

1: Hey! You guys!
2: It's alright. IFOs can easily get around that hurricane...
3(2b): As long as we get the quartz, the Secret shouldn't come. And
4: "a newbie that defeated a Secret within the ZOA"
5: Chloe
6: won't lose either!

1: Kyaaaaa
2: Are you alright? Maggie, Maive, Chloe!!
3: Sec...ahh...
4: Oh no!
5: This is the Medon! We've confirmed a Secret! Requesting backup at
6: The Secret transformed into a hurricane...?!
7: Stanley!

1: Have Piped Piper on standby just in case!
2: Eh?
3(2b): U-ummm
4: What should I do...

1: Ao-kun.
2: What did you come here
3: to do?
4: Eh?
5: Will you fly out with us?
6: He probably just wanted the mk.I.
7: That's the kind of man the CEO is.
8: Besides

1: You'd just get in the way.
2: I can't keep saving your ass.

1: Uwahh! Flair's so unforgiving.
2: I guess she's always like that, though, when he's around.
3: Him?
4: The CEO.
5(2b): They don't get along for some reason...although I guess
that's to be expected from fathers and daughters.
6: Reminds me of someone--
7: Then that was...

1: What?! Did we get any response from the Medon?!
2: None!!
3: After the line about stopping the Secret, they cut out!
4: We imagine they collided with the Secret.
5: What...
6: We'll play a video capture from the moment of collision!

1: What...
2: did I come here to do?

1: I
2-3: Beep
4: Hmph.

1: Welcome
2: What can I do?
3: to this flawed world.
side: The cruel fate of a weak boy...

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