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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Steins;Gate 13

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 03:08 | Go to Steins;Gate

-> RTS Page for Steins;Gate 13

Steins;Gate #13

tl by molokidan

1: I kept leaping over and over again in order to save Mayuri.
2: No matter what I tried, though, she kept dying in the end.
3: Even if Moeka's group didn't attack, Mayuri was still fated to die.
4: Like the entire world was colluding in order to kill her...
5: What are you doing?

right: The long-awaited continuation!!
slanted: Protecting what's important to him...

Chapter 13 - Death Link Necrosis

top: Steins;Gate Motion Picture now in production!!
TV Anime Blu-ray DVD now on sale
Anime HP: http://steinsgate.tv

left: PS3 Steins;Gate
Goes on sale 5/24
PS3 Steins;Gate + Darling double pack also going on sale!

slanted: We're going to change the world!
bottom left: Steins;Gate Vol. 1

1: ...Ku
2: Kurisu.
3: That's the first time you ever called me by my proper name.
4: You made a time leap, didn't you?

1: Have some sense, you idiot. The time leap machine isn't 100% safe.
2: I've thought up a few possible reasons as to why Mayuri's death is a certainty.
3: But we don't have time to talk now.
4: Let's go. Mayuri is one of us. I want to save her too.
5: I'm sorry.
6: Don't apologize. I just want to help.
7: C'mon, mad scientists can change the structure of the world and stuff, right?

1(2b): But of course. Haaaahahahaha...ha...ha...
2: Right?
3: Yeah...

1: I set the time to 5 hours from now, when we first finished the time leap machine.
2: If we leap back to before when it was finished, there's a chance we won't be able to complete it.
3: Once you leap back, set everyone free then tell me all this.
4: I'll probably believe you if you tell me you're from the future.
5: How do you know that?
6: I know myself better than anyone else.
7: And besides, I'm the one who created the time leap machine!
8: Let's think up a keyword just in case. Right now what I want more than anything else is a personal fork.
9: A personal fork...?
10: I already have a personal spoon...hey, don't go getting all interested!!

1: You came from 5 hours in the future?
2(2b): Huh? That's so stupid.
3: H...hey, that's not what you're supposed to say! What happened to "I'll probably believe you?"
4: I'd never use words like "probably" or "believe."
5: But you did. Along with how what you want most is a personal fork.
6: Oh...so you believe me now?
7: D...did I really say that? 5 hours from now...
8: Oh, so the machine turned out
9: just how I theorized.

1: I see...if this is the truth, then you're really in trouble.
2: Yeah.
3: So, what if you don't let Mayuri get away, but stop Moeka-san instead?
4: I tried that. But I still couldn't stop Mayuri's death in the end.
5: Once something happens, as a result, a reason for it will always exist.
6: With normal death, there's always a direct event that you can connect to it. Like disease or some sort of accident. But we can't say for sure that that's the actual reason.
7: Perhaps the true reason for Mayuri's death is that she was born.
board left: Result
board right: Reason
bottom left: Death
8: That's fatalism!
9: Yes. But I don't support it.

1: The reason should be something that we can explain as being the "trigger" to the event.
2: The trigger...
3: Perhaps, if we keep that one thing from finishing,
4: Wait! It's dangerous to simplify things like this.
5: It's just as Makise Kurisu says.
6: Do you know something?

1: Your hypothesis is pretty much correct.
2: It's not something simple enough that you don't need the time slip machine to solve it.
3: There's a place you need to reach in order to save the world.
4: You need to surpass the a 1% divergence and get on to the beta worldline.
5: The divergence number tells you where you currently are on this worldline.
6: This divergence meter is the only way to tell what it is.
7: A nixie tube, eh? Whoever made this has good taste.
8: But of course. Okabe Rintarou's the one who made it, after all!
9: Me?

1: You have the ability to retain your memories from the previous worldline when you jump over to another.
2: You used that to create a meter that express the difference in worldlines through numbers.
3: Worldlines are line ropes. At first glance, they each appear to be one single strand, but they're actually made up of smaller ones.
4: But if a worldline experiences a big chance and switches from this alpha worldline to the beta wordline, a different result will happen.
5(top left): They don't interfere with each other, but the result they all move towards is the same.
6: In other words, they're all moving towards Mayuri's death.

1: The alpha worldline and beta worldline have different futures.
2: It's impossible to go to the future. Using D-mails and time leaps to change the past won't help anything either.
3: But there are certain years that have junctions where the world greatly changes.
4: What?
5: The first is 1991, with the Gulf War. Then we have the year 2000, with all its problems. Then 2010, when the world's first time machine is developed. At these junctions, it's possible to move to another worldline.
6: But how do you move?!
7: Wait. Before that, tell us who you are.
8: Th...this is...

1: a time machine. I came from the year 2036.
2: I'm the time traveler John Titor.
3: Suzuha...!!
4: SERN gained control of the entire world in 2036. It became an absolute utopia for them.
5: People lived like zombies, and all who resisted were killed. I was part of the resistance that stood up to stop SERN.
6: In order to change this dead world,
7: I got into the time machine my father had left me.

1: SERN succeeded in developing a time machine and began interfering with the 4th dimension of "time." Since they were the only ones who could do that, they were able to completely upset the balance of the world.
2: And you, Makise Kurisu, were revered as the mother of the time machine.
3: But I'd never help SERN!
4: Why would I assist people who experiment on humans?!
5: But that's the way it was in the future.
6: And so I was hated?
7: Okabe Rintarou became famous as a terrorist.
8: Terro...
9: A terrorist who stood up to SERN.
10: Both of you died in the year 2036.
11: I have to go now.
12: Wait! You're just going to go back to the future now after spilling all that frightening information?!

1: That's why I need to go...back to 1975, in order to change the future.
2: 1975?!
3: The reason SERN succeeded in developing a time machine was because there was a time machine created in Akihabara in 2010.
4: The phone microwave?
5: SERN used a tapping system to collect information on time machines all over the world.
6: I think the first D-mail you sent got caught by that.
7: The one I sent in front of the radio hall...?
8: Yes. So as long as we erase the mail in SERN's database, the future should change.
9: And we'll be able to go the beta worldline, where SERN doesn't succeed in developing a time machine.

1: Then we'll be able to save Mayuri?
2: Probably.
3: Then we need to hack SERN's database right away!
4: We need the IBN5100 for that.
5: ...oh. Then...
6: My mission is to go to 1975, acquire the IBN5100, and bring it to Okabe Rintarou.
7: But I've spent too much time in this age looking for my father...
8: I need to work faster...

1: It can't be.
2: What's wrong?
3: It's broken...
4: It wasn't broken when I got here.
5: Then when?
6: The only thing I can think of is the thunderstorm that happened.
7: Lightning or flooding...
8: It's my fault...
9: It's because I stopped you back then, Suzuha...

1: That's it! We can use the time leap machine.
2: But it only goes back 48 hours. We won't make it to that night.
3: We'll just have to fix the time machine.
4: I feel the same as you do.
5: I don't know what's happening in the future, but right now, we're both members of this lab.
6(2b): ...yeah. Let's fix the time machine.
7: Yeah.
8: Yes.
side: In order to save Mayuri -- and the future...then continue to transcend time itself!

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