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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Steins;Gate 14

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 03:08 | Go to Steins;Gate

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 14 - Irreversible Necrosis
slanted: The ray of hope that can change the future
left side text: PS3 Steins;Gate game on sale!
PS3 Steins;Gate special double pack now on sale!
right side: Steins;Gate Vol. 1 now on sale!

1: That was a time machine? Damn, future people are crazy.
2: Can you fix it?
3: I wonder if Amane-shi could?
4: I have absolutely no idea what to do.
5: You think we could fix a time machine from 2036 with current technology?
6(2b): Well, we won't know unless we try. We'll have to fix it somehow in 2 days. Daru, you're our only hope.
7: Shall I help out too?
8: No. I need you to fix up the time leap machine.
9: Hey, everyone! Have you forgot about looking for Suzu-san's father?
10: You don't need to worry about my dad.
11: But! You have your mission, don't you? You came here because you wanted to meet your father!
12: Mayuri will make sure you see him, then!

1(2b): ...Barrel Titor is just a code name. I don't know my real name. Amane is my mother's name.
2: My only clue this this badge my father left me...
3: Your father was in Akihabara in 2010, right?
4: Mayu-shii'll start searching for him immediately.
5: ...Shiina Mayuri. What a nice girl.
6: Ever seen this badge?
7: Please!

1(2b): I'm really thankful to you all. When I first came here, I didn't know anyone.
2(2b): This place is so much more peaceful, yet for some reason, I was so scared.
3: But now I have friends.
4(2b): Coming here and living in the same time period as you all, becoming a lab member, even though it's only been for a short really makes me so happy. And it's fun. I'm so glad I'm here with you.
5: Okabe Rintarou. I know you can change...

1(2b): I know I can change the future! I'll make sure it ends up a free world like this one!
2: Okabe Rintarou...?
3: Do you want to regret making memories?
4: If farewells are inevitable, then will you regret becoming close with us?
5: Wait. Did you hear from Hashida Itaru...
6: that this time machine can only jump to the past?
7: I'm still going to go. Changing the future was my father's dream...
8: And you don't care what happens to yourself through accomplishing it?
9: There's nothing wrong with the 70s.
10: I'll just make more friends like you there and live freely.

1: Here we go, then. I think this'll be OK. Let's do a final check!
2: OK.
3: It looks like it's OK. You're really amazing!
4: Shouldn't you be happier? You just fixed a time machine!
5: Y...yeah.
6: What date do you want to go to in 1975? Would you want a safe day in the Buddhist cycle, or a lucky friendship one?
7: That's for weddings, isn't it? But I guess the lucky friendship one will help me make friends quicker.
8: Hyaah!
9: I thought maybe if we take the tire off it'll fit.
10: That's my bike!

1: You like it, don't you?
2: Yes. I'll take good care of it.
3: Thanks...
4: Alright!! Mayu-shii found out who your father is, Suzu-san!!
5: Wh-what?!
6: And he's really close by!
7: Wh...where...?
8: Mayu-shii always thought you two looked alike.
9: It's because you're parent and child!
10: W...wait, don't tell me...
11: Suzu-san's father is...

1: Daru-kun.
2: What...?
3: That isn't funny! Like this hentai could ever get married...
4: Hey! You don't have to go that far!
5: Please explain to us how you came to this conclusion!
6: First, on Rai-net, I found this thing called a Barrel Monster! Barrel is "Taru" in Japanese!
7: Taru! Taru! Daru-kun!

1: T-that's just a pun...
2: THAT'S your reason?!
3: In the future, Okarin, you and Barrel Titor were founding members of the resistance.
4: But the only person who researched time machines in Akiba in 2010
5: and knows about your Reading Shuucream, Okarin, is Daru-kun!
6: It's called the Reading Steiner!
7: But this is the biggest proof!
8: FG204! Future Gadget!
9: And the rest of the letters...
10: Future Gadget 204 - 2nd Edition, Version 2.31...
11: Waaaah...
12: That naming sense...

1: ...F
2: Father!
3: Y...
4: You need to call me papa in times like these!
5: At least stop being a hentai in times like these!
6: Father...
7: Y...yeah?
8: I came here to find you. I'll ride in the time machine and make sure I succeed at what you tried to I want you to watch me.
9: M-mm...I am.

1: ...I promise to watch you.
2: Incidentally, was your mom cute?
3: I'd be happy if she had a loli face, was small, but had big boobs.
4: I'll keep that a secret.
5: Alright, it's time to go.

1: You can't forget about us!
2: I'll be fine. And I promise I'll get the IBN-5100!
3: And hand it over to you.
4: So please...change the future.
5: Now then, let us meet again in 35 years.
6: To you, it'll just be a few hours.

mail: Thank you.
1: Suzuha...
2: Do your best...!

1: Hmmm. I'm a bit conflicted about seeing my daughter 30 years older.
2: She could be married, or even have grandchildren.
3: You'll be a great-grandfather, Daru-kun.
4: What's wrong, Okabe?
5: The Divergence Meter digits haven't changed.
6: Maybe they'll change when Amane-san brings the IBN-5100 here?
7: She's here!

1: O...oh, it's just Mr. Brown...
letter: Okabe Rintarou
2: Huh? Well excuse me for delivering your goddamn mail to you.
3: A person I owe a favor to gave this to me a long time ago and told me to deliver it to you today.
4: Hashida Suzu?!
5: Suzu-san?!
6: Wh...where is she now?!
7: She died 10 years ago.
8: Dear Okabe Rintarou - Long time no see. It's Amane Suzuha.
9(2b): It may have only been a few hours to you, but right now it's July 3, 2000. I'll write only the conclusion.

1: She...failed...
2: She couldn't find the IBN-5100.
letter: (continuing from what he read on the last page) This letter was written 10 years from your current time. I'll write only the conclusion.
I failed (x50)
Right now it's July 14, 2000. About 9 or 10 years before you read this.
I failed.
It was about 1 year ago that I remembered I was myself.
This is the day the Emperor of Fear was supposed to descend.
3: Suzuha went back to 1975 and then lost her memory in a time machine accident.
4: The repairs were flawed...
5: Her memories returned in 1999, but by that time, it was already too late. She failed at getting the IBN-5100...

1: Realizing she failed her next mission, in the next year, 2000
2: entire life
3: was meaningless...
4: Suzuha hung herself...
5: This is my fault.
6: The time machine broke because I held Suzuha back that night.
7: If only I hadn't sent that D-mail, Suzuha would have traveled to 1975!

1: At this rate, Mayuri--
mail: Cease following her.
The past mail was a trap from SERN.
2: Okarin, are you going to send a D-mail?
3: If you do that, then everything will disappear...
4: I know that!
5: Then all of Suzu-san's memories will be reduced to nothing!

1: I know that!
2: "Please, change the future."
3: Okarin!!
4(2b): Hashida Suzu-- that name sure brings back memories. To think you'd know her. She died of a disease 10 years ago, I think...
5: Sh...she died of a disease?
6: Yeah...

1: Oh yeah. This belonged to Suzu-san. You know what it is?
2: When she was sick in bed, she'd always look at this and say "Will the numbers change before or after?"
3: "Was I able to change them?"
4: The Divergence digits changed.
5: But it hasn't gone over 1%.
6: Moeka's group always appeared on the 13th, but nothing happened yesterday...
7: Was I able to change the worldline by sending that mail about following Suzuha?
8: If so, then Mayuri will survive...
slanted: But the tragedy persists...!!

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