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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Fairy Tail 287

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 03:11 | Go to Fairy Tail

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 287: "True Family"
pic black: Become the you you want to be-mya
pic top text: A princess who wants to be good at nuzzling, like a cat
pic side text: A cat who wants to become King of all cat-type creatures

1: A special anti-Fairy Tail Guild?
2: Exactly.
3: Our members all use magic that Fairy Tail members are weak against.
4: And we're the top 4.
5: You intend to fight with us?
6(2b): We know about all your weaknesses. We'll release the power we've stored up for 7 years, you know?

1: The old man's already finished investigating you.
2: The number of members, location of your guild, capital...
3: Your movements over these seven years...he got it all.
4: What?!
5: It's Gajeel!! He plotted this!!
6: Nu
7: So he was a double spy?!
8: The old man knew it all, yet he didn't do anything.
9(2b): You really sure it's alright to leave them be? You said they had information that would be disadvantageous to Fairy Tail, right?
10: 7 years have already passed since then.
11: But...
12: There's no trace of that news being spilled over these past 7 yeras.

1: You can't say that for sure.
2(2b): Yes...I can...because he knew the danger that comes with speaking of that information.
3: Well, what is it?
4: You don't need to know. All Guilds have spots that much never be touched upon.
5: Over these 7 years...I've heard that Iwan's done no wrong, and brought no danger to our members.
6: As long as he doesn't move,
7: then I don't intend to irritate things.
8: He probably trusted you in some corner of his heart.
9: Since you're family.

1: Silence!!!!
2: Kuh
3: I've lived in the shadows all for this day!!!!
4: All in order to acquire the Lumen Histoire!!!!
5(2b): Brought no danger for 7 years, huh?! Of course not!! There's no way any of those leftover scrubs would have information on the Lumen Histoire!!!!

1: Not in the Guild!! Not in the town, or on Tenrou Island!! I searched all places connected with the Guild!
2: And I still didn't find it!!!
3(2b): Where's the Lumen Histoire?! Where is it?!
4: Tell meeeee!!!! Laxus!!!!
5: You're my son, aren't youuuuu?!
6: Obra!! Get him!!! Erase his magic!!!
7: Shah
8: Now is the time for the anti-Fairy Tail Guild to release its power!!!
9: So this is this guy who took out Wendy and Charle!

1: Red Hair!!!!
2: Needle Blast!!!!
3: bah
4: gun
5: This is for Gray.

1: Guoooohhhh
2: Got him!!!
3: This is for Lucy!
4: Kyaaaaaaaahhhh
5: Impossible.
6: Whoosh

1: You're...
2: the one I don't get.
3: Nuaaaaahhhh
4: elite forces...!!!!
5: I don't know what you're after, but I have to deal with you for taking out my allies.
6: W...wait!!! I'm your father!!!
7: We're family!!!! Are you going to hit your own father?!
8: Fairy Tail is my family.

1: And I crush my family's enemies!!!!!

1: wham
2: Wh...what the...?!
3: Laxus!!!
4: Laxus disappeared? Is this a different Laxus?!
5: Iwan!!!
6: Why?!
7: The others, too?!
8: It can't be!

1: Thought projection!?
2: They got us!
3: going on here?!
4: Guild Master-kabo!!! Alexei's true identity was Master Iwan-kabo!
5(2b): Were the Laxus and Alexei who were just fighting illusions?! Laxus is the one standing!!! The battle's over!!!
6(2b)-7(2b): crackle crackle
8(2b): And when we weren't looking, the 5 were attacked...the master himself even took part in the battle...this is against the rules no matter how you look at it!
9: He took out all the Raven members by himself?!
10: Erza, Kana, and now this!
11: Fairy Tail is full of monsters!

1(2b): Regardless of what's happened, the Laxus from Fairy Tail B!!!!
2: We managed to have him take out the enemies.
3: Ahhhhh!! He took them ALL out?! Now only he's going to stand out?!
4: I just hope nothing bad happens to that Flare girl.
5: You're really a nice person.
6: How could you be so dirty,
7: Iwan?

1: Laxus.
2: I lose this time.
3: But...just remember this.
4: Lumen Historie is the darkness of Fairy Tail.
5: Someday, the time to learn about it will come...the time to learn about the truth of Fairy Tail...

1: Kukuku.
2: Hahahahaha
3: You're coming with us.
4: Rara
5: Hey! Be still!
6: Wh...what's this guy?
7: Let us meet again-kiki!
8: Fairy Tail-kiki!

1: The panel discussion has determined that Raven Tail is disqualified.
2: Raven Tail will not be allowed to enter for 3 years.
3: Of course!
4: Now, these aren't very pleasant results,
5: but we will continue straight on to the 4th match, today's final match!
6: Fairy Tail A: Wendy Marvel
7: Do your best!
8: I'm done changing!!
9: I'm gonna do my best!
10: Lamia Scale: Chelia Blendy!

1: Wendy.
2(2b): Looks like they still don't know about Chelia's strength. I imagine Grey's gonna be surprised.
3: You're imagining something else.
4: Ohhhh, Laxus got the revenge for my socks...
5: Go all out!
6: OK!!
7: Kyaaauh!
8: Um...are you alright?
9: Owww

1: L...let's have a good battle!
2: Mmm.
3: Yes, let's.
4: Is she gonna be alright...?
5: Wendy'll be fine.
6: That Chelia girl's magic...
7: This is looking to be a very cute battle!!!
8: This old man's gonna root for you both Woohoo!
9: You're changing your personality.

1: Ul...this magic...
2: Yes.
3: Zeref?
black: Has the plot squirming in the shadows of the "festival" finally started to move?!
4: Toward the arena?!
5: Ultear and Meldy are to wait!! Don't move!!
TBC in Chapter 288: Wendy vs. Chelia

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