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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 386

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 03:18 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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tl by molokidan

1: The mystery of the Arcobaleno?!
slanted: What secrets does the wall reveal...!?
Target 386: The Fated Day and the Representative War
2: You mean there are actually things you don't know about?
3: I know nothing.

1: whistle
2: Wahh!
3: Battle over!
4: The third day ended.
5: Oh...that was the battle time.
6: Looks like that's the only entrance. Let's go.
7: Uh...ok...
8: Hiiee! This is creepy.
9: Hm?
10: Why is there graffiti on this wall?
11: It looks like a mural.
12: Ahh!
13: A checkered hat! Is that Checker Face?
14: Yeah.

1: Make the light wider, Leon.
2: There are other pictures too!! Are they connected?
3: That middle one...it's of a mountain?
4: "The Fated Day."
5: The Fated...Day?
6: What, you don't know about it, Tsuna? How much do you know?
7: H...how much? I don't know anything!!
8: All you taught me was that the Arcobaleno are the baby forms of the 7 strongest!!
9(2b): Oh. Alright then, let me explain. Like you see in that right picture, we were gathered up by Checker Face.

1: Huh?
2: The seven of us were tasked with a job.
3: As strangers, we gathered up in a designated location.
4: Then we got our first mission.
5: The reward was top class.
6(2b): We cleared it without any trouble, of course. And when we did, we were tasked with a new mission with an even higher reward.
7: At that time, we weren't worried about money, but becoming the finest in the world. We were entranced with the fun of our jobs and kept taking on new ones.
8: There were so many types of missions, too, from guarding important people, to assassination, to acquiring military secrets. We never got bored.
9: And so our teamwork strengthened. After clearing an extremely difficult mission,
10: we were given our last mission: to climb a mountain and search for treasure.
11: That's...the mountain?

1: But Checker Face had a purpose for all this.
2(2b): When we reached the summit, we were bathed in a mysterious light and cursed.
3: The next thing I knew, I was like this.
4: And a pacifier I couldn't remove was around my neck.
5(2b): Y...you mean he tricked you? It was all a trap laid by Checker Face?
6: Yeah. Since we communicated with him via letters, we couldn't find him afterwards.
7: Incidentally, at the time, Colonelo wasn't one of the I Prescelti Sette, but followed us. He covered up for Lal right at the last moment and got cursed himself.
8: And so, Colonelo became an Arcobaleno, and Lal, who was only partially touched by the light, became partially cursed.
9: So that's what happened between them...
10: I don't get it, though.

1: The Fated Day is drawn all over this wall.
2: But the Rainbow Representative War also appears just as much.
3: Ahhh!
4: Now that you mention it, that might be a picture of the war!!
5: And I can see similar pictures all over the place!!
6: What does it mean?!
7: Wah!
8: This is a cycle.

1: Murals have been left on that wall by others in order to record their "Fated Days" and "Representative Wars."
2: Squeezing out the last of their withering lives.
3: Bermuda!!
4: Now that you're here, I'll just tell you everything.
5: It was unexpected that Sawada Tsunayoshi would come with you, but ah well.
6: I'll tell you the truth.
7: But before that, take off your watches.
8: Otherwise Checker Face might listen in.
9: Wha?!
10: The boss watches...!!

1: There's no way we'd do that in the enemy team's base!!
2: You ambushed us and tried to destroy them! How could we believe you now?!
3: You're right. But can you just trust me here?
4: If I wanted to destroy your boss watches, I could just call the Vindice and have them do it.
5: But...
6: We'll just have to listen to him.
7: What?!
8: I'm sorry, Reborn...it's my fault for coming with you...
9: What are you saying? I'm glad.
10: Huh?
11: It's better that you learn too.
12: That I...?
13: This way.

1: This room is built to shut out all sorts of electric waves and telepathy.
2: But we're up against Checker Face here, so who knows what'll happen.
3: You're that cautious about Checker Face...?
4: So they aren't working together after all.
5: I'll start from the basics.
6: The Arcobaleno aren't only the current seven you know now.
7: Long ago, in all ages,
8: there existed babies of the seven strongest, the Arcobaleno.

1: What?!
2: What ARE the Arcobaleno, then?
3: The Arcobaleno are human sacrifices Checker Face created in order to protect the pacifiers.
4: Sacrifices?!
5: The pacifiers are cursed treasures that must never be destroyed.
6: The Arcobaleno are sacrifices who must protect their shine with their lives.
7: It's no job for any normal human.
8: The strength to protect the pacifiers with one's own life no matter what kind of emergency happens is absolutely necessary.
9: Therefore, the Arcobaleno are always chosen
10: as the seven strongest of the era.

1: Well, I suppose I can understand that.
2: Of course.
3: Because it's the truth.
4: But the Arcobaleno can't serve forever.
5: In time, their bodies become unable to resist the curse, which creates bad side-effects for the pacifier.
6: Th...then what happens?
7: A passing on to the next generation is set up.
8: Sometimes as a contracted job, sometimes as a representative war.
9: What?!
10: These two things happen once, spread out far apart in a cycle so that it doesn't remain in people's memories.
11: The Rainbow Representative War and the Fated Day.

1: This Representative War is going on for the same purpose. Checker Face will use this battle
2: to determine the seven strongest and make them into the next Arcobaleno.
3: What?!
4: Then what will happen to the current Arcobaleno?!
5: They'll be dismissed.
6: Most of the previous Arcobaleno died when their pacifiers were removed.
7: And even if one does manage to survive
8: all that's left for them is a cursed life.
9: They can live only by the desire for revenge.
10: You should have already realized...

1: The Vindice
2: are what happen to Arcobaleno.
3: What?!
4: Of course, all that talk about breaking the winner's curse is a huge lie.
5: The Rainbow Representative War is just bait to desperately gather up all the strongest people.

1: Then...then even if we win...
2: Reborn's curse won't be broken...
3: He'll turn into this.
4: But...
5: Well.
6: I had a feeling it'd turn out this way.
7: What?!

1: I never expected to have my curse broken from winning the war.
2: I've known for a long time that Checker Face is a huge fraud. I'm not dumb enough to go believing him all of a sudden.
3: And besides, ever since I turned into this,
4: I knew I'd die a dog's death.
5: Reborn...
6: So you were that prepared...
7: Maybe that's the secret to your strength, Reborn, that the other Arcobaleno lack.
8: Can you just cut to the chase now? Why are you participating in the war?
9: To get my revenge on Checker Face, of course.

1: I've tried to kill him so many times already, but it's never worked.
2: Even with all our power, we can't even grab his tail.
3: Checker Face is a man who "doesn't exist." It's like he can completely erase his presence.
4: I know you've searched long and hard for him too.
5: Yeah.
6: We couldn't even find any clues.
7: But at the end of all my trial-and-error, I discovered the sole moment in which Checker Face could be caught.
8: The few seconds directly after the winner of the Rainbow Representative War is decided.
9: At that time, he will call the winning team to his side in order to make them into the next Arcobaleno.
10: This war is the sole chance to get close to Checker Face.
11: I see. So you want to win in order to kill him.
12: Yes.
13: I intend to send him to his grave, no matter what it takes.
14: This will also honor the deaths of the previous Arcobaleno.
15: But I need your power to succeed.

1: Help me.
2: To prevent further tragedies.
3: Please, Reborn.
4: Reborn...?!
slanted: How does Reborn respond to the truth that's been revealed...?!

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