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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 387

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 03:19 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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tl by molokidan

side: Rainbow flames burned his body. Flames of revenge reside in
his heart.
387: Reborn's Concern

1: Now, Reborn.
slanted: How does Reborn answer Bermuda's invitation?!
2: Join me, and let us defeat Checker Face together.
3: Wh...what? Reborn, what are you going to do?
4: Why me? Colonelo and Fon are stronger fighters.
5: Ahah!
6: Don't think I selected you for strength.
7: It dawned on me when I was watching that Vongola descendant.
8: Your guidance towards Sawada Tsunayoshi.

2: Sawada Tsunayoshi is bad at studying and sports, and does not
bear the slightest resemblance to Vongola I.
3: He's just a worthless middle schooler.
4: But once you became his tutor, he began making leaps in his
5: His first great challenge was fighting Rokudou Mukuro, who was
in this prison.
6: This is where the first miracle happened.
7(2b): It was still weak, but Tsunayoshi did manage to light the
same type of flame as Vongola I.
8: Wah...
9: Back then...that really brings back memories!
10: After that, miracles continued happening as Tsunayoshi went on
to fight powerful people levels above his ability.

1: His deathmatch with Xanxus,
2: I accessed Rokudou Mukuro's memory to watch his fight in the
future with Byakuran. Even then, your guidance, Reborn, caused the
3: To be honest, afterwards, when Sawada Tsunayoshi's group
defeated the Simone Family and Daemon Spade afterwards, it didn't
leave that great an impact on me.
4: Even though he had grown, he still had not risen high enough to
become a threat to us.
5: But after seeing that Tsunayoshi's group had become strong
enough to stand up to the Vindice during the Rainbow
Representative War,
6: I had no choice but to acknowledge him.

1: All you had to do was say one line, Reborn, to make Chrome
Dokuro stand and fight with Rokudou Mukuro to defeat the Vindice.
2: After being scolded by you, Reborn, Tsunayoshi used all his
power and defeated Jack, the strongest out of the three Vindice.
3: You're a wizard!!
4: I've never seen another Arcobaleno like you.
5: And not only that, but you participated in this war not to undo
your own curse, but to assist in someone else's growth.
6: You're insane. Truly eccentric.
7: And I love crazy people like you.
8: That's why I want you on my side.

1: You want Reborn on your side because he's weird?
2: You're odder than I thought.
3: Now, now. Don't go thinking I'm thoughtless enough to let my
emotions move me.
4: I've lived for hundreds of years. I have enough experience to
know that it's the unconventional ones who truly have the power to
turn systems upside down, regardless of the time period.
5: So,
6: what exactly ARE you?
7: How come only you have a transparent pacifier?
8: You're clearly something different from the Vindice.

1: I was an Arcobaleno who was used and thrown away by Checker
2: But I resisted before Checker Face could rip the power of the
pacifier from me.
3: R...resisted?
4: While I had no chance of defeating him at the time, he managed
to steal only the flame, leaving the pacifier behind.
5: Normally, when pacifiers are emptied, the owners die or become
disabled. The pacifiers turn into stones just like the Vindice's.
6: But due to my limitless tenacity, I received superhuman body
and succeeded in creating a new flame in the empty pacifier.
7: This is the 8th flame,
8: the "Flame of Night."

1: Bermuda, that means you were the first one to use the 8th flame
that Daemon Spade had!!
2: Which means you're also the one who taught the Vindice about
the flame.
3: That's right. I was used, thrown away, and made into an
Arcobaleno, barely escaping with my life.
4: I saved only those with the same desire for revenge, who
possessed true power, and created an organization.
5: Guardians of the mafia rules,
6: the Vindice.
7: B...but why guardians of the mafia? There was no reason for you
to become guards, was there?
8: Checker Face and the Arcobaleno are also part of the mafia!
9: You're forgeting one thing.
10: The Tri-ni-set.
11: What?
12: The Tri-ni-set...
13: The Vongola Rings and the Mare Rings?

1: The seven pacifiers, seven Mare Rings, and seven Vongola Rings
of the current Vongola
2: are called the Tri-ni-set, and protect the balance of the
world. And Checker Face is the one who administrates all of them.
3: So Checker Face IS connected to the Vongola Rings and the Mare
4(2b): that I consider the strength of the connections
of the Tri-ni-set, it would be strange if he only administrated
the pacifiers.
5: I learned of the rings before they were born, through the
prediction of a certain shaman.
6: He said that the Vongola Rings and Mare Rings would be given to
those who would become future mafia bosses.

1: In other words, those people would create the Vongola and
Giglio Nero families.
2: It was Giotto, and Yuni's ancestor, Sepira.
3: The Vindici became an organization closer than any other mafia
entity to watching over the Tri-ni-set.
4: I just figured that if we watched over the entire Mafia, we'd
get closer to catching Checker Face's tail.
5: I...see.
6: That makes sense.
7: I told you.
8: All this is the truth.
9: Then here's my last question.

1: Once you defeat Checker Face,
2: what will happen to us current Arcobaleno?
3: You'll die.
4: Wha?!
5: Reborn...will die?
6: Defeating Checker Face means destroying the entire Arcobaleno
and pacifier system.
7: The Arcobaleno's very existences will disappear from this

1: Of course, I myself and the Vindice will die as well.
2: But I have no greater wish than to die achieving my revenge.
3: I expected as much. I don't mind dying, but if it means getting
Yuni and Lal involved,
4: then that's a problem.
5: What are you saying?
6: You mean you're fine with this misfortune continuing?
7: Sacrifice is necessary for revolution.
8: You should know that.
9: But it's wrong!!

1: Revenge that forces Reborn and all the Arcobaleno to die is
2: I won't permit it!!
3: Puhahaha.
4: That's a surprise. YOU won't permit it?
5: What a bold statement, Tsuna.
6: Eh?!
7: What do you mean by not permitting it?
8: Um...well...
9: What'll you do, Tsuna?
10: I...isn't it obvious?!

1: I won't let you win the war!!
2: I'll find another way!!
3: Don't get carried away.

1: Guahhh!!
2: Tch.
3: Now, now, Jager.
4: Guh!
5: Sorry, Tsubnayoshi. He's easily excited.
6: He didn't mean anything bad by it. Forgive him.
7: I've decided, Bermuda.

1: I'm going to follow Tsuna.
2: Negotiations are over.

1: Puhaha! You're really something, Reborn.
2: To think you'd put that much work into Sawada Tsunayoshi.
3: You think you're going to get out of here with that answer?
4: You think we can't leave on our own?
slanted: The answer they were led to...was war!!

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