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Damned 7


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 03:32 | Go to Damned

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 7 - Retort

1: The scopolamine truth serum we used to interrogate him with didn't have much effect.
2: All we learned was that he came to Tokyo to search for a certain man.
3: What's his relationship with that man?!
4: Unfortunately, he wouldn't tell us.
5: We also got results from our analysis of the damage done to the Mecharats in the pipeline.
6: OK, explain.
7: The steel pole he was using was traveling at 45.8 m/, or about 165km/h. Its gravitational speed was approximately 150 km/h.
8: In other words, he had almost his entire center of gravity poised on that steel pole when he swung it down. With only a 9% margin of error!!
9: The value of impact energy when he punched through the concrete was over 500kg/cm2.
10: That was no human feat.

1: If a normal human punched at 5000kg/cm2, their flesh would flay and their bones would be crushed.
2: Maybe he's being reinforced by some kind of metal?!
3: We could find nothing of the sort through x-ray scanning.
4: Additionally, his muscles and tendons were no different from that of an average young man.
5: Dammit! What's going on inside his body...?
6: The only thing left to do now is analyze his subconscious with a biosolution.
7: Uuuu
8: What's wrong, Mr. Isojima?!
9: M...my diabetes is acting up...
10: When my blood sugar level drops, I go into spasms. G...g...give me some chocolate, this instant!!

1: One hour has passed!!
2: His brainwaves are normal, and there are no disturbances in his electrocardiogram.

1: Mr. Isojima!! His brainwaves have shifted into beta waves!
2: His blood pressure is rising!! His pulse and breathing rate is shifting wildly!
3: We should be getting alpha waves! He should be relaxed right now, but for some reason, his body is getting excited!!

1: What's this nostalgic feeling...?!
2: Jin's seeing his past right now.
3: We've gotten results from Jin's DNA analysis, Mr. Isojima!
4: Wh...what?!
5: This DNA sequence...

1: J...Jin is without a doubt, human!
2: But his DNA has been unraveled somehow!
3: J...just like a supermouse!
side: Reference Document: Imidas (Shueisha)
4: "Supermouse"
In 1982, a team at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute led by Richard Palmiter inserted a large amount of rat genes into fertilized mouse eggs and allowed them to hatch, giving birth to mice that weighed twice the amount of a normal mouse.
5: 800 times the normal amount of growth hormones were discovered in the blood of these "supermice." Genetic modification became possible through this experiment, and research concerning gene expression of the developmental process took a giant leap, however, the morality of the experiments was suddenly questioned by many.

1: Someone genetically modified Jin and turned him into a "retort baby"...
2: He's a hyper human!!

1: But who...?!
2: Logically, such a thing is possible, but I've never heard of any experiment ending in success, even in the 21st century...
3: Even a genius scientist like me has met with nothing but failure...
4: Mr. Isojima, please, calm down!!
5: Kiiiiiiiii
6: Un...unforgivable!
7: No one can be smarter than me! No one!!
8: Take his brain cells as specimens, and destroy the rest!!

1: Is that fetus me?!
2: Wh...what?! Why am I inside that machine?!
3: W...wasn't I raised in my mother's womb?!
4: It can't be...?!
5: Is that...my mother?!

1: It can't beeeeeeee!
2: It's overloading!
3: Whaaat?!

1: H...he's coming this way!!
2: Hiiieeeee!
3: Wh...what am I...?

1: Attention all workers!! A Class 2 Special Emergency has occurred!!

1: S...stay back, you monster!!
2: What are you doing?! Hurry up and kill Jin!!
3: B...but...
4: You want me to kill you instead?!

1: Guwaaaahh
2: Uuuu
3: Hahiieeee

1: Alright! I lose.
2: I'll give Yumi back...just...just...
3: Hiiieeee
4: Why was I boooorn?!

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