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Damned 12


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 03:34 | Go to Damned

-> RTS Page for Damned 12


tl by molokidan

1: Th...this is Checkpoint #1, please come in, HQ.
2: W...we've captured the Special A-Class Murderer, Jin.
3: We are now taking him through the checkpoint into the city.
4: Roger that.

Chapter 12 - Technopolis

Chapter 12 - Technopolis

1: Th...thank you, gentlemen.
2: I...I have a murderer on board here. Please open the gate.
3: Company ID card, please.
4: you go.


Tanaka Sabakichi
DOB: 10/1/2007
Blood Type: O
Lower Class Employee No. 3367

Employee of Company Checkpoint #1

Punished for Neglect of Duty and Damage to Property
Warnings: 3
Letters of Apology: 8

1: Hmph. A lower class employee, huh?
2: Open the truck. I wanna see what that Jin guy looks like.
3: Huh?!
4: What's wrong? Hurry it up!
5: Y...yes sir.

1: Huh?!

1: What?!
2: Hiiiee!

1: Full speed ahead unless you wanna die!
2: Hiiiieeee!

1: Fiiiiiiire!
2: Uwaaaaaahhhhh!
3: Uwaahhh

1: my life's over...
2: I...thought I might be able to become a manager of the lower class employees after the next promotion exam...
3: I'm just like you! I'm going to be executed as a rebel!
4: Just say we forced you to.
5(2b): The company doesn't buy those kind of excuses. They're more than eager to throw away lower class employees like me.
6: It's the company police!

1: If we get caught by them, we're finished.
2: we'll just have to keep running as long as we can.

sign: Tokyo Company Foreign Currency Exchange Rate
- American Dollar (Bank Cash)
Closing Price: 13.95
(Yesterday: .56 high)

1: This is an announcement from the Tokyo Company Police.
2: A serious criminal has invaded this district.

1: Anyone who can bring information regarding this man to the company will receive a special bonus to their salary.
2: However, if it is found that someone has assisted the criminal in anyway, that person will receive a severe penalty.
3: This is an announcement from the Tokyo Company Police...

1(2b): This place is filled with lower class employees and Numbers. We should be able to hide here for a bit.
2: Now for the 6 o'clock news.
3: Today at 11 o'clock company time, a 23rd coup d'etat occurred in the ex-United States of America.
4: This seems to have brought forth a resurgence of communist power, which will inevitably bring about a political change.
5: The government of the ex-United States of America has demanded financial support from the Tokyo Company, but company executives seem to have refused.

1: Hey, don't you two want some women?
2: Some new ones just went through inspection at the Sanitation Facilities. They don't have any diseases, and they're top notch.
3(2b): No, we don't! All I want is some alcohol!
4: Give me some strong vodka!
5: Imported alcohol is illegal.
6: Here. You'll just have to make do with Company Vodka.
7(2b): Lately, the police have been getting stricter. There are undercover cops watching from every street corner now.
8: Ever since the company took control over the country, it's been hell living here.
9: Now, for our next item of news.
10: The court has finally passed judgment on Ryoga, the Special B-class criminal and ex-Family Stone officer who was arrested earlier.

1: This is boring. I wanna watch some baseball.
2: Hm?
3: Ryoga's public execution will be held on Sept. 17 in central park.
4: All citizens who wish to purchase tickets can order them from the Company PlayGuides in the city.
5: Ryoga's going to be publicly executed...?!
6: Hey, what class are you?!
7: I may be a lower class employee, but I'm practically a manager, you know!
8: Ryoga...
9: Just who do you think you are?!

1-2: Eh?
3: Jin...

1: Three days until the lunar eclipse...
2: An art of darkness created by the sun and the earth.
3: You're going to be executed in three days...

1: ...Ryoga!!

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