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Damned 13


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 03:34 | Go to Damned

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 13 - Park

1: He has no pulse.
2: No readings on the board.
3: His heart's stopped...
4: We've gathered all the data on Subject J that we could.
5: Dispose of him!!

1: Am...I dead...?!
2: No...I'm alive.
3: ...I'm alive.
4(2b): I won't let one of my allies die. I'll bring you back to life.

1: Ryoga...
2: Now it's my turn to help you,
3: Ryoga...

1: The bomb will go off in 20 minutes.
2: The explosion will throw the crowd into a panic. That's when you'll go in to save Ryoga.
3: Be careful, Jin...

1: Ladies and gentlemen!
2: I will be your host for this Tokyo Company-sponsored public execution show,
3: your one and only guide to the murderer wonderland that's about to unfold in front of your eyes, a Tokyo Company Broadcaster,
4: Tony T!

1: Most of the crowd are upper class employees who have gotten numb to every kind of stimulation you could think of.
2: It's no surprise, though, since the price of a ticket is half the yearly salary for a lower employee, and two years' worth of a Number's salary.
3: The only way for people like us to see an execution is to work as one of the corpse disposers.
4: Our first batter up is a Number who had a minor collision with an upper class employee and lightly wounded him! The cold-blooded...
5: No. 756!
6: Now then, we'll choose the execution type!
7: Spin the roulette!!

1: The guillotine it is!! This is the most historic method of execution we use. It dates back to the middle ages!
2: The splurting of fresh blood and the rolling of the head makes it quite a beautiful sight, almost like fireworks!
3: Please, stop...I didn't do anything wrong...he's the one who dashed in without pausing...I'm the victim here...
4: Now, ladies and gentlemen, can I count on you for the countdown?
5: Three!
6: Two!
7: Don't do anything stupid! That Number isn't the guy you want to save, right?
8: If you go out there now, you won't be able to save Ryoga!

1: You'll just bear it for now...
2: Staaaaaart!
3: Wh...why?
4: Why do they discriminate against people no different than them...?!
5: How can they lump humans into classes?!

1: Jin...
2: Next up...
3: Is an ex-officer of the Family Stone, the guerrilla organization trying to destroy the company...
4: Ryogaaaaaaaa!

1: The truth is, this is the second time for Ryoga to receive a public execution.
2: What?!
3: Two months ago...he was supposed to be hanged.
4-7: Kill him!!
8: Gooooo!!

1: Fufufufu...
2: What?!

1: No one can kill a human at the summit of evolution.
2: He didn't die from it.
3: He's a monster!
4: Spin the roulette!!
5: Poison gas it iiiiiis!!

1: Today we'll be using the same mustard gas that Saddam Hussein used on the Kurdish people a long time ago in Iraq!
2: I'm sure the pure agony, burning and blistering of the skin, and swelling of the eyes will surely be enough entertainment to satisfy our intrepid audience!
3-4: Kill him!!
5: As the "Kill him" chant begins, we lower the special glass case into the arean!
6-9: Kill him!!

1: Oh...oh no! They're starting the execution earlier than planned!
2: Once the gas is let out, he's done for!!
3: We will now pour the mustard gas in!!

1: Uooooohhhhhh
2: Ryogaaaaaa!
3: H...hey! Wait, Jin...!!

1: Wh...what?!
2: Ryogaaaaaa

1: Nuuuuuuuuu

1: Ryoga...!!

1: I stopped your heart...
2: This world only needs one human at the summit of evolution...

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