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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Damned 14


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 03:34 | Go to Damned

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 14 - D.O.A. (Dead or Alive)

1: Indeed, his heart has stopped.

1: His heart stopped after a single attack...?
2: So Ryoga really is a monster?!
3: H...hey! Isn't that guy the Special A-class criminal, Jin...?!
4: Jin. You will be dead soon...
5: How does it feel?!
6: How does it feel to await death...?!

1: What happens when men die?! Where do they go?!
2: When they die, do they cease to exist?!

1: Why didn't it explode?!
2: It's already past the time I set it for!
3(2b): We already removed the bomb. That one's just a dummy.
4: The Tokyo Company police!!
5: Yumi!!

1: We knew what your plan was from the moment you started it.
2: This entire execution was a trap to catch Jin.
3: You mean Ryoga...?!
4(2b): Yes, he was in on it, of course. Ryoga works for us now.
5: Ryogaaaaa!
6: Ryoga, why did you kill Jin?!
7: You and Jin were both retort babies...
8: Jin came to Tokyo to save you!! He risked his life to come to the city!!

1: I'm no retort baby.
2: I'm a hyper human.
3: A hyper human?!
4: A human on the summit of evolution...
5: No...I'm higher than that. Closer to God!

1: I'll prove that right now.

1: Ohhh...!! He split open Jin's chest with a single finger...
2: Stop it!!

1: H...his heart's beating...
2: He directly massaged the heart with his hand!

1: The wound disappeared!
2: The hanging didn't kill him...
3: He can freely control human life...
4: Is he God...or the devil...?!
5: We just got some big news this instant!
6: It was just decided at a Tokyo Company executive meeting that Mr. Ryuga will become an upper class employee!

1: The report states that he was highly recommended by the CEO...!!
2: Th...the CEO...?!
3: The CEO recommended Ryoga...?
4: This is unheard of! In a single turn, a criminal has suddenly become a vital member of the company!!
5: I doubt anyone's been promoted THIS fast before!!
6-8: Ryoga!!

1-2: Ryoga!!

1-2: Ryoga!!

1: Ryogaaaaaa!

1: The Tokyo Company bought out all of Tokyo, assumed absolute control, and categorized humans into classes.
2: As a former member of the Family Stone, you should know well how many people have suffered due to the company's sins!
3: And yet you willfully sold your soul to that demonic organization?!
4: Soul...?!

1: Even if the body dies, the soul is reincarnated infinitely...
2(2b): But we were born from cold machines, without ever knowing the warmth of our mothers' wombs! Do we still have souls?!

1: Uuu
2: Wait, Ryoga!
3: Just what happened?!
4: What changed you?!
5: I have intention of arguing with you!!

1: Jin!!
2: He just tapped him lightly, yet he flew eight meters!

1: Ryoga, wake up.
2: You're making a big mistake.
3: We are not to assist demons...
4: The extraordinary power we've been blessed with must be used for the right reasons!
5: I don't take orders from those weaker than me!!
6: Ryoga...!!

1: Nuuuuuuuu
2: Guoooohhhhh
3: They knocked each other back...
4: Uuuu...

1: Jin...
2: I knew that we were destined to fight.
3: Because...
4: Since you do not know love, you thirst for it...
5: And since I do not know love, I hate it.

1: Show's over! Arrest Jin!!
2: Ahh!

1: Uwaaaahhh, poison gas!!
2: Let's get out of here!!
3: Jin!! Let's go!!

1: 80% of the human body is water...
2: The moon's gravity controls the ebb and flow of this water, too...

1: I can't...die...not yet...

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