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I Am Shingo 73

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 03:50 | Go to I Am Shingo

-> RTS Page for I Am Shingo 73


tl by molokidan

Apt11 - Black Gaze

1: This is the Japanese embassy...
2: vroom
3: And...
4: This is the Japanese school...
5: Which one should we destroy first?!
6: Look at all those mangy little kids. If we don't stop them now, they'll take over the world!
7: How can people just sit there and let the Japanese do as they please?!

1: vroom
2: This is the...
3: Wait!!
4: There's a lot of cops around here...
5: creak
6: What happened here, gramps?!
7: Didn't you hear?!
8: Someone tried to destroy that Japanese building.
9: What?!
10: Wh-what'd you say?!
11: Who?!
12: Wh-who would do such a thing?!

1: How should I know?!
2: It's just a rumor!!
3: A rumor?!
4: Yeah!
5: Somethin' 'bout a newfangled miniature nuclear bomb...!
6: If you get hit even by a little shrapnel, you're dead meat!
7: rattle
8: A miniature nuclear bomb?!
9: D-don't tell me...!

1: Uwaaaahhh!!
2: W-wait!!
3: Calm down!!
4: Calm down, I said!!
5: Haa, haa...!
6: Were you looking at what you were doing when you put this together?!
7: How does it work...?!
8: H...!!
9: How would I know?!
10: There's no way I'd be able to figure out that this was a nuke!!
11: I just knew it was something really scary!!
12: The more I hold onto it, the less and less I feel scared about other stuff!!

1: When I put my finger on the trigger...
2: and start up the motor thing...
3: S-stop!!
4: The motor thing must be a ball-bearing!
5: Like missiles and tanks and helicopters have!!
6: To keep equilibrium! An then once it locks on to its target...
7: Blaaaaaaam!!
8: Stop it!!
9-10: Knock
11: T-the police!!

1: creak
2: Show me your license.
3: What happened to your hand?
4: Oh, this? I broke my finger at the factory...
5: I haven't had much luck lately...well, ever since I was born, I guess.
6: You're not hiding anything in there, are you?
7: Of course not.
8: Go on then.
9: Hah! Wanker!
10: vroom
11: The JC Holon Co...

1: vorom
2: This has gotta be where we do it!!
3: H-hold on!!
4: What are we waiting for?! Now's our chance!!
5: Let's blow up the building AND all the policemen to boot!!

1: After that...who cares what happens!!

1: Well then hurry up with it!!
2: click

1: I-it won't go off!!
2: Dammit! Let me try once more!!
3: Just quit it!!
4: People will see you!!
5: Y-you goddamn idiot!!
6: Haa, haa...!!
7: They were in the car behind us just now!!

1: What?!
2: "THEY"...?!
3: No way!!
4: I don't see any car like that!!
5: Y-you were just seeing things! You're getting too nervous!!

1: Now then, we'll be off to Cyprus. My mother and everyone are waiting for us.
2: This may be good timing...
3: I heard a rumor that some terrorists are planning to blow up some Japanese buildings.

1: It may just be a rumor, but we should still be careful.
2: They could even target this place.
3: Come now, Marin!
4: grip
5: Bye!

1: Don't give Marin any electronics, Robin!
2: Yes, ma'am.
3: There aren't any electronics in the countryside of Cyprus.
4: bam

1: Wh-what's wrong, Marin?!
2: Nothing. I just slipped.
3: We'll be off now.
4: vroom

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