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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Holyland 1

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 04:06 | Go to Holyland

-> RTS Page for Holyland 1


tl by molokidan

I want to become strong no matter what.
In order to protect my Holyland.

(same as always)
act.1 Boys ~Downtown boys~

sign: Somewhere in Shimokitazawa
1(2b): Ohhh! That's him, Sawaki High's Yagi! I heard he's been expanding
his territory.
2: What, really? Is he strong?
3(2b): I heard he beat up Yoshida-kun from Daita Technical High. Are you
serious? Daaaaamn... (He must be bad.)
4: Well? Masaki? You think you could beat Yagi?
5: Hah, you idiot!! Masaki boxed in interhigh! It'd be a joke!

1: Yeah, I actually saw him fight myself...
2(2b): Eh...he wouldn't be a problem.

1: Seeeeeriously? He isn't even worried!
2: Shit, really?
3: Look how tough this guy is!

1: I dunno, I think even you'd have trouble with him.
2: I wonder...
3: I mean, he's seriously strong, guys!
4: Well? Be honest.
5: He's average. (Not that I care.)
6: He's slow. He wouldn't be a problem.

1: Really?
2: Is boxing really that powerful?
3: What would you do first if you got in a fight?
4: Me?
5: I guess I'd hurry up and throw a punch.
6: OK then, why don't you try me real quick?
7: Ooooooh!
8: Yeahhhh, go for it!
9: Alriiiight...
10(small): Here I gooo...

1: Huhhh?!
2: Ohhh?!
3: Most people pull their arms back!
4: When they think about using all their power, they pull back like
they're using a bow!
5: 1. Pull back, then 2. Swing down. (Just like you.)

1: There's no step 2 when it comes to boxing...everything happens in a
2: When your opponent raises his fist, all you need to do is step
3: and throw out your left fist at the same time.

1: This will stop them from moving.
2: Normal people don't swing their arms down.
3: Then, they pull back their left and send their right out at the same

1: completely destroying their opponent.
2: That's the basis behind boxing. A one-two punch. (This usually ends
3: Woaaaaahhh!!
4: Easier said than done, though.
5: Wow!! Thanks for the info, man, I'm gonna try it out next time!!
6: --were they even listening?
7: Me too!

1: If all you had to do to become a good fighter was listen to something
like that, everyone would be good...
2: You have to let it seep into your body, or else it's impossible to do.
3: If you do manage to do it, you're either lucky--
4: or a genius!!
5-7: haa
8: Uu....uu

1(2b): D-dammit! M-my face...! Uuuu...
2: My face huuuuurts!!
3: I...I did it again.
4: J-just like before, I-I didn't miss!!
5: ...was it a coincidence? No, I feel like I made it in better than
6: C-can I fight well now?

1: Y-you little shit...
2: You think you can fuck with me...all of a sudden...?! I-if I see you
3: Hoo
4-5: Haa
6: I-I'm gonna k-kill you!!!
7: Wh...what do you mean?
8: Y-you're the one who messed with me...asking me for money!
9: Shut up!! ...damn...it hurts!
10: I'm gonna kill you, got it?!

1: N-no!!!
2: I-I'm allowed to be in this town too!!!
3: Speaking of boxing, did you guys hear that rumor?
4: What?
5: Ohhh, I know what you're talking about...
6: I doubt it's Masaki, but...

1: Huh? A thug hunting boxer?!
2: He's only been around for a month, but he's already gotten like 4-5
people so far.
3: Mostly guys who hang around the Shimokita arcade at night.
4: It has nothing to do with what we were just talking about, but
apparently they were all beaten in 1 or 2 hits.
5: Hmm...sounds interesting--

1: I'd like to meet that guy...I wonder if he'd be interested in targeting
2: Wooooooaaah, here we go! (Mr. danger!)
3: You just got excited because you heard the word boxing, didn't you?
4: No, that's not it.
5: Why did you stop boxing?
6: Ahh, you idiot!! You're not supposed to...
7: ...no reason...
8: It just seemed more fun to hang out on the street.

1: Haha, I feel like I heard that line somewhere before.
2: Really?
3(small): It sounds so cheesy
4(2b): Huh?! Hey, look at that!
5: Yagi!!!
6: Tch!
7: Woooah, Yagi, what are you bleeding for? (What is it, you period?!)
8: Shut up! Get away from me!
9: Let me see it.
10: Stop!! Don't touch me!!

1: Oooh..you really got beat bad.
2: Shut the fuck up!
3: I thought he was just some loser, so I let my guard down...
4: But that little shit...he must be practicing something!!
5: Hey! Do you think...
6: It was HIM?!

1: Hey!! What kind of guy was he?
2: I'm not telling!
3: I'm taking him down next time I see him!!
4: Tch!
5(small): What a stupid time to be stubborn...
6: Let's go find him! He should still be around, it can't be too hard to
find someone who fits the bill.
7: Ohhh!!
8: What? You're gonna fight him, Masaki?
9: That sounds fun!!!! A thug hunter hunt!!
10: Hunt the what now?
11: If you find him, call me!!! Then wait till I get there!
12: Okay!!

1: A boxer, huh...?
2(2b): I bet you feel real hot now 'cause you took down that amateur...but
I'll be sure to give you even more fun.
3: Hey, how'd it go
4(small): with you guys?
5: We ran out in a hurry, but we don't even know what he looks like...
6: He took down Yagi in one hit, remember? Masaki should be able to figure
out who he is...

1: I should be able to pick him out...
2: from the way he looks.
3: He hasn't gone far.
4: He's probably...
5: I thought he was just some loser...
6: Hey!! You!!
7: Ahh!

1: I wasn't bored.
2: Wh...what is it?
3: I just had no place to go.
4: This kid--
5: Not my house, not my school, nowhere in the world...

1: Was I chased out, or did I escape?
2: Nah, there's no way...
3(2b): Sorry, wrong person!
4: Either way, I was out on the streets at night.

[act. 1 Boys ~Downtown boys~ END]

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