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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Holyland 2

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 04:07 | Go to Holyland

-> RTS Page for Holyland 2


tl by molokidan

1: Masaki! Did you find him?!
2: Nah, he wasn't over here, either.
3: It's too hard to look for a "normal-looking" person.
4: I thought we might be able to pick him out, though...
5: If you're short of breath, juice up some nicotine power!
6: Heh! You idiot!
7: Most boxers look slimmer than they actually are...so he should be really thin--
8: Ohh.

act.2 Yuu ~a Person~
1: Could it really
2: have been him?

1: I was really surprised, though. One minute we were talking about him, and then...
2: And I can't believe he got Yagi! Those rumors weren't just rumors...
3: There's no way...boxers are slim, but...
4: He looked far too delicate.
5: What are you daydreaming about, Masaki...?
6: Hm? Ahh... (sorry.)

1: Forget it.
2: Woah, are you alright, Masaki?!
3: He's fallen in love or something!
4: He's all you can think about, huh?
5: Woooow, he's head over heels! <3
6: It's true.
7: Wh-whaaaat?!
8: I rarely get this excited.
9: I can't let him get away.

1: Wooooaaaah!! What a thing to say!!!
2: He's serious now!
3: That guy's in deep shit now.
4: This won't end easy!
5: I feel like
6: things won't end easy...now.

1: It's been one..two, three...four times
2: since last month!!
3: He's the one who bullied me. I bet he remembers who I am.
4: He's probably looking for me.
5: I'm gonna kill you!!!
6: How did things turn out like this?

1(2b): B-but I have to keep resisting.
2: Otherwise I'll turn into a target again.
3: And once I'm a target, it's all over.
text: Diiiie Yuu you smell
4: Unless I resist, I'll have nowhere to go.
5: I have to keep resisting, or I won't be able to relax anywhere
6: in this world--

1: Don't I belong anywhere in this world...? (I should stop thinking about this.)
2: Nah, you'd gotta be kidding me.
3: The Shimokita Thug Hunter is a boxer.
4: Seriously! He really exists!
5: He took out the guy from Sawaki, and the guy from Daita.
6: Really?!
7: Apparently if you try to mess with him or extort him, he just goes crazy and attacks you.

1: The people who got beat are searching like mad for him.
2: It's me!!!
3: Well of course! How could you be a thug if one little guy can beat you?!
4: They're talking about me...!
5: So...that guy IS l-looking for me...!
6: I don't think it'll be too easy, though.
7(small): He's dangerous.
8: He's beaten most of his opponents with single hits.
9: What should I do...? I-I knew I was in big trouble!
10: What's going on?

1: So cool...
2: Right? He's the real thing.

1: And I hear he's a slim, normal-looking guy.
2(Small): so people always try to bully him.
3: Imagine a guy like that taking out some big thug!
4-5: thump
6: I wonder what school he's from...is he in a boxing club?
7: Nah, they already searched all the boxing clubs. And there were no special markers on his uniform.
8(2b): Then...he might be from our school!! What if he was? Yeah right--
9-10: thump
11: Isn't that exciting, though? People are still out there fighting one-on-one!
12; I know. Usually you just hear about thugs attacking in groups!

1: I'm gonna cheer him on from the shadows! He's the man.
2: Yeah, I want him to clean up all the thugs.
3: Ahh, sorry, Shin-chan, are you a thug?
4: Hell no I'm not!
5: My heart sounds...so loud...
6-7: thump
8: It's beating so hard it hurts.
9(2b): Cool? What do they mean...by cool...
10: ...what...
11: Could it be--

1: The unrest and fear I felt hasn't left me.
2: But a new emotion is now rising above them--
3: An uplifting feeling.
4: I felt higher than I'd ever been before.

1: Kamishiro-kun.
2: Kamishiro--
3: Kamishiro Yuu!!
4: Ahh!
5: You have to move or I can't get through.
6: Why is your face so red?

1: Ahh...s-sorry!
2: Umm...errr...
3: You know...you should at least remember the names of the girls in your own class! (Especially the cute ones!)
4: I'm Izawa Mai!
5: Izawa...Mai...san.
6(small): What are you, an old man?
7: Hurry up, Maaai! (Time to go shopping!)
8: Ahh!! Wait, I'm coming!!
9: Okay?
10: Ah...ok.

1: Come on already! We're leaving!!
2: What's wrong?
3: Oh, nothing...
4: Kamishiro-kun was...
5(2b): He just...reminds me of my brother a little.
6: Whaaat?! What?! No waaaay!!!
7: Nonono!! Something must be wrong with you, Mai!!!
8: Uuu... (That was a bigger reaction than I expected.)

1: Your brother is soooo cool. He made it to interhigh boxing when he was a first-year in high school!
2(small): Ahhhh, Masaki-sama...
3: Lately it seemed like he kinda turned into a bad boy, but there are a lot of girls who actually like that. (He's really hot.)
4: H-how could you compare him with Kamishiro...?
5: You're craaaazy!
6: Geez.
7: Seriously, though, something's wrong with that kid.
8: I wish we weren't even in the same middle school.
9: He's been so bullied that sometimes he doesn't even come to school. (He like, stays home or whatever.)
10: Stays home!!?
11: There's nothing wrong with his head or the way he looks, but apparently people picked on him because he was a "weakling."

1: Mmmm, I guess you're right.
2(small): Not my type, huh...?
3: Maybe Mai just has really weird tastes?
4: What, really?!
5: N-no, I don't!!
6: Just kidding!
7: But why did I feel that way? Even if it was only for a second...
8: Let's goooo, Mai!

1: rattle...
2: My heart again...
3: It's pounding.

1: I ran into the night streets searching for a place I could call my own.
2: That's where
3: I learned about violence.
panel 3:
I was afraid, but at the same time, the pounding of my heart led me back there time and time again.

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