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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Holyland 3

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 04:07 | Go to Holyland

-> RTS Page for Holyland 3


tl by molokidan

act.3 Resistance ~Resistance~
panel 1:
The Thug Hunter rumors I heard in class were all about me.
panel 2:
It's too dangerous to go back on the streets now. I'm in real danger...but...
panel 3:
That feeling of elation swallows up all the fear.
It pulls me back in.
1: I didn't think we'd actually find you...

act.3 Resistance ~Resistance~
1. To think you'd just be waltzing around Shimokita like this...
2: So I came out to the streets at night.
3: You know who this guy is, man?
4: Never seen him before! (What, is he a good guy to extort money from?)

1(2b): He's the Thug Hunter boxer we've been hearing so much about! The guy who did in Yagi! This is the guy!!
2: You're kidding me!! (He sure doesn't look like it!)
3: You're telling me! Imagine the look on my face when I saw Yagi walk out bleeding from the same toilet this guy had been in! (It was crazy!)
4: Seeing up this close, though...I still can't really believe it!
5: Maybe he just got the jump on him?!
6: (You said it!) So then, what are you gonna do, Kenji?

1: Beat the shit out of him and make sure the guys from Sawa High and Dai High have to hang their heads in shame!
2: Damn am I lucky!! I can't believe the guy from those rumors is this much of a wuss!!!
3: I shouldn't have come out here after all.
4: T...they're gonna get me.
5: Don't make that face!
6: I'll go easy on you.
7: Alright?!
8: No...no...I have to...resist!
9: Or I won't be able to come back here either!

1: Resist!
2: I have to!
3: Hey!!!
4: Uuu

1: Buh!!
2: Ohhh?!
3: Now the right!
4: H...huh?!

1: My right shoulder...
2: won't move!!?
3: If someone's grabbing on to your shoulder, you won't be able to turn it hard enough to through a right straight.
4: Since Yuu had always pushed his opponents away with lefts until now, he had never had his right shoulder grabbed before. Additionally--
5: Y-you bastard...
6: Now you've done it!

1: Ohhhhh!!
2: In a grab, the heavier fighter will always be able to swing around the lighter one.
3: Eat shit!!!
4: Hiiieee!!
5: The only reason Yuu had never been in this situation before was simply luck.

1: Uuu!
2: However
3: It's not as easy as one would think to deliver a decent punch to someone from outside their arms when they're defending.
4: What are you standing there for, Kenji?! (Finish him off!!)
5: Shut up!!!
6: Dammit...do I need to hold him down so I can hit him right?

1: Hey!
2: Stop moving around!!
3: That first punch was so fast I couldn't see it...
4: Maybe he really is strong after all? If I let go of him I could be in trouble!!!
5-7: Hah
8: D-dammit...
9: The blood in my nose is fucking up my breathing.
10-11: hah
12-13: wheeze
14: I feel so tired...
15: Continually punching while swinging your opponent around takes a lot of stamina.
16: I can't throw a second punch...
17: The first is the only one that hit!!

1: If he gets me...
2: I won't be able to stay here anymore.
3: I'll need to search for somewhere else.
4: It's all the same.
5: Just give up already, dammit!!
6: What am I expecting from this?!
7: What am I
8: expecting?!

1: Buhhhh
2: I hit him!?? With a left...!!
3: S-so my first strikes always hit him!!?
4: D-dammit!

1(2b): Kuh! Fucker!
2: Gah!
3(2b): Bastard...buahh

1: I-I'm free...!

1: Uu...
2: Uwaaaaaaaahhhhh!!
3: Guhh!!
4: Gah!

1(4b): Gaaaaa
2: ahhh!
3: P-please...s-stop...
4: Stop...

1-4: hah
5: Woah...that was crazy...
6: N-no, I-I...(I'm not gonna fight...)
7(2b): Uuu...uuu...

1: They know me, they know my face now!
2: They're coming after me!
3: How many people know my face?
4: A-are there a lot of them?!
5-10: hah

1: Why did I come here?!
2: What was I expecting?!
3: I should have let them beat me up today.
4: Now they'll be back for revenge!
5: I'm so stupid!!
6: It's over now! I can't resist much longer!!
7: I'm

1: scared of this town.
2: I'm just so scared.
3: Hey!

[act.3 Resistance ~Resistance~ END]

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