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Holyland 4

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 04:07 | Go to Holyland

-> RTS Page for Holyland 4


tl by molokidan

act.4 Friends ~Fleeting happiness~
1: Why do I always get backed into a corner?
2: Hey!
3: Uu
4: Uwaaaahhhh!!
5: Aaaaaahhhhh!!

1: Woaaaah, that's one hell of a reaction! (You scared ME!)
2: You're Yuu, aren't you? Kamishiro Yuu!
act.4 Friends ~Fleeting happiness~
3: What are you doing here?
4: Ah...? Y-you're...

1: Ummm...
2: Don't tell me...
3: You REALLY don't know who I am?!
4: Shin! We're in the same class! I'm Kaneda Shinichi!
5: Ahhh!
6: Are you serious?! I sit diagonally behind you!! (What are you, senile?!)
7: I'm surprised to see you here, though. You come here often?
8: Huh? Sometimes...
9: (Oh reaaaally?) You don't look like the kind of guy to be hanging out at an arcade at night, though.
10: I-I guess not...

1: Ahh, man...I bet some thugs got to him...
2(small): They must have got him good...
3: Are you alright?
4: This place has been dangerous lately.
5: Have you heard the rumors about that Thug Hunter?
6: He's been really irritating the thugs around here.
7: They'd make a target out of you in no time, you know! (I couldn't see you fighting with any of them, though.)
8: Ahhh...!

1: Hey, chill out! I was just kidding.
2: You don't need to get so scared.
3: Hey, Shin!
4: I sure see you here a lot.
5: Oh, Takada-san!
6: Who's that guy?
7: flinch!
8: Ahhhh, this is...

1: My friend from school!
2: He's a scaredy-cat, so please don't mess with him.
3: Ah!
4: Hah! Who do you think you're talking to? (I don't go for small fries.)
5: That's true!
6: He's Takada-san, a year higher than us. He's not as scary as his face is. (I mean, if I had to say, it's a pretty funny face he's got!)
7: U-umm!

1(2b): T-thank you! You saved me!
2: Huh?
3(2b): Er...no prob! (Again with the theatrics...)
4: I-it was nothing.
5: Thank you so much! (Thank you!)
6: You're acting like some innocent daughter in some medieval village I just saved!
7: Haha! Come on, man, were you really that scared?
8: Heh, I'm pretty well-networked around here, you know.
9: Stick with me and you'll be fine! (No problem!)

1: Let me know if you have any problems!
2: Hey, Yuu!

1: Hey Yuu! Get it?
2: Hey You! (What do you think?)
3: Uh...
4(small): Wow, that's bad.
5: K...Kaneda-kun?
6: Oh, come on, man! I'm Shin! Just call me Shin-chan!
7: Wanna go to Shimokita today, Yuu?
8: I have work tonight, so I got some time to kill.
9: If you stick with me you won't have to worry about getting picked on.
10: Alright? So come with me!
11: Ah...oh.
12: O-okay.
13: Alright! That settles it!
14: It was my first time

1: being invited like that by a friend (?) after school.
2: The town may still be dangerous,
3: but as long as I'm not alone -- I can stay there.
4: Yuu! You're no amateur!!!
5: I've never seen level 13 of Tetris!! (The blocks are falling down so fast!)
6: This is the only game I know how to play.
7: I have no money, so I had no choice but to keep playing the one I could spend the most time on.

1: I may have been too much on the edge all this time.
2: If I just act normal...maybe...nothing will happen to me.
3: Oh! Let's play that one!
4: Huh? I can't play the guitar...
5: Alright then, just watch me shred!
6: If I act normal, then I can fit in anywhere
7: Well fuck you!
8: from now on.

1: Let's go.
2: Seriously?
3: Huuuh?
4: Kamishiro Yuu!
5: and Shin.
6: What do you mean "and Shin?!" That's rude, you know!
7(small): Why do I come second? Am I just an afterthought?
8: Shut up, Shin, you're so loud!
9: Seriously. So annoying.
10: It's so rare to see you with someone else.

1: Ummm...
2: Er...
3 (small): Again...?
4: You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?
5: I-Z-A-W-A M-A-I! At least remember my name!
6(small): Come ON!
7: Ahh..o-okay!
8: What do you three come here for? (Enjo-kosai?) (*compensated dating.)
9: To play DDR, of course!
10: You think WE would do enjo-kosai?!
11: You wanna play with us, Kamishiro-kun?
12: Hell yeah!!!
13: What?! But I...

1: Just trust me on this one! Watch high school girls play DDR is a MUST! Even if it kills you!!!
2: W-why?
3: Here I go!
4: Just watch!
5: Ahhh!
6: Wah!
7: Annn!
8: This is it! Yuu!! (This is what I mean!)
9: Moving your head down naturally like this is key!
10: W...woah...

1: Shin! You just came here to look at my underwear, didn't you?!
2(small): You're the worst!
3(small): What a perv!
4: Wha?!
5: What are you talking about?! You're the one who's showing them to me!!
6: Besides, it wasn't just me! Yuu was looking too!
7: Wh-what?!
8: Come on, you jerk! Don't betray me here!!
9: Just watch! I'm gonna light this dance floor on fire!!
10(small): Let's see you try!
11: Kamishiro-kun! Kamishiro-kun!
12: So you DO smile after all.

1: You look better here, you know.
2: Way better than when you're in school!
3: Uh...r
4: Really...?
5: At this point
6: I thought the streets had accepted me.
7: C'mon!
8: Haha!
9: You can do it, Shin!

1: That's really how I felt.
2: Hey, Masaki! I just saw your little sister.
3: She was with some boys! Heheheheh!
4: So fucking what?
5: Ahh, sorry...I didn't mean anything by it.

1: The Thug Hunter's really in trouble now, man.
2: What happened?
3: He just took out a guy from Seta High.
4: That guy went to the judo club, to some guy named Iwato.
5: Iwato is this guy who fought with them against Sawa High, he's like, crazy strong.
6: Tch! That's a problem...

1: Really? But he should be OK against judo, right?
2: Nah...that's not necessarily the case.
3: Judo is different.
4: That judo club...is something completely different from those thugs who think they're good at fighting.
5: Judo on the street is seriously dangerous.

1: Yo. I've been waiting.
2: Let's have some fun tonight.
[act.4 Friends ~Fleeting happiness~ END]

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