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Holyland 5

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 04:07 | Go to Holyland

-> RTS Page for Holyland 5


tl by molokidan

act.5 Judo ~Judo~
1. Kawada from Dai High, Yagi and Hirakawa from Sawa High...
2: and then Tanaka and Kenji from Seta.

1: He takes on anyone, regardless of what school or group they belong to.
2: And apparently he hangs out around this arcade...
3: He looks like wuss, but apparently he knows how to box...
4: Hey! Iwado!! Are you even listening?!
5: Yeah. He's a boxer, right?

1: I'm counting on you...you and I go way back, remember...
2: I can't take this.
3: Huh?!
4: Senpai! Why are you letting the judo club take care of this?! This is ridiculous!
5: Are you an idiot?! OK, fine, let that Thug Hunter beat even more people up! You won't even be able to walk around this place without hanging your head in shame!
6: Then please, let me take him! I'm definitely stronger than this guy, no sweat!!

1: Hey, if you're gonna fight amongst yourselves, I'm going home.
2: Sorry...I just got too focused on teaching my juniors how to keep in line.
3: Senpai!!
4: Tch! Guess I have no choice.
5: Iwadooo...think you can help him understand?
6: OK, just wipe away my losses from the month before last.
7: You got it!
8: H-hey...are you sure...?
9: I practiced karate when I was a kid!!
10: All you need to do is hit judo fighters first, then they're finished!!

1: Oraaaaahhh!!
2: Why does judo mean trouble? I'd think karate or boxing would be more dangerous.
3: I remember you said something once, Masaki...
4: Like, we think that way because we watch competitive sports...but in reality, judo's really dangeorus.

1: Lately people have been taking a lot about "jujutsu"... (What was that one guy's name? Gracie?) But that's something totally different.
2: No one would try something so risky like that on the street.
3: R-really?
4: The street isn't like a ring on TV, that's made to be watched.
5: People wear clothes on the street!!!

1: They can be easily grabbed!!!
2: In the rings you see on TV, fighters are half-naked, which simultaneously halves the effectiveness of judo.
3: And those fighters have way more stamina! They train themselves hard enough to cough up their guts every day.
4: Those thugs you see walking around on the street are nothing compared to them.

1: They can be tossed like nothing.
2: And what do they get tossed into?
3: This!!
4: Ahh!

1: This isn't a soft floor or a mat! It's concrete!
2: Holy shit!
3: This is way scarier than getting in a judo strangehold or joint lock...you'll be out in an instant.
4: Uuuu...
5: You won't even have a chance to apologize!
6: Guh....uhhh...
7: O...owww...

1: Oh shit, I threw him too hard.
2: Uuu...uuu!!
3: Wh-what's wrong?
4: I think he broke his shoulder-blade. (And maybe a rib or two...)
5: I can count on you guys...to take care of him, right?
6(small): It's too much of a pain for me.
7: S-sure!
8: D-damn...that was only one hit...
9: This is between us. We'll take care of it.
10: But more importantly

1: We're counting on YOU to take care of things tonight.
sign: Mah Jong Parlor
2: They sure are taking their sweet time...
3: Don't worry, Tanaka and Kenji went out searching with 10 people.
4: Maybe they're having trouble connecting to my phone...
5: Ah...I got a "tsumo!"
6: ...Uh...no, Iwado-san, you can't go out yet.
7: What, really?
8: He really sucks...does he really know how to play mah jong?

1: Ohhh!!
2: Yo! What's up?
3: We found him. He was at "R," the arcade.
4: Kenji and Tanaka just spotted him.

1: He's with a friend.
2: What?!
3: N-no, don't worry it's fine.
4: His friend is Shin, some guy who's always at the arcade. He's a normal guy.
5: Alright! Good work!
6: Tha--
7: Hey! Let me see that!
8: It's Kenji!
9: Ohh, Kenji...what's up...

1: Let me take this guy!!!
2(small): Not this again...
3: We have ten guys here!! Let us surround him and beat the shit out of him!! Please!!!
4: No!!
5: B-but senpai, I...
6: Kenjiii...
7: Think carefully. You have any idea what'll happen if 10 of us Seta High guys beat up a normal-looking guy like that?!
8: We'll never be able to pride ourselves in being the toughest thugs on the streets again!!

1: No one thinks you're weak or anything!
2: Now just listen to what I say this time!! Got it!!?
3: Al...right.
4(2b): OK! Now get him out to the parking lot. Bring everyone with you!
5: If he tries to resist or run away, just forget everything else and beat the shit out of him! Even if it means you go to juvie!
6: If you don't get serious about this, you'll be a laughingstock! Got it?!
7: Yes sir!!!

1(2b): Goddammit...you can't even entrust the simplest of orders to kids these days! (They don't listen to a thing!) I need to make them respect me more.
2: I-I'm not like that!
3: Ehh...it's all the same wherever you go.
4: Alright, let's go.
5: We should get there the same time as them.
6: OK. Let's get this over with and go eat some ramen. (You owe me a bowl!)
7: Hahaha! Seriously? You've been eating all night!

1: No way, man, I'm telling you, something's up?
2: No, it's nothing.
3: Mai never talks to any other guy but you!
4: She's just saying hi.
5: I dunno...
6: Trust me...
7: Hm? What's wrong?

1: Yo!! Long time no...well, I guess it hasn't been that long. I came to thank you...
2: for the little sparring match we had!!
3: Wah!! Wh-who are they!!?

1: Ahh! T-Takada-san!
2: What is this, all of a sudden?
3: Shin...is that guy your friend?
4: Eh?! Y-yeah, he is...he's that classmate I introduced to you earlier...
5: What is this?! You can't be serious!!
6: That guy's the Thug Hunter, that boxer...
7: He's the one.
8: --I think I knew this was going to happen--

1: N-no way, that can't beeeee!!
2: I was scared...but somewhere deep in my heart--
3: I can't do anything about this!! This guy owes your friend one...
4: Hey, Yuu! This can't be real, right?! You couldn't possibly--
5: Tell me this is some sick joke!!
6: I knew that once I started this, that there would be no stopping it...
7: That I would have to keep moving forward...until the end.
8(2b): Say something, Yuu!! Please!!
9: Yuuuu!!!

[act.5 Judo ~Judo~ END]

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