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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Holyland 6

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 04:08 | Go to Holyland

-> RTS Page for Holyland 6


tl by molokidan

act.6 Fists Up ~Determination~
1: This is some kind of mistaaaake!!!

1: The Thug Hunter can't be Yuu!! ...He can't be...

1: There's no waaaaaay!!!
2: There's no use denying it. One of his victims is right here. (Give it up!)
3: B-but...
4: Would you just shut up already?!

1: Look how much he's shivering right now!
2: You've got the wrong guy, dammit!!!
3: I can't...concentrate on anything.
4: It's like I've gone completely numb...Yet I can't stop shivering.
5: My body itself must be afraid.
6: I can barely even
7: feel my legs anymore.
8: Sorry...Shin-chan. I'm really sorry.
9: Just when...

1: Just when you started to look for me...when we started to have fun together...
2: I...
3: No!!! I have to do something, even if I can only save Shin-chan!!!
4: He has nothing to do with this!!
5: U-ummmm!!

1: He...Kaneda-kun has nothing to do with this. He's just my classmate.
2: I'm the one you want, right?!
3: Ohhhhhh! What a guy, this Thug Hunter!!
4: Wh-what are you talking about?
5: I'm sorry, Shin-chan...but you really do have nothing to do with this!!
6: You can go, it's alright!!!
7: You've gotta be kidding...

1: First fight one-on-one with this guy.
2(small): One-on-ones are your thing, right?
3: I just wanna say, though, I take no responsibility for what happens...don't expect me to hold back the guys who you beat up before!!
4: Hurry up and go, Shin-chan!
5: No
6: Yuuuuu!
7: Yuuu!

1: Hey, your phone's ringing.
2: Oh, it's mine?
3: Is it your girlfriend?
4(2b): I don't have one. Hello?
5: Oh, Yosuke!
6: Masaki!! They got him! Some guys from Seta got him!
7: They're with him in the parking lot off the highway!
8: Are you serious?!
9: Where are you right now?!

1: Near the north exit...
2: He's surrounded by about ten guys, including that judo guy.
3: I'm alone right now, so I can't stop them.
4: Alright. I'll be right there, don't do anything rash!
5: Dammit!
6: Hey, what's wrong?
7: Aren't we going to karaoke?

1: Sorry, we'll have to do it next time!
2: Oh, come on! You idiots!!
3: You think that judo guy's gonna get him?
4: I don't know...but--
5: Ohh.
6: Hey, wait a fucking minute!!!

1: Hey, wait up, I said, Izawa Masaki! I came all the way out here from Shibuya, since I just couldn't forget about you...
2: Don't you fuckin' ignore me!!!
3: Tch! (This is bad...)
4: Who are you two?! Sorry, but we're in a hurry!!
5: Shut up. Outta the way, kid. (This has nothing to do with you!)
6: What are you doing?!
7(2b): All we want is him. Now move it.
8: Uuu...damn, this guy's tall...

1: Do we have to settle this right now?
2: We're SERIOUSLY in a hurry.
3: Too late to get scared, motherfucker!! Just wait till you see him in action...
4: We can finish this in no time. (No problem!)

1: If you're in a hurry, then let's cut the chatter.
2: We didn't come here to talk, you know.
3: Fine...
4: I'll fight you.
5: Then hurry up and bring it, asshole!!
6: Come at me, bitch...

1: Gah!!

1: H...huh?
2: Aki...yama!
3: Wahh!
4: Woahh!
5: Th...that was awesome!!
6: You're amazing, Masaki!!!

1: One hit! That was just one hit!! Man, that surprised me!! The sound of that was insane!
2: Hiieee!
3: Can I go now?
4: Uh...s-sure.
5: That was so easy, Masaki! (It only took you one hit!)
6: Nah...not necessarily.
7: He was could have been trouble.
8: But you kicked his ass before he could do anything! (With one hit...)
9: The key was in that one hit...haven't you guys experienced it yourself?
10: If you get one naked punch in to someone's face, chances are you'll be able to get in a second or third as well.

1: It wouldn't be too much to say that the first hit is everything in a street fight.
2: Because it's almost impossible to come back once you're at a disadvantage!!
3(2b): Rules and technique are what give birth to 'ties' and 'exchanges!' But this isn't true for street fighting!!
4: As long as you can through away your pride and shame, you can even carry around weapons if you want.
5: Good point. As long as you can get in a good hit or knock someone down at the start, you can pretty much beat your opponent.
6: But that slap Masaki did was something else!

1: That wasn't a slap.
2: Huh?
3: I used the bottom of my palm, this area.
4: It's more convenient to cause concussions with this method.
5: Strikes using the bottom of the palm are different from typical slaps.
6(small): Power slips out here
7: With this method, the wrist stays straight and doesn't let of the power slip out--
8: Making sure all your force slams straight into the enemy.
9: If you penetrate with a strike like that, you can even break people's jaws. (In other words, seriously hurt them.)
10: Geh! (You can break bone?)
11: Even my hand could slip down a bit and do it. You never know.
12: Damn!

1: That's it...that's why he always needs to throw out a strong first strike out...
2: But all the stories I've heard talk about him using one-two punches.
3: Why?
4: Shall we begin, then?
5: It's the same no matter where I run...
6: Yuuuu...

1: So I don't mind it happening here.
2: I'm going to keep resisting
3: until the end!!!

[act.6 Fists Up ~Determination~]

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