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Holyland 7

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 04:08 | Go to Holyland

-> RTS Page for Holyland 7


tl by molokidan

act.7 Real Value ~Real value~

1: My teeth are chattering.
2: My hands won't stop shaking.
3: My knees don't feel like they're my own.

1: And yet I
2: raised my fists.

act.7 Real Value ~Real value~

1: What the heeeell?!
2: Look how cool this guy is!
3: He actually got in a stance! Holy shit!!
line between frames: They're really laughing at him...
4: C'mon, stop crying and tighten your guard!
5: He's SOME boxer!!
6-8: haa
9: hoo
10: Look, even your own knees are laughing at you!!
11: What is that, Yuu?!
12: Gimme a break!

1: Why are they laughing so much?!
2: haa
3: Hoo
4: Uuu
5: Haa
6: hoo
7: haa
8: Because I'm shaking?
9: I need to tighten up! C'mon, I need to try harder...
10: At least until Shin-chan can run away!!
11: Gyahahaha
12: You're late! It's already started!
13: We didn't make it?
14: What's going on?
15: See for yourself.

1: It's him!! No way...
2: He was really the one?!
3(2b): But what is this? What's going on...
4: I don't feel right about this...you really want me to beat him up?
5: Seems like he's really the guy.
6: Just make him bleed a little.

1: You heard him.
2: Give it up!
3: Uwaaahhh!
4: Watch out now, you're cornered...there's nowhere to run, kid.
5: Kill him!
6: I won't kill you, just hurry up and fight me.
7: C'mon! Throw a jab! A jab!

1: Orahh!
2-3: ahh
4: Yeah, you show, him, boxer!
5: Don't be runnin' now!!
6: Kill him, Iwadooo!
7: Is this really the boxer we heard all those rumors about? (They're laughing at him!)
8: Don't tell me you can actually call that footwork...
9: ...yeah...
10: What is this? He doesn't even know basic footwork...
11: He's a total amateur!!!
12: What is this?! Is this really the Thug Hunter!!?

1: C'mon! Stop running around like a pussy!!
2: This is a joke! If this is some kind of dream, I wish I'd wake up already...
3: Are those the guys he beat up?
4: They aren't laughing?!

1: Wait a minute!!
2: Is there something we have yet to see?!
3: It won't end...!
4: Unless I do something...
5: I have to do something!!

1: Buhaaaah!!!

1: Ahh...
2(2b): W-woahh...
3(2b): Ahh! N-no way!
4: Wh-what was that?! Are you serious?
5: Did I really just see that? ....h-hey! Yuu!
6: Yuuuuuuuu!!!
7-12: hah

1: I-Iwa...doooo!
2: What was that...
3: Isn't he an amateur?!
4: I don't know.
5: I don't think he was trying to hustle them...but
6: that one-two punch I just saw was the real thing!

1(2b): It isn't just his footwork...his balance is shit as well.
2: But no amateur can throw a punch like that!
3: What do you mean?!
4: I don't even know myself.
5: But...I'm sure if we watch what happens next we'll find out.
6: He'll probably be coughing up blood on the ground in a few seconds.
7: That punch isn't enough to finish off Iwado!
8: This is where the real battle begins.

1: This usually drops guys, but after the first punch, Iwado turned his face away,
2: so the second punch was shallow!!
3: And besides, he's got a tough body, so he won't check out from a couple of punches.
4: The Thug Hunter should have punched some more when he was down.
5: Pfft

1: Sh...shit...look at his nose...
2: Iwado!
3: He's really hurt...
4: W-why can't we stop here!? Don't stand up!
5: Stand up!
6: You may be thinking I've drawn a bit too much blood here, readers. But listen carefully.
7: Hoo
8: Fuh
9: Pfft
10: There are tons of tiny blood vessels that run through the gums and within the mouth. If one or two teeth are broken, enough blood to fill a seat cushion can easily spill out onto the street.
11: Violence isn't always gratifying.
12(2b): Well...I'll be...
13: damned...
14: Both the attacker and the attacked have much at risk.

1: L-let's stop this! I'll apologize, whatever you want!
2: What are you saying?!
3: Fuck!
4-6: Hoo
7-8: hah
9: You think we're just gonna let you leave?!
10: You think we're done fighting?
11: To be honest...you did surprise me...
12: But now I've gotta show you what I'm really made of.
13: I'm gonna fight you seriously, without holding back.

1: Ouuu!!
2: Ahh!

1: He swatted my arms away!!?
2: How!!?
3-5: hoo
6: Now he's serious.
7: What's the Thug Hunter going to do?!

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