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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Holyland 8

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 04:08 | Go to Holyland

-> RTS Page for Holyland 8


tl by molokidan

act.8 Fear ~Fear~
1: None of my attacks hit!
2: His hands...are too fast!
3: This guy...must be practicing something!
4-6: hooo
7: He's a REAL fighter!!!
8: What I know won't work on him!!!
9-13: hah
14: I'm going to lose!

act.8 Fear ~Fear~
1: Come on, get him!!
2: Kill him!!
3: You're gonna die, boxer!
4: He's fast...that judo guy swiped all his punches away!
5: That doesn't look like judo to me!
6: Judo...IS fast.

1: Yes, judo is fast!!! People often think it's slower than striking
martial arts, but that's simply its public image!
2: Those who have seen actual matches should know this already, but
grappling exchanges in judo are ferocious, and fighters' hands are no less
fast than those from other schools.
3: Hoo
4: Ohhh

1: Uwahh!!
2: Ahh
3: Looks like he's alright.
4: Yeah.
5: He really scared me for a minute, though...if he had gotten beat by
that wuss,
6: I would have been the one humiliated, since I actually brought him
7: But I guess this Thug Hunter just wasn't what the rumors made him out
to be...

1: Buh!
2: Ahhh!!
3: Ohhh! He doesn't even care when he gets hit!
4: He's pretty tough.
5: Punching while stepping back is practically useless. Like I said
6: using lefts to create a gap during an exchange is useless on the

1(2b): If your opponent's prepared to take a punch, then a little jab like
that won't stop him! People like that become numb to pain when they're in
a fight.
2: Unless you ignore any sort of exchange that might happen and connect a
powerful first punch, you won't be able to stop them.
3: Ahhh...so he's gonna lose...
4: Although, it's not like he's completely out of chances...
5: Hasn't he noticed it?
6: Guess it's beyond him...

1: If your heart is broken, you can't move forward.
2: And you have to move forward in order to win.
3: Legs that chase are faster than legs that run.
4: Sooner or later
5: he'll be caught.
6: Ahh!

1: Ussshh!!!

1: Ahhh!!
2: Nnaaahhhh!!

12b): Gaaaaaaaahhhh...

1: Uuu...gggh
2: Ahhhh...
3: Then, I...
2: remembered.

1: Everything that I experienced up until now.
2: Damn, that guy...
3: threw his body on him when they fell.
4: It's over.
5: All the pain...
6: My everyday life
7: of pain.
8: guh...
9: Pain in my heart
10: Gahah
11: and my body.

1: Awww, I overdid it again. (He punched me, so I lost control...)
2(2b): Lost control? I thought you killed him! How is he?
3: His ribs aren't broken...he was lucky because he had that backpack.
4: Well, I think we've done enough for today. (It's a good thing he wasn't
hurt too bad...)
5: No, we can't stop here!!
6: I'm with him!!
7: Senpai! He beat us up!! We can't just let him get off free like this!

1: But pain isn't what I'm afraid of.
2: Not pain.

1: That's right...what I'm afraid of...
2-5: hah
6: What I'm afraid of...
7: Woahh! He stood up!!
8: This guy...
9: Are you serious?!
10(2b): Tch! He shoulda just stayed down...hey, guys!
11: ...no.

1: Let me handle him.
2: If he can stand up, then I still need to pay him back for breaking my
3: Hey, go easy on him.
4: Shut up.
5: Tch! This is bad, he's lost his self-control!
6: Put someone out on the road to make sure the bikes* don't come!
* line: Refers to policemen who ride around on bicycles.
7: This is going to be a pain in the ass to clean up.

1: What's gonna happen?
2: Hey, he really stood all the way up!
3: This changes nothing.
4: Why did he stand? This won't change their difference in ability.
5: Did he notice something?
6: No, that's not...but then why--
7: Why did he stand!!?

1: He's serious now! He's not gonna give the Thug Hunter just any old
throw this time.
2: Now he's in danger.
3: Yuuuuu!! Stop this, let's just apologize together!!
4: We can't handle this!
5(2b): S-Shin-chan...all you need to do is r-run now!
6: Shin-chan's not goin' anywhere!!
7: Ahhh!
8: You're gonna watch this until the end, right?!

1: Iwadoooo!! Kill him!!
2: Hurry up and finish him, you idiot!!
3: Make him really feel it this time, goddammit!!
4: What I'm afraid of isn't pain.
5: What I'm really afraid of

1(2b): He...isn't trembling anymore.
2: is not having anywhere to go.
3: I'm afraid of losing my place
4: in this world.

[act.8 Fear ~Fear~ END]

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