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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

World Embryo 36

World Embryo #36

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 12, 2008 13:32 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

R: Gah...
R: T-Tougo...?
R: Tougo's...
T: What...is this...?
R: A Jinki User!?
M: So he's finally awakened...
M: The "second one"...now I can finally recover it!

Chapter 36 - Unreachable Clouds

A: Don't go running off by yourself like that!
R: Arisugawa!!
C: Looks like things are really getting interesting, eh, Rikkun?
R(2b): Clara...Joe!
J: So the Jinki Hunter is YOU...
J: You've been pretty busy with my allies, haven't you...?!
M: Jinki Users...5, huh?

T: ...where am I?
T: Ah...oww...
C: So you've awakened, Kazama Tougo. How is your body?
T: What...? Who are you...

C: I Chairwoman Tokiji of F.L.A.G. Allow me to explain what has happened to your body.
T: Eh?
C: Please calm down and listen.
T: Ah?
C: F.L.A.G. is very embracing of new Jinki Users.
C: Welcome to a world outside the scope of memories.
C: ...so I guess he's gonna join F.L.A.G. too?
C: Well, that's the Chairwoman for you. Just look at her sucking him in with that art of coaxing she's so skilled at.
C: Whether it's legal bindings, or monetary concilations, when she's in a pinch, out comes those frightening techniques of hers...
S: Come now, Clara-san...

C: Aw, but...I can't stand this atmosphere!
A: Your tendons...are still connected. I doubt there will be any scarring, either, because you just barely managed to completely recover before hitting your Limit...
A: You're really lucky. Who knows what would have happen if the fight had went on...
R: ...Sorry...
A: ...but the most important thing is that nothing happened to you..or him.
A: He was your friend, right?
C: Oh my, oh my! What is going on here? Arisu-san doesn't seem too upset, does she?

R: Friend...
R: Just from my childhood.
R: But how in the world did he become a Jinki User...
C: That's right! You had your powers "passed on" to you, so you're a rare type.
R: Clara?
C: "senpai," you mean?
C(2b): There's one other way to become a Jinki User...by being an "Awakenable" Type...when the sleeping Jinki Core within one's body falls into an extreme state, its host will awaken.
C: There are a number of extreme situations in which this can occur, but more often than not...
C: It's when one is being attacked by Kanshu.

C(2b): If you think about it, Kanshu and Jinki Users are like two sides of the same object. The antibodies of the virus in infected humans remain there and continue the process...
C: The one mercy of our both fickle and cruel God...or so they say.
R(2b): ...but there are those who don't get infected at all, right? What about that?
C: Hmm...that's true.
C(2b): To quote Arisu-san...would they be the "radiance?"
T: An omen...? How the hell would I know?!
T: What kinda omen would tell me I'd suddenly materialize something like that...
T(2b): No...wait! ...yeah, there was something. Three months ago.

T(2b): One time, I missed the last train, so I was just poking around town...yeah, the others left me behind...anyway, the point is, I was alone.
T: I remember it pretty clearly. I was watching the news...
T: when the NEFT Building caught on fire.
T: I just happened to be looking up to the sky, when something came down.
T: I was so shocked, my head went all white...
T: And the next thing I knew, there was some glowing scar-like thing in my right hand...
T: But by the next morning, it had totally disappeared.

K: Chairwoman...
C: ....yes. Those are...
C: The four Kensei signals.
C: Bring up a collation of the estimated landing points as well as a map of all Kensei signals in the past 3 months...
?: Open a cache excluding all Jinki Users on duty.
?: Would you like a graph of wave height as well?
C: Forget about the main server, it was down at the time. Use the branch office server.
C: There's a possibility that other new Jinki Users...
C: have been born as well!
C: Ah, Hayato-san! That was quick...did you chase him out?
S: Awawa, I'm sorry!
?: No, it's fine...
H(2b): I did not such thing! Kazama-kun will from this point forward become an official member of F.L.A.G.!

S: Ehh!? But that's a pretty quick decision...
H(2b): Well, it certainly helps us out. I'm still in the process of handling the details, though. I also want to run some tests later, because there is something unusual about his Jinki Core...
H: ...what about Amami-kun and the others?
C: Big brother's just like always.
C: Rikkun is....similar to how he usually is, I guess.
H: ...I see.

C: Kyaa!!
C(2b): You don't think it annoys me as well?! It was us four against one!
C: And yet...the result was completely ridiculous!

J: FUCK! Why can't I hit him!?
C: He's deflecting them! Hurry up and reload!
J: I know that! Shake him off me!!
C: That's easier said that done!
J: So that's...the Jinki Hunter?!

R: H-hey! Are own Joe and Clara going to be alright by themselves!?
A(2b): You can barely hold your own Jinki! Do you really have the time to be worrying about others?! There's no way they'd be able to fight properly with you two holding them back! We need to get out of here!!
R: ...I wasn't even a match for him...even though I somehow did it back then...
A: I thought so...you weren't able to perceive your CAGE...
R: ...eh?
A(2b): That guy...somehow, he's able to produce some sort of intermittent interruption to CAGE perceptions...it's probably somehow connected to all those Jinki Cores he's holding.
A(2b): Do you understand? Until you get used to the sense of your CAGE, you're even more vulnerable. On top of that, there's no way a single pawn would be able to break through a CAGE produced from activating that many cores...

R: Neene was there that time!
J(2b): Kuh...he's after you guys!
R: Neene canceled out his CAGE and multiplied the power of your Jinki...
R: Which means...my power back then was abnormal...
R: It was...through Neene...
?: Riku...?

R: Tougo...
T: You...
T: Let me take a rest for a bit. I can't even catch my breath with all these tests you're doing.
D: Mu...
T(2b): Wow, this vending machine has drinkable yogurt...really brings back memories. Here!
R: This is mine?! Let me at least pick my own flavor!
T: Who cares? You like it, right?
R: ...I haven't drank this flavor in a while.
T: Oh, really? Well, whatever.
R: ..........this is awkward.
T: So those things...they're called Kanshu?
T: I can't believe monsters like those actually exist...that's crazy.
T: And you're Suraga, the monster-killer, huh? What kinda manga is this?
R: ...are you making fun of me?

T: I'm saying, it's incredible...
R: I'm just...doing what I have to.
T(2b): Trying to be humble? That's not like you...your mouth and your actions have always been opposites.
R: What?! Are you saying you want to call me a liar even now, after all this?!
T: Not that...it's just that ever since you were a kid, you never come out and say the crucial things.
T: Like when you shoplifted that one time.
T: When you and Amane-nee went to return it, you kept on saying how you had done it all yourself.
T: Despite the fact that we were both caught on camera, and it caused even more of an uproar in the end.

T(2b): When you just stay silent like that, it makes it even harder for me to say thanks. Figure it out, dumbass.
T: Thanks...for saving me.
R: OK, OK. You owe me one now.
T: Uwahh! You really piss me off!!

D: Kazama-kun.
T: Ah, alright! I'll be right there!
R: More tests? I don't remember having that many...
T: Apparently my Jinki Core has some kind of scratch or something. They're checking a bunch of stuff I guess.
R: ...Tougo!
R(2b): You seemed pretty quick about deciding to join F.L.A.G....why?
T: I figured I could break through somehow.
T: Maybe change something for the better...
T: That's all!

R: He...doesn't remember, does he?
R: What happened there...

R: Tougo!? What's wrong!?
M: ...he's injured...
M: ...he's suffering...
M: Just wait...I'll give you peace right now...
sfx: purururu!

sfx: purururu
sfx: Purururu
M: ...Time's up...?!
M: Just remember...next time I'll definitely finish this...
M: Definitely.
T: Always keep the Coffin Princess with you, Host...it'll make things...much go much quicker.
T: You'd better do it!
T: Don't ever let her out of your sight...

R: ....ugh!
M: Stop! Don't chase me!
R: I couldn't follow him...
R: I had wounds all over my body...
R: I lost, completely.
R: Four against one...there's no excuse.
R: It's been a while since I remembered...
R: what it feels like to lose...and how painful it is...!

N: Come on, how long are you going to keep crying for?
R: "I'm not crying!"
N: Yes you are!
R: "No I'm not!!"
N: ...yeah, that's the spirit.
N: If it hurts so much you want to cry, then it just means you'll get that much stronger for next time.
R: It reminds me of when I got beat up during my first kendo match.
R: I felt so terrible letting Amane-nee see me cry like that.
R: So I shut up the whiteness of the big clouds into my eyes.

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