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World Embryo 37

World Embryo #37

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 12, 2008 15:59 | Go to World Embryo

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tl by molokidan

N: Ohhhhh!
N: Ocean!
G: What, Nenesuke? Is this your first time at the ocean?
N: No, I saw it on TV before!
F: There's a lot of people here...
T: Really? I think this is a pretty hidden place, though.
K: This isn't how you go to the beach!!
K: There are important rules you have to follow!
F: Komaki...?
K(2b): Alright, everyone in a straight line! Everyone get ready to speak in unison, and then all at once...HIGH JUMP!!

Chapter 37 - Beyond the Ocean (Part 1)
T(far left): ...ocean nazi?
R: What the hell?
R: Seriously...how did things turn out like this...

R: That's right...at the end of the first term...
T: Your grades...
T: have dropped!
R&A: ...yes ma'am.
Box: Case 1: Amami Riku & Arisugawa Rena as well as Kijima Kouta
R: Ahhh...we were tied up with F.L.A.G. at the end of the term...
T: Forgetting the other classes,
T: I won't let you get away with bad grades in my English class!
R: Kanshu extermination, the search for the circuits, and then the battle with Takao, including the meetings and special training...of course my grades have dropped!
T(2b): Are you listening to me, Amami?! Dumb people who wear glasses lose the right to wear them! You glasses faker!!
R: What's with this glasses fantasy of yours?!

K(2b): Aww, come on, Amami, we have to do supplementary classes in the summer! I can't stand it!
R: ...that's it.
M: A special study trip!?
Box: Case 2: Masaki Komaki, Azuma Yui and Tashiro Jun.
R(2b): Ken-chan's house is close to an inn by the beach. Apparently she does it every year. You can take part regardless of your grades, too.
K: Oh, yeah...didn't you go last year too, Kouta...what's wrong?
Y: Wow, the ocean? That sounds nice...
M: We want to go too, right, Yui?!
Y: Eh!? I...
Y: S-sure...
M: OK!? This sounds fun!
Box: But the reality was--

K: Four orders of yakisoba!
K: What, you haven't brought the curry cutlet out yet?!
J: Two orders of miso ramen!
T: What happened to those four Cokes?!
Box: It was worse than Hell!
T: This is how it always is! She nearly worked me to death last time!
J: Why didn't you tell us?!
T: She forced me to keep quiet, or else she'd do "that" to me...
A: "That?!"
K: We were tricked!!
R: Fufu...that's Ken-chan for you. I wouldn't expect any less of her...
J(boxless): You've adapted pretty quickly...
R: More importantly...
S: We'd like to order, Mr. Waiter <3
R: ...why are you here, Shizuru-san?

S: Cuuuz, it's not fair if you get to go to the ocean all by yourself, Ricchan!
N: Grandma took a day off!
R: You left dad alone just to come bug me!?
S: He's looking forward to his souvenir <3
R: Go home!!
R: From the side!?
K: Family or not, customers are customers! How dare you speak to one that way?!
S: Ricchan!?
K: As a punishment, Amami gets no break time!
A: This is totally different from school...
K: As expected from a "woman who, outside of school, is to be priased with all one's might!"
K: Now then, you girls, put these on and go gather some customers from the beach!
A: That doesn't count as a break!!

top text: THIS
M: Come on over to the Beach House Yurika!
M: We're open with a huge service waiting for you!
N: Nee!!
A: What's with these shameless bathing suits!?
K: Ehh? They're cute!
A: I think you've got the wrong word there!
K(2b): Hurry up and come out here, Renapon! Even shy Yui is working hard to attract customers!
A: Don't call me Renapon!!

Y: D-don't call attention to me please, Komaki-chan...
Y: I'm already doing my best trying not to be embarrassed...
J: I'm so glad I came! Aren't you glad, Koutaaaa!?
K: Y-yeah....
K: But she's kinda my childhood friend...so seeing this all of a sudden-gehuh!!
J: You bastard!! You sound like the main character of an adult game or something! You're too priveleged!!
N: Come on, mama!
A: Ah! Wai...
J(2b): Here, we go, Ice in a bikini..this is a rare sight!!

N: Mama, you're so cute!
A: D-don't tease me, Neene!
J&K: Oh......
J: Well...
K: Yeah...yeah?
A: Hey, you too!! Don't sigh like that!!!

S: Maaaama!
A(2b): Eh? Shizuru-sa...you smell like alcohol?!
S: Eheheh~<3 Let me come help you girls out!
S(boxless): Weeeelllcoome!
A(2b): No...I'm begging you...just don't stand next to me, OK?
R: Wow, she looks like she's actually loosening up some...

R(2b): ...how long am I supposed to be cooking yakisoba for, anyway...? Everyone's off playing...
R: Ahh, I'm starting to get dizzy...
R: ...hm?
R: Sensei, we're out of sauce, and there's none left!
K: Huh?
K(2b): Alright, Amami, go buy some! And while you're at it, get this, and this...
R: Uwahhh, this much?! I can't carry all that back!
K: We're back!
K(2b): Ah, okay, I'll hel...guhuhh!!

K: Yui! Why don't you go help him!
Y: Eh? O-okay...
N: Neene's going too!
K: Alright, I'm counting on you three! Here's where the store is.
R: Uwahh! That's far!!
K: Come back safely!
K: What was that about?
K: Well, if my intuition is correct...understand?

R: Er...which way is it again?
Y: Ah, Amami-kun, hold on a minute.
R: Wow, these new cell phones really are convenient.
R(boxless): A GPS?!
Y: Haha, Amami-kun, you're like an old man!
R: Ah...my cell phone's really old...all I can do is text message!
Y: It's got a lot of scratches on it...aren't you going to trade it in for a new one?

R: Hm..ah.
R: But this one...is kinda special.
R: Hm?
Y: Ah...er...
Y(2b): So it's important...that's good...I don't have anything like that, though...
R: It's probably better that way, though. Having attachments to things can be a burden, you know...
Y: That's not true!

Y: You know...important attachments that you can't say to anyone else?
Y: I always thought it'd be nice...to have someone to share those with...you know?
sfx: doki...
R: That's right...someone you can share secrets with...
R: means having someone you don't have to lie to...
Y: Amami-kun...uh...I...Amami-kun...
R: Eh?

R: What did you
N: Papa!
P: What's that?
R: Ahh, it's part of the summer festival. Ken-chan said it's starting tomorrow.
N: Festival?!
R: I hear the fireworks are really something.
Y: Let's go see them together.
N: Yaaay!
R: Ah, sorry. What did you say?
Y: Ah, er...nothing!

A: Sorry for making you wait! Here's your meat spaghetti and iced coffee!
C: Can I order?
A: Y-yes!
A: Ah, welco...
R: Sorry we took so long!
K: Welcome back! Wow, you three look like such good friends!
N: Yui bought me a popsicle!

K: You two look like her real parents!
Y: K-Komaki-chan?!
K: You're very motherly, Yui!
S: Ah! I-I won't give up the seat of mother any more than this!!
K: Shizuru-san...
K: Arisugawa! Amami's back so you can take a break now!
A: ...OK.
R: Thanks for covering for me. I'll be right there...
A: I'll be right back.
R: What's with her?

sfx: pasha! x3
A: This is the best way to calm down...
A: I'm glad I brought Master's camera...
A: I don't feel like an adult.

A: What were they being all noisy for?
A: It doesn't matter.
N: Mama!
A: This is...

A: a ferry...
A: Was it disposed and just left here...?
A: No, it seems like the pier itself isn't being used anymore.
A: In such a...
A: busy place like this?

A: What
A: is this?

A: These are memories...
A: I know this...
A: I know it!
A: Beyond this...is...

?: Did you find Arisugawa?
R: No, she won't answer her phone either.
?: We're about to start the barbecque! Hurry up!
R: OK, OK.
R: This happens all the time, but I wish she'd be a bit more cooperative...
R: Wanna go back, Neene? You're hungry, right?
N: Mama's...over there.
N: She fell down.

N: Arisugawaaaa!!!
K: Hey, are you alright?!
R: She's fine, just asleep.
K: Huh!? Man, you had me worried!
K: Where was she?
R: By that ferry.

K: What is this?
R: Eh?
K: Since when has this been here?
K: No...wait a minute...
K: Since when has there been a ferry pier in this town?
R: Eh, sensei, what are you...
N: Papa!
N: Sensei's...forgetting.
R: The Kanshu's...memory lapse?!

N: Could it be...someone you know was...!?
N: No.
K: Guh...
N: She didn't forget a person...
N: She forgot HERE!

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