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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Hunter x Hunter 1

Hunter x Hunter 261. Break-In[1]

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 16, 2007 19:27 | Go to Hunter x Hunter

-> RTS Page for Hunter x Hunter 1

(Note: A conservative translation, only for use by nexgear scans.)


tl by molokidan

Red text: The break-in!!
N: The closer the door is...
N: the closer it will take us to the throne room.
M: OK!
M: It's unanimous then.
M: We'll all head through the closest one,
M: And then break in through those stairs!!

Green bar at top: Invasion Squad #1 (VS Montutyupi)
names are all their respective names:
Red box 1: You...
Red Box 2: Everyone...

Smaller red box above title: "Will continue from here on for ten weeks!"

05-2) (The second half of the color cover page)
Red Box 3: And finally, me..
Red Box 4: We've been waiting for this moment!

yellow sfx: Chapo
H: Ahhh...Leol-sama complimented me, so I guess it's alright, but...
H: Removing nen is really tough on me!

small text next to Hina: I look like the queen...
H: Depending on what the opponent's power is, my stomach will grow bigger as a result...
Circle line: Hina - Leol Troop Captain
H: Women's figures are serious business!
sfx: hoh hoh
H: I deserve more prizes from Leol-sama,
H: don't you think?
Circle line: Shidore - Leol Troop Task Soldier
H: I know it's rare for lower soldiers to understand words, which makes them convenient, but...
H: Can't you just...
H: Go along with what I'm saying a little more?
?: Once I find "that person", I don't care if they're shot immediately!
?: Being a foreigner, she'd stand out in a line of civilians!

circle line: Bizef - East Goruto Secretary of State
B: Shit!! Shit!! What could that woman's goal be...
B: Hello, hello? It's me! That "person" I told you about is...
?: Oi!!
Circle line: Welfine - Former Tactician Squad Captain for the Queen
B: I'll call back later...
B: Yes!
W: How many times have I told you not to use your cell phone in here?
W: Those electromagnetic waves shoot right into my ears and give me a terrible headache...
W: And I don't even know what you're talking about...
W: Next time I catch you with that, I'm going to crush it to pieces.
B: Er...umm...but I'm always using it to deal with very important matters regarding quick

B: Please, you must have some mercy on me...
W: Hmph!

W: So searching for an escaped woman is important business to you?
W: How about I just go and find her for you...?
B: Re...
B: Really?!
W: I have a great nose, for a number of reasons...
W: If you have something that woman's body touched, I should be able to trail it.
W: Your work is being recognized by the Royal Guard, so I value that.
B: Well, it's just give-and-take, right? It'll be good for both of us...
B: Alright! I'm going to be counting on you!
B: If you find her, bring her to me in secrecy!!
W: Kukuku...I'll become King from the shadows...
W: But in order for that to happen, the one who must decay is not the King, but Bizef!
?: Welfine-sama, there has been warning. Your presence is necessary.
W: Tch...this signal from those lower-class soldiers also hurts my ears...
W: They talk like babies, and there isn't even a real point to their messages...

W: This smells like Taragettei's blood...
SFX: Kun...
W: The blood's coagulated all over his shoes...could it have been an intruder?
W: If his footprints are here, I can only fear that the intruder has somehow made it deeper

into the palace...
W: But disposing of the shoes should have been his priority...was he pressed for time?
W: The mud on these shoes looks like it's from the rainy day last week...
W: I don't know where Taragette is now...the date and time doesn't match....
W: There's no mistaking it -- the intruder must have gotten rid of some of it himself.
W: But the fact that Taragette's seemingly been disposed of...
W: The intruder must have taken him somewhere and left his shoes behind.
W: There isn't any blood in the surrounding area...he was wrapped up in something here and

transported...which means that there must have been some implement prepared ahead of

W: Was the mission to kidnap a soldier..? But why him..? Shit...I don't get it.
W: Should I enlist the help of Shauapufu...? No...
W: I'll just go and take care of this myself.

W: As I thought, he really was heading deeper into the palace...
W: This is more important than Bizef's woman!
W: You two follow me!
?: Sir!
Circle line: (right) Maenore - Fighter of Welfine's Troop
Circle line: (left) Inzagi - Fighter of Welfine's Troop
?: Brou!!

Circle line: Brouda - Former Captain of the Queen's Guard
B: Jitow, huh?
?: Oh, so you really were around, huh?
J: I've just been busy getting accustomed to my new technique...
J: Although I've finally mastered it!
?: A new technique?
Circle line: Jitow - Former Captain of the Queen's Guard
J: It's name:
J: "Monroe Walk!"
?: Pfft!
?: Well, do your best, I guess.
J: What's with that reaction?!
J: Hey, come on, listen to me a little! It's so awesome!!

G: He never even...
G: told me his name...
G: I hope we play soon...

K: What...
K: am I...?
K: A King without a name.
K: A castle I borrowed.
K: All those congregated below me...
K: Are dolls without conciousness.
K: Kukku...
K: Kukkukku!
K: If this is....
K: truly the destiny placed upon me...
K: Then...

Despite such boredom, I will not reject it,
and continue without any hesitation!

K: Do not follow me.
M: Yes....
M: But...
K: Don't make me tell you again.
N: Nyahaha!
N: Now everyone's been hit by the King at least once.
N: ?
N: Coming this way...?

M: The King said your "en" is annoying.
N: Ni?!
N: I had a feeling he'd say that....
N: But in order to keep a vigiliant watch, I can't just stop-nya...
M: Well, do as you wish.
M: But I don't want to get hit again.
N: How about this?
N: I will block my aura from the King in a spherical fashion.
N: With this, the feeling of my presence should weaken.
K: Are you telling me not to move?
K: If I move within that area that is free of your "en," there should be no way for you to know

from such a distance.
K: In other words, it would be impossible for you to keep blocking your aura from me in a

circle like that, if you have no idea where I'm going.

K: And I believe it is out of the question that you could follow me simply with your eyes.
N: Yes.
N: I was merely considering the point of surveillance.
K: But in that case, even though I would not have to worry about your presence anymore, I

could still only move within that sphere.
K: Are you truly asking me to communicate every detail to you in order to move?
N: I have no reply.
K: Only use your "en" to survey the outer rim of the palace.
K: You must control yourself until tomorrow's selection.
K: Still unsatisfied? Surveillance outside the palace should be more than enough for you to

K: Or are you saying there's an intruder within our midst?
K: If that's the case, using your "en" to catch intruders would be like trying to collect water in

a strainer!
K: Am I wrong!?
N: It is as your majesty says.
N: If I were to limit my "en" merely to the outside of the palace, it would disallow me to sense

if the intruders were to enter from underground.
N: And it is not the type of ability that could automatically sense whether there is an intruder

already within the palace.

K: ...Is that what Komugi told you?
N: No.
N: There are still 11 soldiers* remaining within the palace,
N: who are all free to enter and leave as a general rule.
* Line: Including Leol, Flutter, and Taragette.
N: Whenever someone enters, of course I check to see who they are,
N: However, for the sake of the argument, it would be very hard for me to discern whether or

not they were being used by the enemy to gain access.
N: Additionally...
K: Enough!
K: You can extend your "en" to the first floor only!! With that, you should be able to catch

intruders coming from underground!
K: Tell no one to come to the second floor or above!! If anyone suspicious at all comes up

here, I will destroy them myself!!
K: The same goes for you three, unless I order you myself!!
K: If an intruder appears up here, I will hold you personally responsible!
S: The other ants were originally banned from the second floor and above, so everything

should be alright.
M: Where should I go, then?
S: The central staircase that connects the first floor to the second...
S: If the intruders were to come in from the underground, I think that would be the easiest

way to break in.

M: But regardless, the King has certainly been in ill humor lately.
M: It seems like losing at Gungi is truly painful for him.
N: Nya.
S: The root of his irritation...perhaps my prediction was correct.
S: My ability..."Spiritual Message" should be able to confirm the truth.
S: But to the King, it would become the greatest insult...
S: No...that's merely an be honest, I'm just frightened.
Black text: The trembling tyrant...
S: What is growing inside the King right now...
S: is giving me a limitless sense of anxiety and fear that I cannot stand..

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