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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Hunter x Hunter 2

Hunter x Hunter 262. Break-In[2]

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 16, 2007 19:34 | Go to Hunter x Hunter

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tl by molokidan

Top 2 black lines: Invasion! Assault!
Morau: Seven minutes left..
Bottom 3: Battle! Resolve! Decision!

M: When we get down to one minute, I'll give a call, so everyone please gather at the door.
M: Until then I want each of you on standby, alert as much as possible.
No. 262 Break In(2)
White text: Tension rises as seconds tick away...

K: Meleoron, about your ability..
M: I know.
M: One shoulder tap ten minutes before I can take a breather, right?
M: Then once more before I start to hold my breath again!
K: You don't have to overdo it, you know. What I mean is, allow yourself enough time so that

you can give your undivided attention to holding your breath.
K: In the time when you aren't invoking "God's Accomplice," just leave everything to me.
K: Why don't you just relax and have a smoke?
M: If you underestimate their sense of smell, they'll take your life in one shot, you know?
M: Tracking us by the lingering scent of the cigarette would be a piece of cake to them.
M: I wouldn't even be surprised if they knocked us out the first time I held my breath.
K: Once the boss gives the signal and spreads his smokescreen, it should be fine.
M: I guess, but...
M: I'd like to take as few risks as possible here.
M: I don't want to have any regrets, after all.

N: The Royal Guards have moved a little.
N: The three of them gathered above the front gate and were talking about something.
N: Pitou stayed there, Yupi went inside, and Pufu scattered into the sky and went back.
N: I don't think anything special has happened.
N: If they move again, I'll let you know.
M: OK.
M: It doesn't matter if we're about to leave, just please tell us all you can.
K: Now I guess that "Royal Guards Aren't in the Palace" pattern is almost gone.
G: Not completely, though!
J: It's a 100% chance that the King will be close to them.
K: You're going a little far!! If you aren't prepared for other situations, then you won't be able

to move when they happen!
J: You're just saying that because you don't know about their truly loyalty!! There's no way

those other scenarios would happen!!
J: If the King's there, his aides will definitely be at his side!!
K: It's alright if you think that, but you also have to consider different scenarios as well!!
J: Be a little more detailed about these "different scenarios" of yours!!
K: So if this happened, then that happened, wouldn't that be dangerous?!
J: That's totally unrealistic!!
S: Geez....
S: How can they be arguing at such a cruical moment like this...

M: What we should be talking about...
M: is the women.
M: The King's only goal is to propogate, correct? I had my doubts about what the King was

doing in the palace before, but...
M: Attempting to conceive! That must be it!!
Ki: I get it...
Kn: If that's the case, then there would be a possibility for the King to push the Royal Guards

away from his bedroom.
Kn: Could it be, then, that Bizef was supplying women for the King himself?
White: Ah!
White: Palm...
White: and the King....!?

M: ...This doesn't change our plans at all...!
M: No matter...what kind of condition Palm happens to be in.
Ki: I don't think Gon gets it...
K: It's a good thing I realized that before we went in...
S: If he suddenly burst into that kind of scene, he'd definitely freeze up...
Ki: Got it? No matter how much you think, there's no way to overthink this.
Ki: There's a limitless amount of possible outcomes you haven't thought of yet!
Ki: But...I'm still stuck on something...
Ki: ..Gon!!
G: Hm!?
Ki: Do you understand? Leave Palm alone!
Ki: Whatever happens, we have to get Pitou alone!
Ki: It's really bugging me...whether or not it's a woman, it definitely feels like there's a third

person there...
Ki: Not only that...but this fuzzy feeling...
Ki: There must be an answer...!
Ki: Why would the King...
Ki: purposefully hurt himself?

K: Hold on, that's all just your inference, isn't it?
Ki: Yeah...
Ki: But I've realized that I just can't stop thinking about it.
K: You do realize that you're contradicting yourself, right?
K: Earlier, you said there's a limitless amount of possible outcomes.
K: Following that logic, the reason that Pitou released her "en" is probably something we

couldn't even figure out.
Ki: I know that, but...
Ki: it's still really bugging me.
S: There's three minutes left until we move.
S: Is there even any value to thinking about that at this point?
Ki: Ahh...
M: Hmm...let's think.
M: When would a person have to hurt themselves?
G: When...
G: you cannot forgive yourself.

W: Tch!
W: Because of the rain, the scent's been erased.
W: The intruder's route...
Tiny tiny text: Taragette
W: is like this...!
W: He didn't hide himself and try to go to the second floor...
W: At any rate, without going deeper or up into the castle, he left.
W: What happened to make him give up like that...? Or did he already achieve his goal?
W: No...he must have used some kind of ability...

Y: Yo.
Y: I thought I might as well tell you.
Y: If you guys go up to the second floor, the King will seriously kill you.
Y: Go make sure anyone else in the palace knows that.
W: Sir!
W: ....Wings!! What if the intruder had some ability that allowed him to fly over the palace?
W: The scent and those shoes must have been a trap!! He might have floated in midair and

gone up to the second floor...!!
W: The intruder must still be in the palace!
W(speaking): Master Yupi.
W: Not only that, but upstairs!!
W:, wait a second.
W: Pitou should still have her "en" spread around the second floor. If he actually went up

there, he should have been caught by now!!
W: Er...
W: My apologies, nevermind.

W: That can't be it!! But then why?! Why would the intruder have come to the bottom of the

stairs in the first place!?
W: Master Yupi!!
Y: Huh!?
Y: Now what is it!?
W: Has Master Pitou shut off her "en" at all?
W: From the rainy day!! One week ago!!
Y: Huh? Didn't you know?
Y: It's been really crazy lately...the King ripped off his own arm.
Y: In order to let Pitou heal him, Pufu stood in and used his "en" instead.
W: And what exactly is the range of Master Pufu's "en?"
Y: What the hell? How would I know! It's probably just the same as Pitou's!
W: No, that can't be...! Pitou's "en" comes all the way to the bottom of this staircase!!
W: The intruder must have sensed her aura, and given up on going to the second floor...! That

much must be true.
W: The two problems now is the intruder's goal, and if he's still hiding somewhere around here!!
W: Should I be telling Yupi this...?
W: No...I shouldn't.

W: If I let this single-celled organism know, all he'll report to the other two is my name.
Y: (sfx) Yawwwn...
W: If I must report it, then I'd rather it be to Pitou or Pufu...although Pufu would be best.
W: Moreover, between these two problems, there's one thing I need to do...
W: It's necessary that I clearly figure out what the intruder's goal is!
W: If not, then my report will basically become "An intruder was lucky enough to make it all

the way to the interior, but got frightened by Pufu's "en" and left."
W: If I leave it at just that, there'll be no merit to the story at all!
W: I could just make up the intruder's purpose myself, but then if we catch him later, they'll

realize I lied.
W: If I give them a report full of insinuations and waste their time without even catching the

intruder, I'll just be making a bad impression...
W: Tch!
W: This noise ringing through my head...!! Bizef's on his cell phone again!!
W: I just got...
W: a good idea!!

W: --So basically, the intruder swept away my underlings.
W: He was able to find a way through the Royal Guards' surveillance.
W: According to Leol, it seems like he has some sort of teleportation skill.
W: And I also fear that woman is one of his allies!! They must have teleported out together.
B: Mumu...
W: I'll just make sure Leol plays along with this later.
W: Well, don't worry, we'll keep quiet about the woman.
B: Shit..but why are you telling me all this?
W: Ahh, yes, that's the problem.
W: You see, I've seen through their goals!!
B: What?
W: Their plan to blow up the palace!!
W: Lies. (Haha)

B: Wha...
W: When I was looking for the woman, I happened to find this.
W: A cord that was attached to a special timing device!
W: Now you must hurry, to the Royal Guards--
B: Wait!!
W: Don't worry.
W: Tell them that you're the one that found the bomb, and everything should be OK, right?
B: M...
B: Me!?
B: What are you saying, so calmly like that?!
W: If this place blows up because of your hestiation, what will you do then?!
W: Calmly think about it from the intruder's perspective.
W: He's surely thinking something like "As long as it blows up while the King's inside the

palace..." right?
W: And when will that be?
W: When all the citizens are gathered up! In other words, right after the tournament starts!
W: A magnificent view looking down on 5,000,000 people!!
W: It's natural that the enemy's expecting him to be there, thinking "a King would never forfeit

such a grand view to a fake!"
B: You're right....
B: Standing next to generals, I've seen this countless times...

B: Completely different from sex...
B: an undescribable...
B: feeling of pleasure!!
W: There's over half a day until it begins.
W: If we retrace his foosteps with the help of my nose it should be easy to find the bomb.
W: Relaying such important information to the Royal Guards will definitely leave a good

impression on them for both of us.
W: Even Master Pufu, who's never thought of your existence with interest...
W: Once the King becomes indebted to you, he'll be thanking you profusely.
B: You're're right!
W: Once we find the bomb, we'll let them know immediately. We should be able to find it in

about 2-3 hours.
W: I'll leave figuring out the bomb disposal team to you.
B: Yes, I'll take care of it.
B: And I'll surely repay you for all you've done, so please wait patiently.
W: Hmph....looks like this coward's finally calmed down a bit.
W: Everything should be fine as long as I keep him feeling good about himself.
W: And as long as I can suck in the leader of the bomb defusal team, there'll be no problems.
W: That way, it won't even matter where the bomb is supposedly hidden.

W: Only my nose knows the intruder's true route!! They have no way of verifying anything...!!
W: Construction has begun....soon, slowly but surely, my position as the King in the shadows...
M: When you can't forgive yourself, huh?
M: That's valid reasoning.
M: However, the character of the King that we're going to encounter from this point...
M: isn't that of an inhuman tyrant, but a prideful statesman.
K: That's true.
M: He won't run from pain in order to preserve his pride...which means one thing.

M: In my experience, people like that...
M: will not respond to meaningless persuasion!!
M: He won't give in unless his mind does too..and the Royal Guards will be the same!
M: Be prepared for no other choice but to fight!!
Ki: Morau's done a good job of putting things in order.

Ki: But something's wrong.
Ki: The King's self-inflicted pain and that third existence...
Ki: I still can't spin a correct answer out from that hypothesis. But I have a feeling...
Ki: That the exceptional nature of such an answer, at the very worst, could throw all our plans

into chaos.
M: It's time.
K: Shit...
K: There's no time...
M: One minute till we break in.

M: Everyone gather up.
M: I'll start counting when we get down to ten seconds.
M: Let's go, you guys.

M: Tighten your stomachs!!!
Box: Approximately two minutes before Morau's shout...
Side box: Chaos...
Bottom box 1: High up in the sky over the Republic of East Goruto, from the back of a giant

Bottom box 2: Two men jumped downwards.

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