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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

World Embryo 38

World Embryo #38

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 13, 2008 04:55 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 38


tl by molokidan

H: What's truly been erased isn't the Kurigahama Ferry pier,
H: but what lies beyond it...
H: "Hatsumi Island!"
S: Did the Kanshu do this!? But since when...?!
J: So it's possible to forget places too!?
H(2b): After investigating, I found that the transport log abruptly ended one day about seven years ago. At roughly the same time, communications, the distribution of goods, and all other infrastructure all came to a stop.
H: In other words, since all the inhabitants of the island were forgotten, my hypothesis is that all of the systems attached to that island were also forgotten in turn.
J: ...hey, seven years ago...!
H: Yes...when the first Kanshu outbreak was recorded.

Chapter 38 - Beyond the Ocean (Part 2)

H(3b): Whatever kind of state this isolated island is in now...it's too much for just us to handle alone. Tomorrow, the HQ team to arrive and then begin a full investigation of Hatsumi Island. Until then, we must wait.
C: ...which means...
R: Wah!?
R: The same pattern again!?!?
T: Huh? You mean this branch office can't do anything on its own?
T: Isn't that kinda lame?
C: Well, my, my!
J: I see, I see...
T: Huh?

J: Rookies these days really don't know how to speak to their superiors, do they?!
T: Wha...
C: I guess we have no choice but to educate him, big brother <3
T(2b): Hey, wai....OGYAAAAAAHHH!
R: Man, he just has a knack for making enemies out of people...
R: Alright, I'm going back now. I left in secret without telling anyone....
H: Yes, you'd better. F.L.A.G.'s activities are not to be made public, so be extra careful that we are not seen.
S: See you later!
R: ...Yeah, I hope not...
R: Tsukishiro-san and the others met Neene once.
R: If that happens again...there will be trouble!

Y: Welcome back...
R: I'm back!
K:You're lame, Amami-kun!
J: What, were you out trying to pick up girls or something?
R: S-sorry!
N: Huh? Where's Neene?
K(2b): She went with Shizuru-san to Kenmochi-sensei's house...by the way, Amami-kun,
K: Who are these people? (Were you really picking up girls?)
R(2b): eh....wahhhh!!
S: Hello!
Signs about Riku's head: KEEP IT A SECRET FROM EVERYONE

R(2b): What happened to being careful?! Ummm..."they're my co-workers"..
S: The home help service, "Tsukishiro Life Care!"
S: We're on duty all year round, 24/7! <3
K: A welfare agency? Wow, so that's your job? (Must be busy!)
R(2b): "Yeah, sorta..." What the hell?!
S: Don't get mad! It's our office's public identity. I'm the representative!
H: Sorry. I just want to check for a moment...
H: on the Lost Rebound who's progress and physical condition have both deteriorated....Arisugawa-kun.
R: "...Arisugawa just has a summer cold..."

K: Knock knock!
A: ...Masaki-san.
K: How are you feeling?
A: I'm fine. I appreciate your consideration.
K: Oh, good! So that means you can come to the festival with us, then? Oh yeah, that's right. You have a visitor, Renapon.
R(2b): Eh...from work? ...Ah. Understood. I will be right there.
K: That's crazy! You work at the same place as Amami-kun...
A: Ah...
K: *cough*
K: ...is it OK to ask? About Amami-kun and Renapo...Arisugawa-san....

K: ...anyway,
K: The shop's closed for today, so you can all go play at the festival. Happy?
K: We're freed slaves! HOORAY!!
K: Show some more respect, dammit!!
K: Owwww!
S: Be careful! The doctor couldn't even figure out what's wrong, so you should really just get some rest...
K: Dammit! This time of year is the busiest, too!!
C: ...well?
H: ...her symptoms look rather light. I don't think there's anything to worry about.
H: The symptoms of a "Lost Rebound" come from the pain of the contradictions of one's mind and reality.
H: The reason it isn't severe is probably due to the fact that that which has been lost wasn't particularly "heavy"...she's quite fortunate.

C: Ah? It's Arisu-san!
C: Are you OK?
A: Yes. There is nothing keeping me from working.
C: Work?? There's no work to be done today, so hurry up and change into your yukata!
A: Eh? O-okay...
H: Swimsuits, huh...
H: Looks like she's fine. Let's go.
S: OK!
N: Papa? What's wrong?
R: "Nothing"...
R: More importantly, it looks like the festival's gonna start, huh?
N: Yeah!

S: Wahh! So many people...
J: Shizuru-san's yukata looks so nice...
Y: You should have worn your yukatas too, boys...
K: No way! It doesn't look cool.
R: If you let go, you'll get lost!
N: Ne! I'll hold on tightly!
S: It's too bad sensei and Rena-chan couldn't come!
R: Well, Arisugawa said she'd nurse her back to health...
K: I didn't think another chance would come so soon...Yui!

N: Papa, what's that!? The fluffy thingie!
R: It's cotton candy. Want some?
N: That, that, that!
R: Wanna try and fish a goldfish?
?: You're so sweet, Ricchan...
N: Hey, what's that!?
J(2b): BINGOOOO!! Six in a row, baby! You bette get ready for your punishment, rookie!!!
T: Shut the hell up! This is when I make my miracle comeback!!
C: Oh my, oh my, everyone!
C(2b): Ah, hello again. Good evening!
C(2b): Oh my! Riku's high school friends? ...and you are?
Y: ...huh?

Y: Amami-kun already left...
K: Why didn't you stop him?!
Y: S-sorry...
K: Awww, the plan's a failure now!! This was such a great chance, too...
K: Come on, Yui...at this rate it doesn't matter how long you act free...
Y: Komaki-chan...
Y: Um...
Y: What are you talking about?
N: Uuuuu~! Papa and fireworks~!

S: There's no choice, papa, already went back, and you still want to see more of the festival, right, Neene-chan?
N: Uuuu...I wanna do both!! I wanna go to the festival together and see fireworks together!
S: But it'll be bad if you're seen, so...
N: Why?
N: Why can't I be seen?
S(2b): They saw her when she was a baby? Eh? Really? Then it'll be bad if they find her again...
S: That's why we should split up! I'm going back...

N: Grandma...?
S: You're right...there's nothing wrong with you being seen.
S: You haven't done anything wrong, Neene-chan.
S: You grow too fast, and look different from a normal human...but it's not your fault.
S: Yet...you must live in a way that keeps you from the eye of the public.
S: Just how much longer...must we keep lying...
S: Ricchan...
R: Uwahh! The fireworks started!

R: Arisugawa...?
A: Amami Riku...? Why are you...alone?
R: And you, what happened to nursing sensei?
A: She finally fell asleep just a bit ago...so...

K: Renapo...Arisugawa-san, what do you think of Amami-kun?
K: Ah...it's not me. It's just, a friend kinda likes him...
K: I just thought I'd ask for her.
K: Can you...tell me? Are you going out?
R: Arisugawa?
K: Do you like him? Dislike him?
R: Arisugawa? What's wrong, do you still feel weird?
A: Q-q-quiet! I'm not thinking about anything!
R: Huh? Your face is all red...you still must be sick...
A(2b): It's not that...don't come any closer...ahh...

A: Kyaa!!
R: Arisugawa!!
A: Oww...!
R: Are you alright?!
A(2b): This is nothing....aguhh!
R: What are you saying?! Let me see that!
A: Ah...
R: Ahhh, I think you twisted it...
A: ...u...

R(2b): T-this is really weird...when you act all shy like that, it's like you're a completely different person.
A: ...I see...
A: A different person...huh...
A: That's probably because...I remembered a little.
R: Your memories!?
A(2b): I wonder...if those are really "my" memories...? Anyway, I saw them.
A: I know that boat.
A: And I know where it goes.

A: Across that ocean...to my hometown.
R: Hatsumi Island...!?

R: That's it...
R: That's it!
R: Good!
R: Tomorrow if you join the HQ, you'll probably be able to find some clues to your past...
R: What's wrong?
A: Is that the right thing to do...? I don't know...
A: One day, I was suddenly emptied and tossed out into the world. That's the "me" of right now.
A(2b): So that I could truly recognize that, I studied hard, in order to replace my lost knowledge and quickly join the ranks of everyday people...
A: Finally I was able to go to school.
A: I thought I had somehow caught up.
A: And yet...suddenly, these clues from my past appear.
A: ...I'm frightened.
A: If my memories return, what will happen to the "me" now? Those empty days, that seem like they might be crushed by the uneasiness?

A: Those days, when my Master alone was my whole world...will it all be nullified?
R: Suddenly I understood,
R: the real reason she covered for me that day.
R: She saw Neene as the previous version of herself!
R: I wonder what kind of person that Master of hers was? Either way, he isn't with her now...
R: She's all
R: alone...

R: That's right...knowing is scary.
R: If you know...then the space you've had to imagine how you wish it was will probably disappear.
R: 99% of it is impossible, but the remaing 1%...that hope might...
R: But if you close your ears, then it will never reach you.
R: Reality is always cruel, and never merciful.
R: That's why you imagine that reality, which you still can't see, to be something unmerciful and cruel.
R: But that isn't necessarily the case.
R: That 1% you've clung to might really come true!
R: After all is sad and done, there's got to be something that you can say "I'm glad" about.
N: Ah...
R: Like Neene...

N: Remember what we said before? We're partners in crime, who share a "secret."
N: I know that you don't have memories.
N: Even if you forget...I'll remember.
N: Didn't he say that...?
N: That's the way the world works.
R: H-hey, take it easy...
R: Ah...

R: A...Arisu...
A: ...telling it all second-hand like that...
A: Gimme a break...

A: That's so like you...

N: Papa...
S(2b): There she is, Neene-chan! It's dangerous to climb there!
R: Ah...Shizuru-san and Neene...and Masaki-san?
K(2b): Ah, Amami-kun, Arisugawa-san! Sorry, uh...am I interrupting anything?

K: Um...did you see Yui?
R: Azuma-san? No, I haven't...
R: ...did something happen?
K: Ah...erm...
K: Well....sorta.
R: Should...I go look for her?
K(2b): Eh!? ...ah, um...it's OK. I'll look by myself...
K: Splitting up is the best thing to do, right? If I find her, I'll call you.
R: Shizuru-san, take a look at Arisugawa! Be good, Neene!
S: Uh? Ok...
N: Papa...!
K: Amane-kun...
R: Man, it's so crowded...
Y: ...Amami-kun?

Y: What's wrong, Amami-kun...
Y: Ah...er...(oh no)
Y: ...Komaki-chan, huh?
Y: Ah, well...um...
R(2b): She was making a really serious face and looking for you. Did something happen?
R: ...will you come back, at least?
Y: ...OK.
Y: ...if I don't ask you now, I feel like the chance will slip away.
Y: So...I'm going to ask you...
Y: Tell me...

Y: Amami-kun...you're...Suraga, right?

K: No problems, right?
?(2b): I've confirmed the latitude and longtiude many times over. Without a doubt, the place indicated on the map seven years ago is right here.
K: ...What in the world...
?: We are...right above Hatsumi Island.

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