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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

World Embryo 39

World Embryo #39

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 14, 2008 04:21 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 39


tl by molokidan

R: It's always sudden like this, isn't it?
D: It's hard keeping control over my workers...and I had to help out at a laboratory recently, so it just isn't the time to be resting.
R: So the next time you'll be home is December?
D: I'll bring home a christmas present for Neene.
D: But how come the only person to come see me off was this seedy-looking glasses-wearing guy...
R: Shut up, you wear them too! You told us too late that you were coming back, so Shizuru-san's busy too!
D: She didn't finish her breakfast this morning.
R: ...she was wondering whether or not she's suffering from summer exhaustion.
R: Ever since coming back from the beach, she hasn't felt well...

D: ...Riku!
D: I believe there will be much hardship waiting for Neene from this point on.
D: I can't even give you a promise that I'll be able to protect everyone 100% on my own...
D: However...I believe that "fever" is the key to getting through problems.
D: Words are power.
D: And words tied together with "fever" have the power to move people.
D: If you ever run into any trouble...and want to change the situation, then use that fever.
D(2b): If you do that, I guarantee that there will be someone who is moved...as long as those words are genuine, that is...

R: ...he really did see right through me...
R: So indirect...so like him...

Chapter 39 - I Know

R: ...you're exactly right...something kinda dangerous has happened...

New Company Building, Tower 4

?: Link released! Firing test complete!

T: Buwahh! That was a pain in the ass!
H: Good work.
C: Some pose, as usual.
T: S-shut up! You don't think I'm embarassed wearing this thing?
?: Kazama-kun has no choice, in his case.
?(2b): Since his Jinki core is damaged, he can't fully materialize his "Blade." That's why WE prepared a new "Blade" for him.
H: Supervisor Sakomizu!
J: I'm surprised to know you guys can do scientific support like that!
S: The Active Bunker is the first weapon we've ever created for a Jinki User with a CAGE to equip.
Boxless: It weighs 120kg...still too early for a public release!
S(2b): But our research on cores is slowly continuing...in the near future, we might be able to answer the question "What is a Jinki Core?" itself! Until then, Kazama-kun, you're our guinea pig.
K: Ugehhh!

C: That's right...have you found any new Jinki Users?
H: It seems that they've managed to narrow down the number of people involved. However, it isn't until they're absolutely positive that they will send a scout team out.
H: One concerned party, however...is missing. Belongings and clothes were found in a back alley in Adachi-ku.
H(2b): After checking the cell phone's history, it appears that this happened 2 and a half months ago. That person was probably vaporized just like a Kanshu...it was probably the work of Takao.
T(2b): Ah...he said "second"...that means that he already...!?
A: Sorry I'm late!!
C(2b): It's about time! You really haven't been too energetic ever since returning from the beach, have you?
A: ...Yes.

C: Arisu-san, you....
H: Alright, alright.
R: She probably can't help feeling down...
R: Just when she thought she'd recover her past...
R: There was absolutely no trace of the island...!
K: Using a satellite and a large-scale survey ship, we investigated the ocean floor and discovered that roughly 20 km around where Hatsumi Island was supposed to be, there was a large crater dug into the seabed.
K: As the inhabitants in the vicinity are experiencing symptoms of Lost Rebound, it's plain to see that this is somehow connected to the Kanshu.

K: There is no precedent for something like this...
T(2b): ...oh really? Don't you remember? Two years ago, at the Kazama Hospital.
T: Wasn't there a large ball of light sighted on the mountain behind it?
T: Additionally...lately...
T: Kanshu!!
G: Target A Appearance Confirmed! Target A Appearance Confirmed!
G: The site is Arai in Nakano-ku. There are currently 6 confirmed targets!
?: Hurry!
G: The Special Duty Force along with the Special Investigations Branch Office have been ordered to meet up and erase the targets!
J: Oh!? Us too!?

J: Let's go!
C: Oh~! <3
T: Hey, what about me!? When am I gonna be allowed to fight for real!?
S: You're not ready yet!
J: We'll tell you all about it as a souvenir! HAHAHA!
sfx: bububububu
S(2b): Ah, Chairwoman...ah, the island? It will take a bit more time for the results...
S: Understood...
sfx: pih!
S: ...aw, man. Looks like things are going to get busy again.

J: Hey, Hayato! Mission complete!
H: Good work! Let the Disposal Unit take care of the rest.
H: Don't let your guard down, though, and be careful that you aren't noticed by the public.
J: Yeah, I got it! Right when the Kanshu's memory lapse control disappears is the most dangerous time, right?
J: Huh? What's wrong, kid?
R: Uh, let's say...a Jinki User had his or her identity known by someone, then what do they do?
H: Ah...worst case scenario, we protect the witness and then have their memory altered by the HQ.
R: Altered...you can actually do that?!
H: I guess...according to the Technology Supervisor it's the result of having researched Jinki Cores.

H: The truth is...it was because you and Youhei made contact at the hospital that we decided to take you back to the HQ.
H: Fate works in mysterious ways.
R: The HQ...
R: This is bad...
R: She knows about Neene too...if I take her there, and she talks too much...
R: I can't trust F.L.A.G...!
J: Something wrong, kid?
R: "Nope."

R: Amami-kun...you're Suraga, right?
Y: That day...you saved me from the monsters, didn't you?
Y: I was hiding in the locker...I knew I had to help Neene-chan...
Y: You got really hurt fighting...and then Neene-chan started glowing...
R: Agatsuma-san's...memories returned!?

[T/L Note: Normally the kanji for her name are read Azuma, but apparently she has a really unusual reading and the author decided not to let us know until now for some reason...]

R: How!? Why...
R: ...ah!?
R: The core...!?
R: What should I do...?
R: ...I got it.
Y: I...
R: "Um...I don't really get what you're saying, but you think I'm Suraga?"
Y: Eh...
R: "But that guy's some crazy person who destroyed the school. That's a bad joke, Agatsuma-sa-"
Y: Amami-kun!
Y: I...know, alright? About you.
Y: The nickname you had in middle school.

Y: Lies...won't work on me.
Big text: LIAR
R: Ah...
R: Uh...

Y: I knew it!
Y: It feels so good to have that cleared up~
Shout: Heey, Amami! Yui!!
Y: Ah...Kouta-kun!
Y: Ah...um, we'll finish talking later...it'll be bad if someone finds out...
Y: You're an ally of justice, after all...

sfx: ding-dong!
Y: Ah, Amami-kun!
Y: Welcome! Did you get lost...?
R: No, thanks to the map...ah, here.
Y(2b): Wah...that's too nice of you...I'm sorry about calling you out like this...here, come in!

A: Here, right this way.
R: Wow, this is some room...
Y: Sorry it's a mess...my parents aren't here.
R: Eh...just us?
Y: Yep...it's alright, right?
Y: After that, we couldn't really talk, right?
R: What the...
Y: We can't talk about Suraga in front of everyone, right?
Y: I try really hard not to ever talk about anything related to him.
R: Who's 'him'...?
Y: Isn't it obvious?

Y: Takao-sama!
sfx: bishi

Y: Of course you know about Takao-sama, right?
Y: I mean, you fought against him, after all.
Y: Boy A, or the suspect Mishima Takao.
Y: Also known as the "Monster."
Y: Two years ago,
Y: all of a sudden, right in the middle of a graduation ceremony that was being broadcast on TV, it happened--

Y: He...did all that, in real time, with nothing but a katana.
Y: He killed exactly 52 students from Seiryou Academy before they could escape the gym!
Y: He disappeared during the confusion, and after that the incident was forever known as the "Graduation of Blood"...
Y: His motive? A grudge? Settling a score? No matter how much they investigated, they couldn't figure out anything. As they delved into his history at Seiryo Academy, they realized that Mishima Takao was not a fake name, and that such a student had never even existed...
Y: Then just who is he, really? For what reason did he sneak into the school?
Y(2b): After that, three months passed, and countless incidents involving indiscriminate acts of violence with katanas appeared, all connected to the Graduation of Blood. This had long since became something more than a juvenile crime, and the serial killer's name was released to the police, so that they could assist in the investigation.
Y: Eventually, he became known as the "Monster." Information pertaining to him became appearing all of the net, but regardless of how much attention he got, he continued to kill, always disappearing as if in a puff of smoke after each killing, constantly evading the police...
Y: And then...one day, he just disappeared altogether.

Y: Isn't it amazing?! It really exists!!
Y: A mystery that, even in this modern internet age, no one can solve!!
Y: It's like a real urban legend!!
Y: True evil that only exists in fiction...no, a dark hero!!
R: ...I see.
R: So she's THAT kind of girl...
Boxless text: I thought that I'd have to put up the flag here, but I was totally wrong...

Y(2b): S-sorry, I kinda got out of control...anyway, Amami-kun, I saw it on TV...
Y(2b): T-that day, you were hugging a child...it was Neene-chan, right? And then you fought with Takao-sama...
Y: Are you his enemy?
Y: Tell me, Suraga...about Takao-sama.
R: ...what should I do?
R: She knows about Neene.
R: I can't lie to her, because she knows about my past...
R: ...should I...just tell her...?
R: The truth...

R: No!!
R: She's too curious...too strong! No matter how much she tries to push down these secrets, they'll all spill out someday.
R: If I tell her, someday it'll reach the ears of the HQ...and there'll be no stopping them.
R: And then...Neene...!
R: Prepare yourself, Amami Riku!!
R: This is the last stopping point!!!

R: "Fine..."
R: "But you can't tell anyone"...
Y: O...
Y: OK!
R: "...Takao betrayed our organization..."

R: "His codename is 'Blade,' and I don't even know his real name. If we knew each others' true identities, it'd get in the way of our mission, you know."
R: "I was tracking him all that time, and then finally fought with him that day."
Y: Ah, Amami-kun...what did you say? An organization?
R: ...I'm starting to lose her...
R: "There are hundreds of unearthly beings that exist on our planet..."
R: I'll just have to lie even more from here on out.
R: "All of a sudden, the government caught on to that..."
R: She'll just get too exhausted and be unable to say anything.
R: "Sometimes, the evil ones attach to humans like parasites..."
R: She'll just realize how absurd what she's saying is, and it'll be like a counter punch to wake her up.

R: "You probably won't believe me, but..we're part of a Special Forces team employed by the government in order to exterminate the aliens."
R: "He and I both...have superhuman abilities and were scouted by a student agent."
R: There's no other choice...she knows that I'm a liar.
R: Therefore she'll doubt me no matter what I say...
R: ...the problem is that the image that Agatsuma-san has of me will turn into some delusion-filled nerd...
Textless boy: Farewell, peaceful school life!
R: ...ahh.
R: She looks mad...figures...

Y: Amazing!! This is amazing, Amami-kun!!
Y: Please let me help you!!
R: ......eh?

Next Chapter: 11/29

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#1. by Renegade334 ()
Posted on Nov 14, 2008
Thanks a million, Molo - thanks to you, we're now up to date! :D
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Posted on Nov 14, 2008
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