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World Embryo 40

Summer of Accomplices

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 5, 2008 08:22 | Go to World Embryo

-> RTS Page for World Embryo 40


tl by molokidan

A: Finished the copies?
R: Yeah, all that's left now is math and physics.
A: Ohh...I'm not too good in those subjects...
R: But it's still a great help! If we work together our summer homework should be done in no time.
A: But we should still review, right? It will help us out on the exam.
A: ...well then, shall we begin it today?
A: The search for Blade (Takao-sama) and the aliens' HQ!
R: ...yeah.

R: "Amami Riku is a student agent of the government's Special Anti-Alien Defense Force, F.L.A.G.!"
R: "With the help of their superpowers, they continuously fight day and night against the hundreds of otherworldly beings that are invading Earth!"
R: "They are also tracking another student agent, code named Blade (Takao) who has leaked information to the aliens' side!"
Chapter 40 - Summer of Accomplices

R: ...how the hell is she still believing that lie?!?!
R: In any case, I spent the next few days walking around Tokyo with Agatsuma-san,
R: in order to search out the betrayer and the aliens' base.
R: Of course, both of those things were just lies I created.
R: Now that I think about it...she remembered being saved by Suraga.
R: Which means that she must accept the existence of Kanshu as reality...
R: Does that mean it actually somehow added persuasive power to all that stuff I made up?
R: I messed up...

A: By the way, Amami-kun...
A: did you and Takao-sama ever go out on the same missions together?
R: "Sometimes."
A: So, two years before as well? What about the "Graduation of Blood?"
R: "That was just a decoy investigation. The people he killed were actually aliens."
A(2b): There's something that bugs me about this...didn't the fact that it was concidentally broadcast on live television ruin all your stealth? I mean, despite the fact that it was a secret government organization...there was a police announcement and all kinds of inconsistencies...
R: Eh...
R: Ah...
R: This is bad, her logic is too fast...! I've got to try and cover myself...
R: Quiet!
A: Eh!?
R: ...behind us...ahh, don't turn around! That man in the hat...
R: "He's an undercover agent." (You can tell from demeanour)
A: Eh!? (text outside the panel: He doesn't seem like one at all!?)
R: "If he finds out what I've told you about, we'll be in big trouble. Stay calm."
A: O-okay.
Boxless text: just a normal guy
R: A huge lie!

R: "...it looks like he isn't following us. He must have quit his surveillance."
A: Really!? Ahh, I was nervous...
A: Um...what was it we were talking about earlier?
A: Eh? ...ah, sorry, I forgot...
R: Yes!
A: I got it! Let's pretend to be a couple from here on out!
R: Eh?
A: Since we're searching together, shouldn't we prepare some kind of camoflauge?
A: Fufu...now we're accomplices, right?

R: We're accomplices.
R: I just recently said the same thing to Arisugawa.
R: We're partners in crime, who share a secret.
R: What am I doing...
R: I can't turn back now, either.
A: What's wrong?
R: "Nothing." Let's go!
R: I'll have to keep this lie going until the very end.
R: I'll keep going with her every day,
R: in order to avert her eyes.
R: Because she should still remember...

R: about Neene...
S: Neene-chan!
S: Find the scissors?
N: Ne! They were in papa's desk!
S: That's right, Ricchan isn't home today either? You must be so lonely, Neene-chan!
N: I'm fine!
N: Papa will be happy if he knows I'm being a good girl at home!
R: ...looks like she's in good spirits again.
N: Ne, grandma...

N: Who's this?
N(2b): She looks just like Neene...but she's bigger than Neene and papa looks smaller...
N: Grandma, who is it?
S: Neene-chan...that person is "Amane-chan."
S: Grandma's sister...
S: Ricchan's most treasured family member...

K: Man, this looks good!
K: Is it OK if I eat it? You weren't gonna take it over to Yui's place?
M: It doesn't matter anymore, since she isn't home.
K: You've been coming over here everyday, it's pretty unusual...(wonder where she is?)
M: She hasn't been returning my calls or mail either...
game sfx:
Holy fire blast!
Holy fire blast!
The final blow! Bringing salvation to lost lambs...
Five moons of bravery!!
Ow! That hurts!!
Aw, I died.
K(2b): I wonder if she's still mad...she's meek inside but really prideful deep down, you know. She was REALLY threatening back there.

A: Mind your own business!!
M: I thought she understood, though...
K: Things won't stay the same as they were when we were kids, you know.
text outside: That's just the way Yui is.
K: You're pretty thick-headed if you don't realize that.
M: Eh...?

K: ...nothing. Look!
K: I'll try calling her. If she answers, I'll pass it over to you.
M: ...okay.
R: ...not gonna answer?
A: It's Komaki-chan...there's no reason Kouta-kun would ever call me on his own...

A: She's so nosy, Komaki-chan.
A(2b): She doesn't listen to people, and then runs around forcing things on others as if she knows everything. People like that really annoy me!
R: Am I...nosy too, then...?
R: I feel that...there's something I need to apologize to you about too.
A: ...Amami-kun?
R: It just seems...like it's better the earlier I do it.
R(2b): If I say it while there's still a chance left...things will...definitely turn out better.

A: But wow...we really aren't making any progress in our search, are we?
R: "Yeah."
R: Of course not. We aren't really searching as if to find something, anyway.
R: On the first day, in order to keep the reality up as much as possible, I took her to the mountain of TVs, that still hadn't been cleaned up yet.
R: But no Kanshu appeared in the afternoon, and we couldn't find any trace of Takao.
R: This small-time, yet neverending adventure of ours is becoming a daily routine.
R: And...those involved in a daily routine with no progress will begin to "lose interest."

A: Tired?
A(2b): Eh!? N...."not a bit!"
R: Liar.
R: Just realize it.
R: You're sick of this whole search, aren't you?
R: We might be able...to make a soft landing soon.
R: "...the job's always like this."
R: "Searches on land sometimes erupt into battles...and losses of life tend to happen. To be honest, it's frightening."
A: Ah...
R: "I don't want to get you involved..."
R: Now choose, Agatsuma-san.
R: "If you do it now, it won't be too late. You should return to that every day...to that gentle life of yours..."
R: Even if you stay involved with me, it'll just be a pain, and you still won't get to meet Takao-sama, you know?

A: ...you're right. My tagging along with you is probably just causing you problems after all...
R: Alright!!
A: Eh? What?
R: "Ah, nothing!"
A: Oh, but if something does happen later on, will you let me help out?
A: We're accomplices, after all.

A: Well then...see you at school.
R: Ah, yeah.
R: I think I managed to deceive her...
R: Now I can finally rest at ease a bit...
R: But now that I think about it, I do feel a bit lonely.

R: Man...it's been such a crazy summer.
R: Kanshu extermination, training, summer courses, the beach trip, and then Agatsuma-san...
R: It was Neene's first summer...and I didn't really get to play with her that much.
R: There's one week left...and we're going to enjoy it together as much as we can.

?: Monitor engaged. Beginning transmission.
C: Understood.
C: Begin Plan Birdcage--
S: Morning!
S: Hey! You sure got tan!
T: Yo, Amami!
R: Morning, Tashiro...rare to see you here this early!

T: Huh? Where's Aisu?
R: Just because live next to each other doesn't mean we always have to walk to school together!
R(2b): Until recently, we always had morning practice together...and two days ago we had Kanshu extermination...
R(2b): Well, whatever. Until recently she was pulling me around for so long, she must have her weak times too. I'm just glad she didn't keep pulling me around until the end...
R: That was one tough beach trip, huh?
R: What'd you do afterwards?
T: Ah, nothing but part-time jobs.
R: It looks like Neene's back to normal too, so I think I can finally relax a bit...
K: Oh! Hey there, Amami! Tashiro!
M: Morning!
R: Good morning, Kijima, Masaki-san...huh? Agatsuma-san hasn't come yet?
R: That's right...I wonder if they made up yet...?
R: Hey, Masaki-san...
M: Hm? What, what?
R: Did Agatsuma-san approach you yet?

M: Who's Agatsuma-san?

R: Eh...
R: Come on, you know, Agatsuma-san...
M: Hm? Sorry, I have no idea...
M: Is she in the same grade as us?
R: Pretending she doesn't exist, isn't that a little harsh?
M: Um...sorry.
M: But I really have no idea who you're talking about, Amami-kun...
K: Amami...who's this Agatsuma person?
R: What?
R: What is this?
M: Do you know her? Jun...
T: Nope...a girl? As a guy, I must apologize, but I have no data on her...
M: That again? Ahaha!
R: What is this!?

R: They forgot...
R: which means...
R: in other words...
R: that...
R: Kan...shu...
scream: KYAAA!?

R: You're kidding, right?!
M: Hey, that hurts...
R: You remember her, right!?
M: What?!
R(2b): You're just messing around with me?! Right...! Right?!
K: H-hey, what's wrong with you, Amami? Stop it!!
R: She went with us to the beach, remember?!
K: Hey...
M: What's going on?
R(2b): You held hands with her the whole time, remember?! You were friends!!
R(2b): Is it because you got in a fight?! She isn't angry anymore!!
M: Eh...
M: Ah...
R: She talked about you as if she felt bad!
R: Agatsuma-san is...! And yet...
R: And yet...!

M: Ah...
M: Yui...
K: Komaki!?
G: Kyaaaaa!!
R: Ma...saki-sa...
K: Amami! You...
A: Move!!
A: A Lost Rebound!

A: Ah....

R: Shut up!
R: When?
R: Where!?
R: Yesterday? Last week!?
R: Right after that!?
R: Masaki-san!
R: My fault?
R: I'm sorry!
R: I'm sorry!
R: Agatsuma-san!
R: Agatsuma-san!

R: Agatsuma-san...

R: Kanzaki...san?
K: Amami!

T: Long time no talk, Amami-kun. This is Chairwoman Tokiji.
T: Very sorry to call you up like this all of a sudden. But the truth is, we've been secretly investigating you for quite some time.
T: There are a few questions we'd like to ask you. I wonder if it might be too much for me to ask you to quietly go along with Kanzaki-kun and follow his instructions?

T: We have great interest in Neene-chan...well, with her birth, that is.
R: Wha...what the hell...!?
R: What's going on...someone...explain to me!

Next Chapter: 1/30

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