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Kekkai Sensen -Mafuugai Kessha- 1

The Ones That Smoke In the Mist

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 8, 2009 05:59 | Go to Kekkai Sensen -Mafuugai Kessha-

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Note: This is a new series by the author of Trigun/Trigun Maximum in Jump SQ.


tl by molokidan

KEKKAI SENSEN (Blood World War Front)

Chapter 1 - The Ones That Smoke in the Mist

-MAFUUGAI KESSHA- (The Secret Society of the Demon Seal Town)

by Nightow Yasuhiro

text on left: -the world is being corroded-

Box in the top right: Since ancient times, in the world of the night, humans have constantly been antagonized by a superpowered species known as the "Blood Breed." In order to protect those victimized, a group known as the "Fang Hunters" has been born!!
B: Hello, Michaela, how are you?
B: Your big brother is doing well!
?: Ummm...Blend Coffee...
B: It's already been three weeks
B: since I came to this town.
?: ...that'll be all...

B: There have been many things said about this place from the outside,
B: but after starting to live here, I've found it surprisingly comfortable,
B: and I've had nothing but
?: Bring me a Babraduego Burger,
?: and a Diet Brouda Soda!!
B: surprisingly peaceful days.

B: ...Yessiree!!!
B(small): I wish they didn't have to show their underbellies when they fly...
B: ...peaceful, peaceful!!
B: This town's name is Jerusalem's Lot.
B: It is located in the same place New York was, three years ago.
B: But now...it's a place where the material world and the otherworld intertwine.

G: Here you are, Leo!!
G: Taking another look around town this afternoon?
G: What was it you're doing again, writing an article on "How to Walk Around Jerusalem's Lot?"
G: There have been a lot of visitors lately who have lost their life as a result of getting too cocky, so be careful, alright?!
sfx: stomach growling
G: ...hey, have you been eating properly?
L: Eh?
G(2b): You're really that poor? Is that why you're trying to stuff your stomach on free refills of coffee? A young boy like yourself?
L(2b): Unbelievable...well, I give up, I guess...

G: It's not free!
G: You're washing the dishes afterwards,
G: said papa.
L: ...T...
L(2b): ...Thank you very much...but...
L(2b): I feel bad...I don't deserve this...
G: That isn't the right thing to say.
G: Tact and humility are completely different things, you know?
G: Did you come here by yourself?
G: What about your family?
L: ...ah...I have...one younger sister...
L: ...she has a little bit of a health problem,
L: So...I came here.
L(2b): I've got to work hard and save up some money. That's it.

L: Gotta
L: earn some
L: cash
3 screams at bottom: Wait! Hey! Monkey!

G(2b): That was a Speed-of-Sound Monkey, wasn't it? I didn't even see the camera disappear.
B: Poor guy.
B: They're pretty smart, so they'll just turn it into money as quick as possible and that'll be the end of it.
G: Eh...?
G: ...but,
G: How did he know it was a monkey then?
G: He yelled after it, didn't he?
B: ...ah!?
B: ...you're right!!!
L: Haah!! x4
L: Gimme...back...my...camera...!!
L: Give it back!
L: Excuse me!!
L: Give it back!!
L: Please, I'm begging you, pretty please, give it baaaaaaack!

sfx: eeehh
P: Attention criminal!!
P: Release the hostages and surrender at once!

M: H-h-h-h-hand over
M: the moneeeeeyyyyyy

L: This isn't bank robbery!!!
L: It's more like an unplanned, spur-of-the-moment, unconscious, mental illness-related something!!
P: That was your last warning!
L: Isn't it a little early for that!?
P: Those accompanying you are now responsible for themselves!!
L: Seriously...!? Wa...wait!
P: Readyyyyyyyyy!!

scream: waaaaaaa aaaaahhhh
L: Shit! x2

L: Goddammit!!
scream in panel 3: hiie ee eee ee ee
scream in panels 5 and 6: waaahh waaaahh aaaahhhhh waaaaahhhh
L: Aa

Z: Hope you have a pleasant stay, newbie.
Z: I'm Zapp Renfro.
L: Huh?
Z: You've got some balls, not showing up at the designated place,
Z: and floundering on the brink of death here instead.
L: Umm, I'm not really sure what you're talking about...
Z: Anyway, could I get you to move out of the way? Actually, before that, move your leg there, man you're rude one...
Z: Bullets?
Z: Idiot! Only assholes who think stuff like that will work end up actually getting shot.
L: I didn't even ask that question!! You really like to hear yourself talk, don't you?!

Z: What? Have I mistaken you for someone else...?
Z: Aren't you...Johnny Landis?
Z: Wrong, huh?
L: I'm Landis!
L: I'm Landis, so save meeeee!

Z: Just look at yourself, Johnny.
Z: I hate to think what lies ahead for you.
Z: I heard you came here with some aspiration,
Z: but to be honest, I don't think you're suited for this town.
Z: After the Great Collapse of New York,
Z: the earth's been as safe as an entire world balanced on top of some pudding.

Z: It all happened in a single night...
Z: In one night, the "Gate," opened. In one night, the invasion from another world began. In one night, New York was destroyed. In one night, Jerusalem's Lot was built. In one night, a war was started and finished. In one night, the barrier was affixed.
Z: The American government sent out two ships to inspect the situation, but as soon as they got out there, they realized everything was hidden and unreachable within a deep mist.
Z: It was twelve hours later when they confirmed that their fears were not fantasy -- the 'other world' had been connected to this one.
Z: From that day forward, our world was thrown into chaos, and has still not been able to pull itself out.

Z: But, you know, the real thing that's scary here is the greed in peoples' hearts.
Z: Some things brought over from the other world can be the keys to money and power beyond anyone's imagination.
Z: This town was once feared, but now it's filled with extreme criminals, terrorists, corporate giants, religious groups, illegal organizations, mafia, refugees, and secret services from a variety of different countries.
Z: It could even be said
Z: that this place is quietly aiming to establish the hegemony for the next thousand years of this world.
L: ...what should I do?
L: I lied about my identity at the spur of the moment, and haven't been able to find the right timing to admit it...
Z: Therefore--

Z: Get what I mean? Johnny Landis...
Z: To me, it's more convenient to get rid of a guy like you that lives side by side with those kind of people, as you'll probably just end up getting in the way.
Z: I don't think you're fit for "Libra."
Z(2b): Therefore, I'm going to tell them you died in that bank robbery incident back there and part ways with you now.

L: ...don't be ridiculous.
L: ...you're underestimating me too much.
Z: ...pfft!
Z: I was just joking.
Z: Don't look at me with such scary eyes like that.
L: Just now...I'm pretty sure he said Libra...
L: Which means...I'd better not part ways with this guy.

L: A secret organization of superhumans stationed in Jerusalem's Lot who work in the name of preserving the world's balance.
L: The true scope of their power is unknown, and if true information relating to the organization did happen to leak out, there are said to be people in the underworld willing to pay billions to get their hands on it.
L: In short,
L: they're a dangerous group of people who are hated by a bunch of evil people.
L: But...
L: There, I might be able to find the truth...
L: about what happened to Michaela and I.

L: That brat...
L: I figured I'd just make his nose bleed a little and see what happens,
L: but surprisingly, he ended up seeing right through my righteous fist.
L: Ku ku ku...
L: Looks like this'll be pretty interesting...
L: Bastards who bite back and welcomed with open arms here!

L: Eh?
L: Uh...
L: Um...
L: Just where...
L: are we going?
door sfx bubble: batan

Z: Let's see here, today--
Z: --it's here.

L: It didn't feel a bit like the room had moved.
L: And yet--

?: Greetings...so you are our new comrade?
?(2b): Welcome. I am Klaus Reinherz.

sfx bubble: sutah

K: ...unbelievable. This man tries to defeat me every chance he gets.
K: And since he is trying to kill me from the bottom of his heart, it can be a little dangerous.
L: Ahh...is that so...
?: ...oh my.
?: Has my shoe sole gotten dirty?

L: Now what? She's so beautiful...
L(2b): And she stepped in from the terrace looking so composed...
K: Her name is Chain...Chain Sumeragi.
K: She's an expert in secret intelligence.
Z: What...
Z: the...
Z: fuck do you think you're doing?!
C: It's your fault for sleeping on the floor.
Z: Do you just step on anything you see as long as it's on the floor?! Even living things?!
C: Don't be ridiculous. I only step on things that are OK to step on.
Z: Bitch...it looks like this little dispute won't be resolved unless we go at it, huh?
C(3b): Quit crying, you grey-haired monkey. You said you were going to start from Mr. Klaus, but now you can't beat him so you're changing your policy? This is why it's awkward dealing with second-rates.
Z: Don't you think this is horrible, Johnny?!
Z: That woman thinks she's hot shit and can do whatever she wants just because she has big tits!!
K: ...he's the new one.
C: ...eh...?

C: The new one -- you mean Johnny Landis?
C: But Johnny Landis isn't coming, you know?
Z: What?
Z(2b): The hell are you talking about? He's right there...
Z: What's going on here?
C(2b): I just received a notification that there was a corpse found in the Hudson River.
Z: You dumb bitch...look at the picture!
C: Which one?
Z: This one!
Z: Ohhh...now I get it...

Z(2b): Hey, you!! Just what is the meaning of this?!
Z: Be sure to keep still while I beat it out of you!!
L: Please forgive me!!
L: I just wanted to be saved so badly back there...!!
L: And then...Mr. Zapp, you mentioned Libra, so I...!!
L: ...there's something I want....something I must know...!!
L: Since you're all familiar with the underworld, I figured you might know...!!
Z: ...sorry, Master, this is dumb mistake.
Z: Hey, you don't have a bunch of bombs strapped to your body or anything, do you?
Z: There's a lot of people in this town trying to kill us, you know...
sfx: pachih

Z: Now what?
Z: All of a sudden...
sfx: Zah
P: The criminal
P: has now been apprehended and is now being placed in a Polisuit!
P(2b): This horrible act which happened in broad daylight has sent the inhabitants of the area fleeing in bewilderment!
L: That's the criminal from earlier...
L: so he was finally captured, huh?
P: Oh?
P: What, what!?
P: Is he resisting arrest?!

P: Ahh, but now the criminal is squatting down...
P: It seems as if he's trying to speak...?
P: Hey!
P: What now...come on, you already gave up, didn't you?!
P: Hurry up and get in!!
C: Ah
C: Ahh...
C: Ahh...
P: ...eh...

K: Summon magic in broad daylight?!
Z: That's a pretty daring move...
K: How reckless!! This isn't a situation in which miracles should occur!
C: Hold on a second!!
C: The image is changing.
?: Greetings,
?: Jerusalem's Lot.

F: 'Tis I,
F: The Fallen King Femto.

F: How is life as of late, everyone?
F: I have been rather bored.
L: The Fallen King Femto...
L: This man...
L: He's the mysterious representative of Jerusalem's Lot!
C: So it was his work after all...
Z: Things are really heating up now...
K: I doubt this incident will end quietly...be careful.
F: But you know what, it's all your fault.
F(2b): Look at you all, like pigs waiting for food to drop down from an open mouth. You're the ones who are truly building up this disgusting, oppressive world.

F: That's why
F: I've decided to play a little bit.
F: Sorry.
L: It's said that he's lived over a thousand years, training himself in the demonic arts...
L: Was that rumor about the Blood Breed really true?
F: Allow me to explain the rules for the game today.
F(2b): The evil god you see before you has, thanks to my exquisite techniques, been allowed to go on living despite being sliced in two. I'm sure you already figured that out by now, though.
F(2b): You'd better not touch it though! Well, it'd probably cleave you in two before you could do that anyway, though. What bothers me about this is its other half...which is, of course, in the process of being summoned into this town right now.

F(2b): If he finds his other half and puts himself back together...oooohh, just thinking about it is absolutely frightening!
F: I imagine it'd do enough damage to completely sever the barrier around this city.
F(2b): Before that, I'd like you to find the Gate and destroy it. You have 117 minutes left to do so.
F(2b): What? Not enough clues?
F(3b): Don't worry...who do you think I am? I'll be sure to leave enough time for you to have a chance.
F: The Gate is programmed to deallocate itself for one nanosecond every 13 minutes.
F: The period of time in which the half of the evil god will appear is brief, but more than enough time to allow it to slice the town up with its tentacle blades.
F: In short, once every thirteen minutes, there will be a bisectioning party happening in some part of town.
F: Just use that as your clue.

K(2b): Chain!! Report this immediately!
K: Afterwards, load up the signal detectors.
C: Yes sir!
K(2b): Zapp, you're on standby. Be ready to head out at any minute!
Z: Yup!
F: ...now then.
F: It's almost time for the first deallocation.
Z(2b): That's Femdo for you. Now something so huge it's disgusting is about to come.
Z: Something that'd you'd be able to recognize instantly no matter where it shows up.

L: How are you, Michaela?
L: Your older brother

L: has just gotten himself wound up in something way over his head.

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