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Kekkai Sensen -Mafuugai Kessha-


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 11, 2009 08:08 | Go to Kekkai Sensen -Mafuugai Kessha-

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KEKKAI SENSEN #0 [one-shot]

tl by molokidan
big thanks to myg for the help with Nightow's crazy-ass German


?: Klaus...!! Mr. Klaus!
?: What are these incessant screams?
K: Nothing to worry about, Chain.
K: ...I just caught him now.

?: What an extremely uncommon occurrence.
?: To think that I,
?: in this place,
sfx: gokih x2
sfx red: kyaaaaaaaahhhhhh
?: would be able to get one so easily like this, merely in passing...
?(2b): Hey, you...am I seeing a dream?
K: ...unfortunately you are not.
K: But I suppose that if you were, then what is about to happen right now would instantly turn into an unbearable nightmare.

K: ...would you mind handing the woman over to me,
K: Blood Breed?
sfx: giri
sfx: kyaa
sfx: aahh

sfx: pah
K: You thought I was a mere human?
K: Sorry, but...
K: I am a "Fang Hunter."

K: Chain, I'm counting on you.
C: Yes sir.
?: Something went over me just now...!! Heading downwards...!!
?: But I didn't see anything...?! How could I not have...!?
K: It is time, Count Urthrchika.
K: I am putting an end to your eternity here and now.

U: Now I get it.
U: You work for Jagtkreuz, under direct employ of the Vatican, don't you?!
U: Let me hear your name,
U: Fang Hunter.
K: Klaus.
K: Klaus Reinherz.
U: I see.

U: I shall remember...that name.
U: And the next time we meet,
U: I will kill you, and forget it.
sfx: hahahaha
sfx: hahahahaha
sfx: doshah
sfx: kikikiki dodoshaaa

N: Regarding the leaping suicide case that happened suddenly at 2 in the morning last night in Roppongi,
N: Unfortunately, the scene of the crime has been very quiet, as there is no trace of the concerned party's body.
N: We still have clues leading to the whereabouts of this person.
N: Reinforced glass from one section in the middle building was discovered to be broken--
?: ...where am I?
N: but the investigation team still has yet to reach any conclusions.

C: If she had fallen in a congested area, there would have been no hope...
K: He certainly had a short temper.
K: He must not have living a life of luxury for several centuries like I imagined.
K: ...please be sure to keep watching out for him, Frau Chain.
C: Yes sir.
M: Have you
M: awakened?
M(small): Oh, my!
M(small 2): Are you screaming so loud that you can't even make a sound?
?(2b): Wait, wait, Gilbert.

K: Can't you see how much the poor thing's shivering in fear?
K: --you may be an gentlemanly butler, but--
K: there are times when you do not take your...rather...strong characteristics into consideration as much as you should...
sfx: gyaaaaa
C: What are you two doing?!
C: Both of you!!!
C: Both of your faces are scary! Why can't you figure that out?!
K: ...my apologies, miss.
K: I am Klaus,
K: --Klaus Reinherz.
K: This is my butler, Gilbert.

G: --and the one who so eloquently interrupted us is
G: --Chain Sumeragi.
C: What? Mr. Gilliam, is there something wrong I said?
K: She's the one who caught you in midair last night.
G: ...just who...are you people?
K: Oh right, we haven't finished our introductions yet...
G: Forget about that!!
G: Last night...you were able to stand up against that Count...!!
G: ...please...!!
G: Help her...
G: Help Aiko..!!
K: ...understood.
K: Please tell me, in detail...
K: just what happened--
A: ...party?
A: ...yeah! Wanna go with, Reina?

A: They happen every Friday night at a mansion in Shibuya!
A: And all the people that go there are super cool!
?: ...Aiko, I dunno...if we should go to that kinda place...
?: Don't you think Uncle will worry about you?
A: ...you're such a pain, Reina! Why do you always try and act like our protector?
A: Don't act so high and mighty just because our parents like you!
A: I really don't wanna hear about that right now!
?: I'm just taking care of your familial piety for you.
A: You don't have parents, so what do you care?
A: ...ah.
A: I'm sorry!
?: And so, just like that...
?: She left and never came back.
?: At the mansion she was talking about,
?: there was absolutely no trace of human life.

U: Isn't it a beautiful night,
U: my lady?

U: Don't squirm so might,
U: or I might drop you.
U: Fufu...
U: Good girl...
sfx: aah
sfx: aah
sfx: noooo...
sfx: aaaahhh

sfx: aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
sfx: aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
G: But it didn't end with that...
G: The Count took me back to his hideout...
G: Where a number of men and women who had become his slaves lay in wait, crawling around like worms.
G: Aiko was there too.
G: As he was sucking my blood, I could feel something swell up inside me.
G: A feeling of defilement, from deep within...

G: What was that?
G: Could it be...
K: Yes.
K: It's exactly as you fear.
K: It may be hard to imagine,
K: but members of the Blood Breed like that man have been living in the darkness for hundreds of years, since long ago.
G: Then...
G: That means Aiko and I..!!
K: It's too early to give up.
K: You two are still on the humans' side.

K: In order for them to fully make a human their slave, they must feast on their prey at least 13 times.
K: The world is full of victims like yourself, at a variety of different levels.
K(2b): You are at Level 3...but I don't know what level your friends are at...
K: That demonic scar...
K: as long as it doesn't trace completely down your neck to your heart, there is still a chance that you and your friends can be saved.
K: You can turn back to normal,
K: and I will defeat the Count.
K: We are with you.
K: We are the "Fang Hunters."

G: ...what's this about?
G: That one corpse.
G: The one that fell in Roppongi.
G: When we recovered it, it was in so many tiny pieces that it was pretty much unrecognizable.
G: But...
G: Once we brought it here and placed it in a body bag...
G: ...they shifted back into the shape of a human.
G: The pieces of flesh...

G: ...hah!!
G: ...ridiculous.
G: Don't tell me you actually believe that shit?
G: It's not even believable enough to become an urban legend.
G: Let's just finish this and go home.

R: ...this is delicious!!
G: You can't fight on an empty stomach!
G: Right now just concentrate on getting full!
R: You're amazing, Gilbert-san!
R: How could you make something like this just in a mini-kitchen with a single stove?!
G: Hohoh! What a waste of good compliments!
R: These people have really scary faces and seem pretty strange, but...
R: Gilbert-san does seem to be a great butler,
R: and Klaus (unlike how he appears) is (quite) a gentleman.
R: ...I don't think they're bad people.
R: ....eh?
sfx: gishih
sfx: puru puru puru puru puru

R: Uwaaaaaaaaaahhhh!
R: Whaaaaaat is this toweeeeeerrrrr?!
R: ...Liver...?
R: Used...liver?
K(2b): Excuse me. This is a special Klaus-made dish,
R: No, it's fine, I wasn't asking for an explanation...
K(2b): Hm. You have very tender expressions, you know that?
R: I was just surprised, that's all...
G: I think it's a very good quality to have!

R: ...hyaa!
R: That's the first time anyone's ever said something like that to me...
K: Hahaha, are you sure about that?
K: Laugh for me.
K: Men are creatures that risk their lives to protect women's smiles.
R: ...scary...
R: On one hand it seems like he's saying something really romantic, and on the other hand it seems like a threat...
R: ...what's that...?
K: A Holy Water Barrier Trunk. The Count's finger is in there.
sfx: piri!
K: Gilbert.

G: Yes, Frau Chain.
G: ...understood.
G: ..it's begun to move.
G: Yes...please begin tracking it.
R: aguhhhhh
K: Reina...?
R: auuuuggghhh
R: agghh
R: aaaghhh
K: ...are you alright?!
R: aahhh
R: aahhhhhhhhh

R: aaaahhhhhhhh
R: gyaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
U: There you are, Fang Hunter!
U: It's bad taste to steal another man's woman!!

K: Don't look, Reina!
U: Reina...I won't let you get away...you fucking bitch!!
U: You will become mine for all of eternity!
U: You may feel at ease because you think you can kind on this Fang Hunter,
U; but humans can never defeat us!
U: We are free from life, and separated from death! To us Blood Breed,
U: no matter how many thousands of pieces of flesh and ripped from us, they only represent a different form of us in time.
U: We will come back to life over and over again!
U: You're better off becoming mine instead of going mad as a result of this neverending horror!

U: But I guess you need a warning, don't you?
U: Hmph...
U: How about I use your friend as an example?
U: Shall I have her put on a self-mutilation show for you?
U: Of course, her sense of pain will stay with her until the very end.
U: She isn't capable of self-regeneration just yet, so depending on the circumstances, she may die right there...

R(2b): ...that girl is part of my family, and if anything happens to her,
R: I will never forgive you!
U: ...hah!! Of all the stupid things to say,
U: you say you won't forgive me, you piece of shit?!
K: You're far too reckless, Fraulein.
K: He....was just about to kill you.
R: ...it's fine...
R: I don't care about myself...

A: What happened to Reina's aunt and uncle?
U: Listen closely, Reina-chan.
U: From this day forward, this aunt and uncle here are going to become your new parents.
U: ...we are your new family.
A: Ehh!?
A: So does that mean Reina's gonna be my big sister?
A: Yaaaaaay!!!
sfx: yaaaaaay

R: ...please...Klaus-san...
R: Save her...
R: If nothing else, please save Aiko...!!
G: ...Master Klaus.
G: ...I know how it feels.
G: It's hard to handle a job cool and smartly when there are lives on the line...
K: Just...give me 10 seconds.
K: This flame will not go out, so I will shut it in my heart.
G: Good decision.
K: I will keep my anger cool, and smartly crush that man into pieces.
C(sfx): Zah
C: This is Chain.
C: The car the Count is riding in just pulled into a mansion I believe to be his hideout.

U: That's enough.
U: ...ahh.
U: So you were the one following me.

U: A completely undetectable...
U: invisible werewolf.
C: ...something like that.
U: I didn't know you fucks were teaming up with monsters ow.
U: The Vatican must really be desperate for help.
C: You don't get it.
C: This is merely a reflection of just how annoying your kind has gotten.
U: ...but look. Those lead bullets of yours can't even kill my servants.
U(2b): See...? He's already begun regenerating.
C: How stupid can you be?
C(2b): This is merely the opening performance. Foreplay...because right now, there's a rather frightening dumbass who's come here in a tank.
C: ...right,
C: about now.

U: Welcome,
U: Fang Hunter.
C(2b): You're late!! This counts as overtime, you know?
K: ...Sorry.
R: Aiko!!!
G: She's fine.
G: Leave this to those two.
G: As long as we stay in the car we'll be fine.
U: Truly a fearsome face, no matter how many times I see it.
U: No one would be able to figure out which side either of us is on.
U: Speaking of enemies,
U: you know,
U: it makes me wonder...am I really an enemy to the human race?
U: All 47 of my servants are here out of their own will.
U: Of course, there were some who didn't want to be here at first.

U: But by now, they are all fascinated by the new innovations in their own abilities.
U: Sharpened senses, superhuman power, miraculous immortality, and...
U: ...being able to sample the sweet taste of blood.
K: Shield of Sanctification
K: Spear of Levin,

K: By my boiling blood, this riotous time is unending!
K: Brennschwarz-Stil: Blutgetränkte Kampfkunst!
K: Ich mach euch fertig!
K: "Form 13--"
K: "Finger Greed"

U: I see...an amulet of absolute purification!
U: The low-level Aur Mata don't stand a chance against that.
U: But Goura and Magda here are both at level 7!
U: Simply destroying their flesh won't make any difference!
U: "Form 02"
U: "Schrotschwei゚er"

U: Ohh
U: aaahhhh
U: You...
U: ...bastard...!!
U: ...stay back...
U: aiih
U: Stay baaaaaack!

U: ...kuh.
U(2b): Hah...haha...
U: Ha!
U: So you couldn't finish the job?
U: Coming at me immediately in response was the right decision.
U: ...however,
U: Unfortunately for you, you're far too inexperienced.

U: Can't figure out which body is the real one, can you?
U: The true answer is that finger you brought home so carefully with you.

U: ...hey now. Don't lay a finger on me,
U: invisible werewolf,
U: or else Reina and the old guy's necks will snap.
C: ...tch.
C: ...aw, come on...
C: So much bleeding...
C: You could have finished it right there!
C: ...how does it taste?
U: Sweet, of course?
U: Blood is my daily bread.
U: Even if it does happen to be of an irritating Fang Hunter.
U: Just look at all this blood of both friend and foe, splattered so carelessly across the floor...
U: It's just like...yes...
U: When Hansel and Gretel were in the gingerbread house.
U: Yes...
U: Every last drop is--

U: my weapon.
U: ...it's just like you said!
K: I apologize for causing you extreme pain with my boundless inexperience.

U: Gahah!
U: What...?
U: ...is this...

U: Blood...?
U: This bastard's...
U: ...blood!?

G: Hey, boy.
G: Can you hear me?
G: You've become Level 12 all of a sudden.
G: I have a proposal for you.
G: A chance to turn around this shit-smeared history of yours.
G: You might die halfway through it,
G: ...but wanna give it a try anyway?
G: How about it?
G: Klaus Reinherz.

K: "Manual-Invocatory Hyper Attack Mechanism"
K: "Ein Amnion des Kresnick"
K: This is the anti-Blood Breed annihilation weapon contained within my blood...
sfx: ahh
K: It can break down and expel any type of toxin...even the ones inside you.
K: Blood is your daily bread.
K: You cannot live on without it.
sfx: ahh
sfx: aaaaaahhh
sfx: aaaaaahhhhhhhhh
sfx: aaahhhh

K: Extermination
K: complete.
R: ...thank you so much...

K: Your gratitude is unnecessary.
K: We were merely doing our job.
G: Well, yeah, but that reply kinda pisses me off...
C: You can always thank me if you want.
A: ...sorry. I'm sorry, Reina.
R(2b): It's fine, c'mon. You need to say thanks too, Aiko.
R: ...Klaus-san.
R: ...will we...meet again...?
K: Of course.
K: But that time will be when you are in extreme trouble and need assistance.

R: There's one more thing i want to say.
K: ...and that is?
R: This whole time, I've seen nothing but serious expressions from you, Klaus-san.
R: So...
R: ..I want you to smile once.
R: ...as much as you can!!
R: ...like this, maybe?
R: I figured...
R: For a guy like this, his smile is the scariest expression he can make...
G: That does appear to be the case.

Kekkai Sensen - End

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