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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Dragon Ball 7

Yamucha and Puerh

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 13, 2009 09:00 | Go to Dragon Ball

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tl by molokidan

B: Searching for the sixth Dragonball, Buruma, Son Gokuu, and their brand-new friend, Oolong, head southwest...
G: This place is really far...aren't we there yet?!
O: Hey!
O: Where the hell are we going anyway?
B: We're still pretty far away!
B: It'll be another three days until we get there!
B: goso goso
B: Ummm...
B: Frypan's around here!
O: Wh-whaaaaat?! Frypan Mountain!!!?
O: Y-you're really intending to go there?!

G: You know of that place?
O: You guys don't?!
O: F-Frypan Mountain is where the s-s-super scary Gyuumaou lives!!!! (*t/l note: Cow Demon King)
B: Don't worry, we'll just have Son-kun take care of him!
O: Do you have any idea how frightening Gyuumaou is?!
G: Sounds like fun!
O: Well it sure doesn't sound like fun to me!!!
G: Ahh!!
O: Heheh! Later, suckers!!
B: ahhh, he ran away!!!
G: He never learns, does he?! I'll just have to go swim and catch him.
B: Wait!
B: There's no reason to do all that in order to catch him.
B: Just look over there for a minute...
G: Eh?

B: We'll use this!
G: Eh? What's that?
B: Freshly-worn panties!!
sfx: guguh!!
B: There, he bit!!
sfx: zabah
O: D-dammit!!
G: What were you thinking was going to happen...?
G: If you try to run away again, I'll make you into cutlet and eat you!
O: Fine, fine, I'll stay with you, but...
O: Gimme those panties...

B: Here!
B: Take this instead.
O: Eh?
O: What's this?! Just a piece of candy?!
B: If you prove yourself useful to us from here on out, I'll give you the panties!
O: I wonder about that!
O: It's a promise, got it?!
sfx; koro koro...
G: Hey!! I want some candy too!
B: None for you!
O: Heheheh!! Guys like me are popular with the ladies, you know!
sfx: boboh boh...
B: Huh?
sfx: pusun pusun...
O: Hey, the engine stopped!
B: Oh no, we're out of gas!
B: Hey, can you transform into gasoline?
O: You're kidding me, right...?
G: What's gasoline?

B: Fine, then I'll pull over to the shore and use a Hoipoi Capsule for the gasoline, so would you mind transforming into an oar?
O: An oar, huh...?
G: What's an oam?
O: Transform!!
G: Sorya!
G: Sorya!
sfx: basha basha
O: Buh-buhoh!!
O: Hey!! I'm delicate, dammit!! Treat me with more care!!
G: OK, I tied it!
B: Good work!
O: Hey, I came in handy, right? Gimme your panties!
B: You think it's that easy to get a girl's panties?
sfx: shobo shobo...

O: That's not fair! You promised!! Just one pair!!
B: Huh?!
B: It's...gone...
B: T-the case with my capsules...!!
B: Gieeeeehhhhh!!!!
B: I must have dropped it in the river!!!
B: I'll give you my panties, so transform into a fish and go find them!!!
O: Are you crazy? This river's huge...
G: Huh? What's wrong?
B: I lost my capsuuuuuuules!! Now the boat won't move, we don't have a house, or a car, or a bike...!!! We can't go anywheeeeere!!!
G: Why don't you just walk, then?
sfx: koso koso
B: You're only fine because you have Kintoun!!!

G: Then how about having Oolong transform into one of those bike things?
B: Smart!! Good idea!!!
B: Heeey, Oolong-chaaaan!!
B: Geh!! H-he's gone!!
G: That jerk!! He ran away again, didn't he?!
G(small): Heeey, Oolong! Come out!! Oooolooooong! Ooooloooooong!
O: Heheh!! There's no way in Hell I'm going to that scary-ass mountain with those too!
O: It's too bad, but I'll have to give up on the panties!
G: It's no good, I can't find him!
B: Guffuffu...
B: Alright, then I'll just have to do this...
B: Piiiiiii, piii, piii, piii, piii...

B(small): Piii, piii, piii, piii
O: Hm?!
sfx: goro goro goro goro...
O: Iiee?!
O: Ohhh, ohhh!!
O: Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!
O: Hiieeeeeeeeeee!!!
sfx: bupipipiiiiii gerii geririiiih
B: Heey, Oolong-chan, you got diarrhea, didn't you?!
B: That piece of candy you ate was actually one of my inventions! It's called PP Candy, and whenever I say pii pii, the person who eats it will have diarrhea!!
B: If you don't come back soon, I'm going to start saying it again!
* Line: Additionally, the effects of PP Candy last for one month.
sfx: gasa...
O: I...I'm sorry...I-I won't run anymore...
O: P...please stop...
B: If you don't do what I say, I'll do it again!
G: Ahhh...
O: Understood...

O: D-dammit, she really fed me something bad, didn't she...that's really cheap...!
G: I'm glad I didn't eat that!
G: I'm a good boy, after all!
G: Dore!
G: Piiii, piiii, piiii!
sfx: goro goro pipiiih
O: Stop playing around!!!
B: OK, Oolong!
B: Transform into a bike!
B: You call this a bike?! You have really bad fashion sense, you know...
O: Oh, shut up already!
B:'s better than walking I guess...
sfx: kusha
O: Gyafun!!

B: Hey, but some muscle into it! You can't even hold me up!!
O: Owww...! It's not my fault!! All I can do is change my appearance, not my power...!!
O: And besides, it only lasts for five minutes.
O: Then I have to take a one minute break...
B: Gaaaan
O: But you know, if you'd like me to transform into some panties, I'll do that for you!
O: They got wet in the river, so you aren't wearing any right now, are you?
O: I have confidence in my panty-transformation ability!
O: C'mon!! Don't be shy!!
B: How is that being useful?!?!
sfx: pashih
O: Gyaaah!!
G: We'll just have to walk I guess...

sfx: haa
sfx: haa
sfx: hiie
sfx: hiie
B: I-I'm gonna die!!
G: You guys are really slow...
G: I even went out of my way to walk along with you...
B: I-I'm a city girl, you know...!!
B: Don't compare me to some wild mountain boy like you...!!
sfx: zeh
sfx: zeh
B: Where are we,'s all desert...
O: O...of course it have to cross this in order to get to Frypan Mountain...
B: I-I can't take it anymore...!
sfx: petan
B: This is it for today...!
G: How pathetic...
B: Do you think there's a hotel or an inn around here?
O: Yeah right...

B: Whyyy, whyyy!! This is horrible! I hate this! Nooooo!
B: I'm hungry!! I wanna take a bath!! I can't sleep unless I have a bed!!!
B: She's really got a bad self-centered!
G: You're one to talk!
sfx: guuu guuu
G: ...and she fell asleep while screaming all that stuff...
O: Guess it's time for us to sleep too.
G: I'm really hungry...
P: niko
sfx: pyon
Sign on Yamucha's abode: Severe Training and Extreme Sharpening

P: Yamucha-sama!! Three sitting ducks!! (*t/l note: Yamucha is the word for a traditional Chinese meal of tea and dim sum)
Y: What?!
Y: It's been a while since we've had some prey...
Y: Fufu...
Y: A boy and a pig, huh...
Y: Doesn't look like they have much cash...
P: But they might have some Hoipoi Capsules!
Y: Alright, Puerh!! Prepare the Jet Squirrel!! (*t/l note: Puerh is another type of Chinese tea)
P: Yes sir!!
O: Now that you mention it, I'm starving too...
G: I'll go look for some food.

G: Do you like pork?
O: Hell no!!!
O: Eh?
sfx: goooo...
O: H-hey!! What's that?!
G: Huh?!
B: All of a sudden, here come the desert villains, Yamucha and Puerh!! It doesn't look like they'll be getting out of this one without a battle!!

Next, #8. The Fearsome Yamucha!!

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