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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Dragon Ball 10

The Great Robbery Plan

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 13, 2009 11:45 | Go to Dragon Ball

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tl by molokidan

B: Collect all seven and your wish will come true...the villain Yamucha, once realizing this secret, attempted to steal the balls from Gokuu and co., but failed. And now, the next morning...
G: Fuwaaa...
O: Finally up, huh...?
G: Mornin'!
O: Mornin' my ass! I haven't slept a wink!
G: Why not?
O: Yamucha came to attack us again last night!!

G: Yamucha...you mean that guy from yesterday?
O: Yeah! And thanks to you, I was so scared I couldn't sleep and watched out for him all night!
G: Ohhh...I didn't notice at all!
O: Dammit...I shouldn't have fed him that sleeping powder...
sfx: jaaa...
B: Uuuuunnn...
B: My head really hurts...
B: Hey, Oolong, did you wash my clothes?
O: As if I had time to do that...
B: What do you mean as if you had time?!
B: I don't have any clean clothes to wear now!!!
B: I told you to have it done by today, didn't I?!
G: Oolong stayed up on watch all night!
B: Watch? What's going to attack us here?
G: You saw him too, didn't you? Last night!

B: Araaaa!! That hot guy came?!
B: What do you mean?! If he was here I would have given him a big welcome!!
O: It must really be nice to be you...
O: The only clothes I have that you might be able to fit into are in the shelf on the 2nd floor.
B: You should have said that sooner!!
sfx: dododo...
O: I thought I had confidence in how despicable I was, but there's no way I can beat her...
G: Hey, I'm hungry.
O: Is that all you ever say...
G: gah gah
O: There goes one month's worth of food...
B: Oolong!!!!
B: You call these clothes?!

B: I'm going to look like an idiot walking around outside like this!!!
O: Hey, that's all I got, alright...? It fits you perfectly, I don't know what you're complaining about...
B: Oh, come on...
B: I'd really like to know how you were raised to turn into a kid that could give even the most perverted old men a run for their money!
G: Hoo, that was good!
B: Alright, let's leave for Frypan Mountain! Oolong, you're drying!
O: What? Me?!
B: Of course!!
B: Girls are busy with skin care and makeup in the morning!!
O: I haven't gotten an ounce of sleep...
O: Uuuu...
O: You pig enslaver...

Y: Mu!! They've started moving...
P: What should we do...
Y: I won't be satisfied until I get my hands on those Dragonballs...!
Y: ...alright...at this point, we have no choice but to pull out the big guns!
Y: Prepare the Mighty Mouse!! And the Panzerfaust, and an automatic rifle!!
P: Yes sir!!
sfx: buon bubu...
B: Fun-fun-fufuuuun
B: I wonder if we'll get to see HIM again...
O: Keh!! What do you mean GET to see him?!
O: If he comes again, we're in big trouble!
G: Hey, what's that?

O: Uwawahhh!! I-it's him!! He's here!!
Y: Fu fu fu...
Y: Have a taste of my Panzerfaust!!
B: Eh?! He's here?!
B: He actually came?!

sfx: boh
B: Kyaaaaaa, where?! Where?! Where?! Where is he?!
sfx: dokaaaan
B: Gyaaaaa!!!
Y: Alright, Puerh, stop the car!
P: Yes sir!
sfx: ki...

O: Oww...owwwww...!
G: Th...that guy...!!
G: Yai yai yaii!! What are you doing?!
P: How lucky, Yamucha-sama! It looks like the girl's unconscious!
Y: Mmm!
Y: Hey, you little shitheads!
Y: Hand over the Dragonballs, nice and easy! If you don't do it nice and quick, you'll be in for a world of hurt!
O: H-hey, how does he know about the Dragonballs?!
G: There's no way we're giving them
G: to you!!

O: S-stupid!! Just hand them over!! You're gonna be killed!!
G: Beeeeh!
sfx: dah
O: Ahhh, y-you idiot!!
P: Ah! He's coming toward us!
Y: Fufufu...hold on to the automatic for me.
Y: It seems like that kid really means to test me...
Y: Hah hah hah! You really want to be smashed again by my Rougafuufuuken that badly?!
G: Yesterday I was just hungry!!
G: Today my stomach's filled to the brim!!

Y: Soreh!!
sfx: bishih
sfx: gah
G: Take that!!
sfx: bashih
sfx: bunn
Y: Tchii!!
G: Hoh!!
sfx: babah
sfx: baki

sfx: dodoh!
Y: Ku...! Y-you little...
P: Ya-Yamucha-sama!
G: Come on, let's keep going!
P: Aaaahhh!! Ya-Yamucha-sama, your tooth...!!
Y: Eh?!
Y: AH!!
Y: Uooooooohhhhhh!! M-my tooth fell out!! My manly face...!!!
Y: Y-you bastard...!!
Y: I-I-I'll remember this...!!
sfx: burororo...
G: Wh...what?
G: Done already...?

O: Heeeey, you were amazing!! You're super strong!!
O: My opinion's changed of you!!
G: Mufufu!
O: But...I mean, it's good you chased him away and all...but our car...
O: We're gonna have to walk I guess...
Y: D-dammit...
Y: Th-that kid really can fight...!
P: A-are you alright...?
Y: We'll just have to change our plan...
P: ...to what?
Y: I should have just tried this from the start...especially since the Dragonballs are useless unless you get all seven...
Y: ...we'll just follow them until they're finished collecting, and then steal them all at once!! (I'm so smart!)

G: It sure must be nice to be a girl...
O: H-hey, carry me on your back too...heheh...
O: Eh?!
sfx: burororo...
Y: Heeey, heey!
O: H-hey!!
O: They're back again!!
Y: Heeey, you three!! Sorry about earlier!!
Y: After thinking this over reaaaly hard,
Y: Heheheh~
Y: We realized we did something really wrong!!
Y: So as an apology, we're going to give you this capsule!!
sfx: poih

O: A-a car!!
Y: Well then, take care!
Y: Farewell!!
sfx: burororoo...
O: Wh-what was that all about...?
sfx: pokaaan
G: He's really a nice guy after all!
O: I hope there's not a bomb attached to this or anything...
O: Don't you think this is all too good to be true...?
sfx: buooo...
G: No! You have to trust people!
G: Alright, let's go to Frypan Mountain!!
sfx: pikun pikun...
P: They're heading straight for Frypan Mountain!
Y: Fufufu...and so our pursuit begins!
B: Yamucha absolutely refuses to lose the prey he's set his eyes upon!! Next time, Gokuu and co. finally reach Frypan Mountain...!!

Next, #11. Gyuumaou of Frypan Mountain

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