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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Dragon Ball 15

The Chiishinchuu, Found!

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 14, 2009 15:18 | Go to Dragon Ball

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tl by molokidan

#15. The Chiishinchuu, Found

B: Muten Roushi used the Kamehameha to successfully put out the fire on Frypan Mountain, but he ended up using too much power and accidentally destroying the mountain and the castle in the process...so what happened to the 6th Dragonball that was supposedly in there?!
O: There's no way we can find the Dragonball now...
B: Sure we can, as long as we use the Dragon Radar!
B: Expand!
sfx: kachi kachi
B: O...kay. If we're here, then that means it should be about 50 paces southwest...

G: It feels so cool now that the fire's been put out! Now it'll be easy to live here again!!
K: Ahhh, sorry about destroying your castle though...
C: Don't be silly! We can just rebuild it!!
Y: Muten Roushi, huh...? He's one fearsome guy. We'd better not make an enemy of him...
G: That was an awesome move!!
G: Can you teach that to me, gramps?!
M: Hoh, hoh, hoh! That's impossible!
M: It'll takes at least 50 years of training in order to grasp the art of the Kamehameha...
G: Fifty years...
G: Hmmm...

G: Mumuuu...
G: Roushi-sama, would you like to come here and live with us?
K: Naah, it's easier for me to live on my own.
G: Uuuu...
G: Hah!!!

K: Eh?!
G: It...
G: came out...
G: But it's still nothing compared to Kamesennin's...
G: A...amazing...
G: W-well, he is Gohan-san's grandson, after all...
K: What?! Gohan, you mean Son Gohan?!
G: Huh? Didn't you know, Roushi-sama?
K: Now I see...

K: That reminds me, a while back...
K: Gohan mentioned to me how he was starting to raise a child he had found with a tail...
G: Uh oh...I broke the car...
K: Fu fu fu...if he can do that much,
K: it seems like been trained quite well.
K: Hey, boy! How's Grandpa Gohan?
G: Grandpa already died.
K: What?! Mumuuu...is...that so...we've lost a great man...
K: Hey, how about coming to my house for a bit? With training, you might be able to get even stronger than me!
G: Really?!
G: Alright, then I'll come right after we get all the Dragonballs!!
P: T-that kid really is amazing...
Y: Mu-Muten Roushi rarely accepts disciples...to be chosen by that man is...

P: M-maybe we should give up on the Dragonballs...
Y: No way! Remember, as long as we grab his tail, he'll lose all his power!
P: But the bugged car we gave them got destroyed.
Y: We'll just have to trail after them without being noticed.
B: There it is!!
B: 1...2...3...4...5..6...
B: It's the Chiishinchuu (Seven-Star Ball)!!!
B: Hooray!
B: Hooray!
G: Hahah!! It looks like they found it!!

B: Wh-what happened?!
O: It's been totally wrecked!!
G: Sorry...
B: What are we gonna do now?!
G: If you need a car, you can take mine!
B: Eh?! Really?!
G: Here!
sfx: poi
B: Wow!!
G: It's a little old, but darn fast!

B: This is wonderful!!
B: Thank you so much!!
G: I'm gonna ride in this too!
B: Time for the final Dragonball...
B: Ummm...
B: It doesn't seem to be nearby...I'll have to widen the range some more...
B: There it is!!
B: To the west!! It looks pretty far, though.
B: Thanks, everyone! We really owe you!!
G: See ya later!
O: Bye-bye!
K: Hey!
B: Eh?!
K: Aren't you forgetting something?
K: Our important promise!
B: Heheheh...so you did remember, huh...?

B: J-just hold on a minute, OK?
B: Oolong, come here...
O: Eh?!
O: Wh-what?!
B: Just come on!
B: Listen up...
B: I promised to let the old guy touch my boobs in exchange for putting out the fire on Frypan Mountain so that we could get the Dragonball.
O: Eh?
B: I want you to transform and let him touch your chest in my place!!
O: Iieee?!
O: Y-you've gotta be kidding me!!
O: I've got nothing to do with this!! Getting touched by some old guy is just as disgusting to me as it is to you, anyway!!
B: Oh, I see.
B: You want me to say pii pii then?
B: Y-you're gonna have a terrible death, yoknow that...

K: What's taking her so long...?
G: Ummm...what's going on?
K: A-ahhh!! N-nothing!! Nothing!!
O: How's this?!
B: Who the hell is that ugly pig?! Are you blind or something?!
O: What a pain in the ass...
O: How about this!!
O: It's perfect, right?!
B: Woah, what a surprise! For a minute I was wondering why there was such a pretty actress out in a place like this...
O: Yeah, right...
B: Heey!

B: Despite being such an accomplished guy, he's an even bigger pervert than I am...
K: Uuunn!! You're such a tease!!
B: Sorrrrrrryy~
K: N...now then...
K(small): hehehe...
K: Please let me touch them already...!
O: Ohhh, how innocent! Is touching all you really want to do to me?!
K: Eh?
O: Wouldn't you rather do a puff-puff?
K: Pu...pu...puff-puff...?
O: It's when you put your face between one boob and the other...
O: And then go puff-puff!
K: Puff-puff!!

B: That idiot!! He doesn't have to go that far!!
O(small): Here I go~
K(small): Puff puff puff
O: Here!!
sfx: peron
B: Eeei, puff-puff!
K: Ohhhh!
B: Puff-puff-puff!
K: Guooohhhhh!
B: And another! Puff-puff-puff!
K: Amaaaaziiiiinnng!!!
K: I...I...I'm full of bliss...
K: I'm so glad I'm alive...
B: Are you retarded?! That was way overdone!!
B: You made me look like a total pervert!!
G: I wonder if they're finished...
C: Hey, Gokuu!
C: Once we get a little older,
C: will you come take me as your bride?
G: Eh? Take you as a what?
C: Ohhh, come! You know what I'm talking about!
G: Not really...
G: If you're going to give me something, I'll come take it, though!

B: See you later!
G: Take care!
G: Come again!
C: You'd better come back!!
K: Puff-puff...
Y: Alright!! Time for us to go too!!
Y: Soreh!

Y: Dammit!! At this rate we'll lose them!!
Y: I'm pretty sure we had a new quadruple silver star type that goes faster than theirs!! Let's change cars!!
B: We only have one Dragonball left to find now!!
G: I can't wait to see the dragon!!
B: Finally, there is only one Dragonball left!! The day when wishes will come true grows even closer!! Next time...

Next, #16. Rabbit Ears

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