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Dragon Ball 16

Rabbit Ears

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 14, 2009 16:08 | Go to Dragon Ball

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tl by molokidan

B: Only one Dragonball remains!! Buruma, Gokuu, and Oolong's journey leads them farther and farther west...
G: This is a really weird place.
B: Hey, Oolong, is there a town or something around here?
O: How should I know? I've never been this far west!
O: This is bad, we're almost out of fuel...

Y: Don't lose sight of them, no matter what, got it?!
P: Yes sir!!
Y: Fu fu fu...
Y: Just a little more until the last Dragonball...

B: This is great!! We found a town!!
O: Now we can refill the fuel!!
B: Hey there!!
P: Kyaaaa!!
G: What the...?
G: It seems like everyone here is scared of you...
B: Eh? What are you talking about?
O: Fill 'er up!
P: Y-yes sir...!!

P: Eh...Planium fluid, correct...?
O: Yeah, that's the one!
B: I'm going to go shopping. Wait for me, OK?
B: I wonder if there's a place that sells Hoipoi Capsules here...
B: He was right. They all look at me and run away...
B: Beautiful girls must be rare around here...
B: Here we go!!
B: A Capsule shop!!

P: H-here you go, it's full!
O: Can you wait a minute for the cash? The one with our wallet will be back soon.
P: O-of course not!! Y-you don't have to pay us!!
O: Eh?
B: Hmmmm...doesn't look like you carry any particularly good ones...
P: F...forgive me...
B: Fine, I'll take these five.
B: Number them and put them in my case, alright?
B: How much will it be?
P: O-oh, no!! O-of course I don't plan to charge you!!

B: Heheh, what a deal! The house capsule alone cost 500,000 zenii!
B(2b): Being beautiful really does have its perks! Now it's time to go win some new clothes!
Y: It looks like the girl went out shopping...
S: Peh!! This place is always such a dump!
S: There aren't even any good women here...

B: Is this all you have...?
B: I guess it's better than the bunny girl outfit, though...
P: U...umm...
P: Aren't you...a member of the Rabbit Gang...?
B: Rabbit Gang?
B: What's that...?
P: Don't walk around wearing such a misleading accessory!!
B: Wh-what?!
B: Now they aren't even batting an eye at me...
B: What's the big deal about the bunny ears...?

Y: She's finally back!
B: Thanks for waiting! I got a lot of shopping done!
G: Did you get food too?! I'm so hungry!!
O: That felt like forever...girls always take so long to shop...
S: Keh!! This apple tastes horrible!
S: What do you want, pal? Got something to say?
P: N-no, o-of course not...!
B: Who are those guys?
O: They look like bad news...

S: Damn dare you run out in front of me!
P: P-please, we're sorry!! H-he's only a child!
S: I don't wanna hear any excuses!!
P: Hiieee!!
O: Wow...they're really horrible.
S: Those bunny ears...
S: Hey, look! You rarely see a girl like that around here!
S: Hm? Hohoh...yeah, she ain't half bad!
S: Hey, girl!
S: You wanna come with us for a little bit?
B: Hmph!
B: What do you want?

S: Now this is rare! You mean you don't know of the Rabbit Gang, who can get even crying babies to shut up?
S: Seems like you aren't from around these parts...
B: Now I finally know why everyone ran away after seeing me earlier...
B: Thanks for asking, but I don't have time to play around with you two! C'mon, let's go!!
S: Hoh, you've got some attitude...
S: Don't you wanna live a long life?
B: Son-kun, these two are bad guys, it's OK if you beat them up.
G: Yeah, you're right.
O: S-stupid! They have guns...!!
S: What was that?
S: You, beat US up?

B: One down!
S: You...
S: You damn kid...!!

G: Hah!!!
S: zun
G: Hoi!
S: dote...
G: Ahhhh, it felt good to fight for once in a while!
B: Good job! Now let's go!
O: What an animal...

Y: Fufun! What idiots.
Y: There's no way they could take on Gokuu.
S: Uu...uuuukuku...!!
S: H-how dare you e...embarrass the Rabbit Gang like that...
S: E-excuse me, Boss, but please come to town...
S: T-there's a super strong guy here...
B: Fufun! What's he mumbling about?
P: Y-you people really did it now...!
G: Eh?!
P: Uwaaaaah! R-run awaaay!!
B: And so, a dangerous atmosphere descends on the town...just what kind of person is the boss of the Rabbit Gang...?!

Next, #17. The Boss's Special Move

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