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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Dragon Ball 19

The Dragon Finally Appears!

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 15, 2009 07:44 | Go to Dragon Ball

-> RTS Page for Dragon Ball 19

Note: My 600th translation!!!


tl by molokidan

#19. The Dragon Finally Appears!

B: After having the Dragonballs stolen from them by Pilaf and his cronies, who are aspiring for world domination, Buruma and co. boldly stepped into enemy territory, only to immediately get caught in a trap...
Y: Dammit, we're totally stuck in here!!
G: My punch won't even break through...
O: This is why I said we shouldn't come here!!
P: Geh heh heh...! The moment when I become King of the World has just gotten closer!
M: Pilaf-sama! We did not find the Dragonball in their car.
P: What?! That means one of them must be carrying it!

P: Hmmmm...it doesn't look like it, though...
P: It looks like that boy has a sack between his legs...
P: I thought I told you hated tasteless jokes...?
M: Excuse me.
P: That's exactly what I'm talking about!!
M: Ahh!!
P: Don't you understand all the trouble this mangaka has gone to in order to keep this manga's humor refined?!
M: I...I just...
P: Shounen Jump has been selling a ton of copies lately, and apparently tons of people are reading it!
P: Just make sure you don't slip up again...got it?!
M: Yes, sire!!
sfx: kiiin

Y: Well, you know what they say...a man's home is his castle,
Y: in a manor of speaking!!
P: Ya...Yamucha-sama...what was that? Just now...
Y: ....a joke.
O: If you've got enough time to think up stupid jokes like that, how about figuring out a way to get outta here?!
Y: Silence!! I had confidence in that one!!!
P: You idiots...just when I was trying to calm things down!!
P: Hey, listen to me, dammit!!
P: I am Emperor Pilaf!!
B: Ahh!!

B: So you're the one who stole our Dragonballs!!
P: About those Dragonballs...it seems like one's missing!
G: Hey, if we break that window, we could get out!
Y: That's a television, you moron...!
P: I know you have the ball with four stars on it!!
P: If you don't hand it over immediately, you're going to regret it!!
B: Like we'd ever give that to you!! No way-beeeee!!
P: Ku...!!
P: Fiiiiine! If you absolutely refuse to give it up...
P: I'll just do something perverted to you!!
B: Ehh?!

B: Kyaaa!!
B: Whaaat?!
Y: H-hey, this is bad!!
G: What's perverted mean?
O: Th...this is exciting...
B: Wh-what do you think you're doing?!
B: Lemme go!! You damn thieves!!
P: Fu fu fu...if you're going to confess, now's your chance!! Where's the last Dragonball?!

B: Henn!! Like I'd tell you!!!
P: I see...you really want to be humiliated, don't you...
P: Then I guess I've got no choice...
Y: R-resist him!! You can do it!!
P: Chupah!
B: .....eh?

P: H-how's that?!
P: I bet you really wanna tell me now, don't you?!
B: ....what was that?
P: I...I...I blew a kiss to you...!!
M: Kyaaaa! How perverted!
S: Don't say it out loud!
B: So what?
Y: Excellent job!! She withstood it!!
O: Eh?!
B(small): Hoh
B: That's all you've got?! I at least thought you'd strip me and try a hero-hero, or a puff-puff, or a kyoi-kyoi, or some inguri-monguri, or something!! (*t/l note: We all know what puff-puff means, but as for these other three terms Buruma brings up...I've scoured Japanese webpages and the Daizenshuu, and anytime I've found something related to these terms, the answer has always been that they're words made up by Toriyama. Inguri-Monguri was the name of an old Japanese band, so Toriyama might have thrown it in there as a joke at the end. As for what he really intended...that's up for you to fantasize about!)
P: Ge-gehhh!!! Wh-what a lascivious woman!!
P: H-how were you able to list off so many perverted things so quickly?!
M(small): S-she's a pervert!!

B: Teh!!
P: Curses! She must be pretty tough not to fall prey to any perverted attacks...
M: Pilaf-sama, how about knocking them out with sleeping gas and then searching for the ball?
P: That's right! We could always do that!!
P: OK!! Put them to sleep at once!!
B: Ah!!
O: Wh-what's that?!
O: Gohoh, gohoh! Uwaaaahhh!
G: Wh-what's all this smoke?!

P: Ha ha ha! Look at them all, sleeping soundly like that!
P: Alright! Now let's find the Dragon...
P: Dragon...ba...
P: ba...
S: Ahh!! Pilaf-sama!!
M: He wasn't wearing a gas mask!
M: I'll look for the ball, so you take Pilaf-sama...
S: Sheesh...
M: Now then...

M: Hm!
M: There it is!!!!!
P: Hoo...
P: I still feel a bit light-headed...
P: Anyway, good job, you two! Now we've finally gathered up all seven!!
S: Yes, sire!
P: Kihihihihi! And finally, the entire world will be under my foot!!!

Y: Hah!!!
Y: It's no good!! This wall is too hard to break through!!
G: Kicks don't work either...
G: Oh, we're screwed now...!! They probably already made the wish while we were sleeping...!!
Y: That's it, Gokuu!!
Y: Use the Kamehameha!! That move Muten Roushi showed you!!
G: Oh yeah!
G: But Yamucha, how do you know about that?
Y: D-don't worry about that!! We don't have much time, so hurry it up!!
G: OK!
G: Here goes.

P: Yeeees...
P: T-time to call out the Dragon God...
M: Gokkun...
G: Ka...me...
G: Ha...me...
G: Haa!!

G: It won't work!
G: I haven't gotten any training, so I can only make a tiny hole like this.
Y: Ahh!! They're outside!
Y: We made it, though!! They still haven't summoned the dragon!!
B: Eh?!
Y: Puerh!! Turn into a bat and go through the hole!!
Y: We still have a chance at stealing the Dragonballs from them!!
P: Yes sir!!
B: That's a great idea!!
B: What are you standing around for?! You need to go too, Oolong!!
O(2b): Eh?! M-me...?
B: Make yourself useful once in a while!! Pii pii pii...!!
O: A-alright, alright!! I'll go, I'll go!!

P: We'd better move it!!
P: Come out, Dragon!!
P: And make my wish come true!!!

B: Finally, Shenlong has been summoned!! Will the world really fall become Pilaf's?!

Next, #20. The Wish to the Dragon!!

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#1. by alexlw92 ()
Posted on Jan 15, 2009
how the eff do you translate so fast.
#2. by juUnior ()
Posted on Jan 15, 2009
Gratz for the 600th translation, molokidan <3
#3. by Imitorar ()
Posted on Jan 15, 2009
Congratulations on your 600th translation, molokidan, and thank you very much for making Dragon Ball translations available! And with informative translator's notes to boot!
#4. by Esc. ()
Posted on Jan 17, 2009
Congratz pal,
600 is a fuckin lot! lol
#5. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Jan 20, 2009
Thanks for the warm comments everyone, I appreciate it!

And to alexlw92: I've been doing this for a long time...as with anything, you get speedier and more efficient as time goes on :]
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