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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Dragon Ball 20

The Wish to the Dragon!!

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 20, 2009 09:06 | Go to Dragon Ball

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tl by molokidan

B: Pilaf and his cohorts, seeking world domination, stole the six Dragonballs from Buruma and, combining it with the one they had, have managed to summon Shenlong!! The world is in danger!!

O: Uwahh!!! Uwawawawawahh!!!
P: W-we didn't make it in time!!!
P: The Dragon's appeared!!
Y: This is bad!! They've already summoned the dragon!!
B: Aaaaaannnnnnn!! I-it's all over now!!
G: Hey, let me see too, guys!!
P: F...fantastic...
M: It...it's way bigger...than an alligator!
D: Come, tell me your wish.
D: I will grant any one wish you have...

Y: Is a guy like that really going to take over the world?!?!
G: Uwahhhh, it's huge!! So that's the dragon, huh?!
B: We suffered so much, only for this?!
P: N-now, for my wish...

O: T-this is bad...!! I-it looks like we'll just have to run away!!
P: Y-yeah, you might be right...
O: .....hm!!
O: T-that's it!!
O: As long as I can say something before he does...!!
P: Ehh!?
P: I...
P: w-want...

O: a girl's pair of panties!!!!!

sfx: fu
sfx: fuwa
sfx: fuwari
sfx: pasa...

D: Your wish has been granted.
D: Farewell.

P: Ahh....ahh...
P: Ahhhhh...!!

O: E...eheh!
O: Eheheheh...
Y: That crazy bastard, he really did it!!
B: Serves 'em right!!
B: That pervert actually came in handy!
G: All the Dragonballs flew off into the sky!!
B: After a wish is made, the Dragonballs scatter all over the world.
G: So that means grandpa's ball went somewhere too?!
B: Unfortunately,
B: that's what I mean...

P: C-capture the pig and that cat-looking thing at once!!
P: Th-they're all getting the death penalty!! I'm going to massacre them all!!
M: Yes sir!!
Y: How pathetic...I can't believe we let them capture us like that again!
P: shobon
O: Not like we could do anything about it...they had a laser gun...
Y: We can't even make any holes in the walls this time...
Y: It's all steel...

G: What are you talking about? The roof's wide open!
B: Not quite...that's super-reinforced glass.
G: Hah!!!
G: Owwww!! Owwwwwwwwwwww!!
B: I told you so.
Y: Shit! If we can't find a way to get out of here somehow,
Y: forget gathering the Dragonballs again...we'll die right here...!
B: We wouldn't be able to collect them again for some time anyway.
Y: What?

B: Once a wish has been made with the Dragonballs, it takes over one year until they become usable again.
B: In other words, they'll just appear as round stones for a whole year...there's no way we can search for them...
Y: O...o-o...one year...?!
O: Gimme a break...
Y: I...I'm going to have to live another year being awkward around women...
O: What's going to happen to the title of this manga...?
P: Hey, you guys!! Nice job ruining my plans for world domination back there!!
P: I'm giving you all the death penalty now!!!
P: Gu fu fu fu...but don't worry. I'm not one for savage behavior...
P: I'm going to kill you off nice and smoothly!!

P: You realized the ceiling above you is made out of glass, right?
P: Around these parts, the sun is super hot at noontime...so being in that room is just like being in an open toaster...!!
P: Dry up and die, all of you!!
P: Gyahahaha! I'm so excited for tomorrow!!!
Y: Dammit! S-so that's his plan...!!
B: Wh-what should we do...?!
B: I didn't bring any suntan lotion!! My skin...my skin...!!
O: You aren't acting like someone who's about to die...
B: I'm too young to become a mummy!!
O: I don't want to become roasted pork, either!!
Y: M...my dreams of getting married...
P: I wanna go pee!!
B: This is by far the most desperate situation yet!! Next time, a completely unbelievable outcome will occur! What on earth could it be...?!
G: I'm hungry...

Next, #21: Full Moon

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