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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Dragon Ball 21

Full Moon

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 20, 2009 09:38 | Go to Dragon Ball

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tl by molokidan

Box: A hell of scorching sunlight at noon awaits Gokuu and co., who have been trapped in a prison with a glass ceiling!! Just how will they get out of here alive...?!
B: Fureeeeh! Fureeeeh! Do your best!!
P: Ga ha ha!! Fools! Struggle all you want!!
P: The walls of that prison are made of 300mm-thick steel!! The ceiling is super-reinforced glass!! Not even guns could break through it!!
Y: It's...useless...!
Y: It's completely impossible to break out...!!
P: Only death awaits those who get in the way of Pilaf-sama's world domination!!

P: Now then, it's gotten rather late...shall we go to sleep?
M: yes sir!
P: Gu hi hi hi...
P: I just can't wait for noon tomorrow...!!
Y: Haah x2
G: It's no good...
G: I'm too hungry...
O: Are we really going to die like this...?
B: To be honest, I hate death!! I don't wanna!!
O: Well of course, everyone hates it!!
O: Hm?

O: Puerh, what are you doing?
P: Looking at Mr. Moon.
O: What are you acting all calm for in a time like this?!
P: It's a full moon tonight, so it's pretty.
P: I just want to look at something pretty before I die...
O: Don't say shit like that, especially when you aren't acting!!
G: A full moon...?
G: When there's a full moon out at night, a really scary monster comes out!!
B: Fufu! You're kidding...you mean the wolfman?
B: If you have time to sit around thinking up dumb stuff like that, think up a way to get us out of here!
G: It's not a lie!! My grandpa was squashed flat by its foot and died!!

Y: What?! Son Gohan, a martial arts master...?! T-that monster must really be something!
G: Yeah!! It destroyed our house, trees, everything!!
O: What kind of monster was it, anyway?
G: I was asleep, so I didn't see it.
O: Your house was destroyed and you still slept through it?
O: Just what kinda nerves do you have, anyway?!
G: Grandpa always used to tell me...
G: "Never look at the moon when it's full!!"
G: I don't think it has anything to do with me looking at the moon, though...
G: I wonder if monsters come out when the moon is full around here too...
G: Huh?
G: What's wrong?

Y: N...no way...
B: D...d...do you mind if I ask...?
B: T...the night your grandpa was killed...d...did you l-look at the moon...?
G: Yeah!!
G: I was told not to, but when I went out to go pee I accidentally did...
Y: Wh...wh...what do you think...?
B: Wh-what do you mean...?
Y: I...I h-had a feeling he wasn't a n...normal kid...!
B: B-b...but t...that...
B: c...c...can't be possible...it's g-got to be a...coincidence...
G: Eh? What?
G: What are you talking about?

O: L...let's give it a try...
O: I-if we show him the full moon, we'll know for sure...
Y: O...okay...
B: Y...you have a point...
G: What already?
B: B...but if it does happen to be true...w-won't we be in trouble...?
O: Oh!! Y-yeah, you're right!
Y: Th-that was close...we can't let him see the full moon...!
B: Hey, Son-kun!! You can't look at the full moon after all!! Got it?!
G: Eh?

Y: Uuuwaaaaah! Uwwawawawawawahhhhh!!!
B: Hiiieeeeeeeeeeeehhhh!!!!
G: Whoopsie!
G: I looked at it again!
B: ....eh?
O: Y...you...d...d...don't feel any different...?
G: Why would I?

Y: Puhaaah...
O: Y-you really had us scared there...!
B: See! I told you there's no way that could be possible!

O: H-hey, Gokuu...!! Wh-what's wrong...hey...!!
B: S-stop playing s-silly jokes...!!

Y: Gyagyaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
O: Go-Gokuu!!!!

B: Pogegyaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

P: Uuuuuunnn...
P: What's all that noise...
M: They're really making a racket...
S: What a pain! We can't get any sleep like this...

B: Gokuu, after looking at the full moon, has undergone a great transformation!! Even the author himself is surprised!!! "It's out of my hands! It's out of my hands!"

Next, #22. Gokuu's Great Transformation

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