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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Dragon Ball 27

Lunch's Sneeze

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 20, 2009 17:02 | Go to Dragon Ball

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tl by molokidan

L: Hey, hey, where are we going?
G: Grandpa Kamesennin's house!
B: Gokuu and Kuririn saved a girl named Lunch, who was being attacked by two men, and now plan to kindly the pichi-pichi gal to Kamesennin...
G: It's right over there!

L: Wow!! It really is a nice place!!
K: Heh heh heh...have you become fond of it?
G: Heeeey!! Grandpa!! We brought a pichi-pichi gaaaaal!!
G: What's wrong? He isn't answering.
K: Maybe he is using the restroom?
G: What's a restroom?
K: The toilet, the toilet...!
G: Ohhhh, he's taking a shit!
G: I'll go tell him to hurry it up!

G: Heeey, grandpa, are you on the toilet?!
K: Hahaha...! Sorry about that...! He's quite the vulgar one...
L: But why did you bring me here? Is there something I can do for you?
K: Well, nothing in particular. If you'd stay here for a while that'd be more than enough!
K: It's all men here, so we're a bit lacking in the beauty department!
L: My! That'll be a great help to me as well!!
L: I"m being chased, you know!
K: Chased...? That's right, it did seem like you were being chased by some police-looking fellows!
K: Just who were they?
L: Police! Real ones!
K: Eh?

B: C'mon already, grandpaaaa!! We brought a girl!!
G: I-I'm finished!! Just wait a second!!
G: Y-you dummy!! Don't shout stuff like that in such a loud voice, you'll make me look bad!!
G: It stinks!
K: Wh-why are the police chasing you?
L: Hmmm...after staring at this bag filled with money,
L: I guess I must have robbed a bank again.
R: This time it's a real pichi-pichi gal, right?!
G: Kuririn said she was OK, so she must be, right?
K: Lemme see...
L: Or maybe I robbed a train...
K: Hyahya...don't you think that's a little too ridiculous to be joking about?! There's no I could ever imagine someone like you doing something like that!
K: Gimme a break...
K: You're probably just some rich lady, right?

L: You all should be careful.
L: When...
L: I sneeze...
L: my personality changes drastically...
sfx: pira

L: Hiieeh?!
K: You two really did it!!!
L: Ahh, you scared me!
G: So she's good?
K: We have returned, Muten Roushi-sama!
K: Heh heh heh...how about her? Her face is a little childish, but I'm sure you'll agree that she's more than 'filled-out' enough...
K: Umu, umu!
K: A-alright!!
K: I now declare you two my new disciples!!

K: Hey there! Welcome, welcome, come on inside!!
L: Nice to meet you! My name is Lunch! I was saved by your grandsons!
K: Hohoh! So they saved you, huh?
L: Yes! Thank you so much!
K: Well then...
K: But you see, they aren't my grandsons...
K: they're my little brothers.

K: Ha, ha, ha! That was just a joke!
L: Hohoh...I know, but...
K: To tell you the truth, I am Muten Roushi, also known as Kamesennin....and I am teaching martial arts to these two!
L: My! Martial arts?! Now I know why they were so strong!
K: Ho ho ho! So they came in handy already?
G: But I haven't learned anything from you yet, Grandpa.
K: By the way, Lunch-san...if you have a bit of free time, I was wondering if you'd be interesting in coming into the bath with...n-no! I-if you wouldn't mind relaxing on this island for a while?!
L: If it isn't a burden to you, I would be delighted!
K: A-a burden? Absolutely not!! You can stay here for the rest of your life if you want!!

K: Hey hey hey!! Hooray, hooray!! I'm overjoyed!!
K(small): Kyaho, kyahoooo!!
K: So how about it? Would you like to learn martial arts too?
sfx: haa x2
L: Eh? Me?
L: It sounds interesting,
L: but I'm not sure a woman like me would be able to keep up.
K: Oh, no, I don't mean for you to undergo full-blown training like those two.
K: I'm fairly confident some light exercise, though, would do well for your health, your heart, and of course, your beautiful looks!

K: What great fortune you have! Muten Roushi-sama is known by every member of the martial arts world! To be honest, he's the strongest in the world!! To think that the man himself is requesting you to become his student...!!
L: My!! I didn't know!
R: Hahaha...well, I must say, I am rather accomplished...
R(small): I'm gonna blush...heheheh...
G: Let's hurry up and start training!
R: You're a good guy, you know that?
K: Your praise is most appreciated!
R: Now then, let's hurry up and change into our uniforms!
L: OK!
K: Uniforms?
K: Uhyoooh!! You're going to change right here?!
L: Oh, that's right! I should change inside!
R: Th...that was unneeded...do you want to go back home...?
K: E-excuse me...

L: Ummm...
L: This kinda looks like underwear to me...
R: No, no! These are the Kamesen Style uniforms!
K: ...what a liar...
R(small): Young girls are the best!
K: Now then, let us begin!!
R: Eeeeiii!
R: What an annoying fly!!
sfx: buuuun

L: Ha...ha...e...everyone...run...ha...HA!
L: Hooo...
R: Eh?!
L: Huh? Where the hell am I?
L: It doesn't look like prison...

R: Gyowawawaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

L: Huh?
L: Huuuh?
L: Sorry about that!
L: It seems like every time I sneeze my personality switches.
L: Did I do anything wrong?
K: ....n...no, not really...
B: And so, Kamesennin and disciples begin their new living arrangements with one incredible woman...what will happen from here on out...?!

Next, #28. Training Begins!!

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