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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Gintama 35

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 35

?: Guhaaa!!
S: Hun, how despicable.
S: Is this to say the only thing you're good at is getting your ass beat?
S: As promised, I'm taking your special weapon.

S: ....This too, is far from being the "strongest."
S: I heard that some samurai's katanas were capable of even cutting the stars...
S: ...but it seems that coming to "this place" (*the earth) is turning out to be a waste of my time.
S: Ahh, I know it's out there somewhere..
S: Youtou "HOSHIKUDAKI!" (*Calamity Sword "Starbreaker.")

Chapter 35: Don't get confused! There's something called "Cooling Off," you know!

?: OUCCHHHH!!! (*said in English)
?: What the hell is this?!
?: Due to this unfair mangaka lifestyle, my stomach's become a friggin' double burger!!
?: At this rate Jennifer will end up hating me, SHIT!! (*said in English)
M: What's wrong, Michael? Did you stab your upper biceps with the ballpoint pen again and it exploded?
M: No, not that!! Look at me, Marilyn!! At my stomach!!
M: I told you to be careful. Ballpoint pens are so sharp they're technically capable of killing people, you know.
M: I already told you it wasn't about that, you stupid bitch!! It's my stomach!!
M: Don't worry, that's why I'm doing "this!"
M: DIET MACHINE!!! "Spin, spin, burn away the fat!"
M: If you keep doing this only 12 hours a day, your stomach will become muscular again!!

M: Are you for real, Marilyn!?
M: Order now, and we'll include an extra red and blue one at a super bargain price!!
M: By the twelfth payment, your dream body will already be within your grasp!!
M: Say goodbye to the double burger!! KYAAHOOOOOUU!!!
G: Enough with the "Kyahoou" already!!
G: Where the hell did you get that, anyway?
K: I called the people on the phone and they gave me it.
K: They even gave me all this stuff too, kyaahooo!

S: Kagura-chan, this is a TV shopping network, where they get people to buy things from seeing it on television.
S: They didn't just give you things...you BOUGHT them.
K: What, really?
G: Hurry up and return all that crap, before it's too late.
K: Hey, hey, this joke isn't funny, Johnny!
G: Who the hell is Johnny?!
G: Hey, Shinpachi, gimme a hand with this stuff.
S: Okay.
K: Pleeeeaaaaasseee stop, Johnny! Maxwell!
K: This isn't fair, dammit!!
K: Are you saying it's OK if I become a double burger!?

Guy: Looks like this bokutou's cracked. (*wooden sword)
G: Also, why the heck does this thing smell like curry? Where did you get this from?
K: I bought it from the TV shopping network!
G: Uhh, I don't really know what that is, but I'm pretty sure I can't take this.
G: But if it's that creature there you want to sell, I'll gladly take it!
W: Eww! Why does this smell like curry?!
W: Where is this made, anyway? Touyako, Miyage? Who'd want this?!
G: You know, I really hate curry.
G: I like hayashi rice, though.
G: I won't buy this from you, but...
G: If it's you that's for sale, I might be interested. How much?

K: That bastard doesn't even give me any salary in the first place!!
K: ...how am I supposed to make a living for myself at this rate?!
K: It's just the same as last month...people don't care about anything but sukonbu!! (*vinegar seaweed)
K: Who the hell would want such a sour thing in the first place??!
G: W...woah, the bridge is...!!

K: Haaa...
K: I don't know if I can go back now...
K: He told me not to come back empty-handed...
K: ...he's gonna be pretty mad.

K: Who the hell are you?
?: Little girl, that wooden sword...
?: Where did you get it from?
?: You split the entire bridge in two with that, didn't you?
?: Looks like I've finally found it....Youtou "HOSHIKUDAKI!"
?: Guhah!!

SFX: Guho goho
?: Fuhahaha, not bad, little girl!
K: Everyone, everyone, there's a degnerate down there!
K: I think he broke the bridge too!!
G: WHAT!! Hey, you, don't move a muscle!!
?: Eh? Hold on a second...
?: Hey, waaaaait!!
K: Sadaharu!
K: What are you doing? Let's go!

G: Haa...
G: Katana-hunting?
S: Yep, it's true. It's a hot topic lately.
S: I heard the offender is an Amanto-looking guy from outer space, who's looking for the strongest alien he can find to train with.
S: I heard that he's actually pretty strong, so even strong rounin and government officials have fallen prey to his attacks.
G: Strongest alien, huh...? I guess that even if it's on a different planet, idiots are still the same...
G: Sure, it's a romantic vision, but if you ask me, whoever that guy is has just been reading too much Jump manga.
S: Hey, you never know, he might be targeting your bokutou too, Gin-san.
S: Seriously, though, the one sword he's supposedly looking for is supposed to be pretty awesome.
S: I heard it can cut anything...if tha's true, then what the heck kinda weapon would it be?
G: Look, don't you remember going to Touyako on your school trip and talking to this old moutain hermit... (*really obscure joke)

K: Sorrry!!
G: ...on purpose.
G: She definitely knew exactly what she was doing and stepped on us on purpose...

K: Uorraaaaahh!!
G: Heeey now!! Do you two think you can just wreck my watermelon stand and get away with it?!
K: Hey, grandma, I'm borrowing this, OK?
?: Hey, wait!!
?: Can't you see I'm telling you to wait!
K: Shut up!
G: My name is Gankeimaru!!

G: I am wandering martial artist-in-training, searching for the strongest weapon I can find!!
G: Specifically, I'm looking for a katana capable of cutting stars that is said to be somewhere on this planet!
G: Truthfully, I've seen many katana already, but I believe now...
G: That I've finally seen Yokutou "HOSHIKUDAKI," the katana I've searched many years for!!
G: Do battle with me, and the winner shall receive the katana!!
G: It's only right that the strongest weapon should be owned by the strongest warrior!
G: Importunate!!
K: Wataaaaaaa!!

G: So, you're looking down on me...I won't lose my life so easily! You'd better sober up, little girl!
G: But any member of the Genbuzoku (*Mystery Warrior Clan) has skin of iron capable of blocking any type of projectile! You cannot win!!
G: With my body, and the "HOSHIKUDAKI," there will be no one who can stand against me!
G: Now, quietly admit your loss, and hand it over!!
G: If you do, I will spare your life!
K: ....Ahh.
K: This must be divine punishment.
K: I stole things randomly from that lady earlier...
K: ...God must have seen that and got mad.

K: But listen, God....that one guy is useless is never pays me any money...
K: And now something important to me is about to me taken away...
K: Maybe if I just give away this bokutou, I'll be OK...
K: No, wait! Then I'll just be doing the same thing as him....!
K: At his age it's impossible to change his character...
K: But Kagura, you might be able to still make it!!
K: Become an adult, Kagura!!
G: Hey, you, what the hell...
SFX: Kapu

G: What...
G: Ha!!
K: You're gonna fall!!
G: Agh!
SFX: Gashan
K: Good boy!
K: You did very well, Sadaharu!
K: I should go home now and apologize.
K: I don't think I can stand this any longer.
K: I guess the only good place for this...
K: ...is wrapped tight to Gin-chan's waist.

?: Honey, I'm home!
?: OUCH!!
?: What the hell?!
M: To think that samurais would resort to extortion here like this...
M: Today I was even supposed to have a date with Jennifer, SHIT!!
S: Jennifer's not coming here. This will be the place of your death, Michael!!
M: OWAAHHH!! Why the hell are you here?! You never told me about this!
M: You're the one who shouldn't be here! Last night, when you were drunk, you laughed at me for undergoing reconstructive surgery, didn't you?!
M: But the truth is, all I really had done was my nose, you son of a bitch!!
M: Now, with this Youtou "HOSHIKUDAKI" I'm going to break through those damn muscles of yours beyond all hope of recovery!!
M: This blade comes from a far-off planet, crafted from the 10,000-year old spirit tree "Kongouju!!" (*Adamantine Wood)
M: Whether it's rock, meteorite, or even your muscles, it'll break whatever it comes in contact with, this bokutou will!!

M: And if you call now, for a special price, we'll even inscribe a name of your choosing here on the hilt!!
M: And then, after twenty payments, you'll become an invincible samurai!! Isn't that awesome?!
G: Yes, that's right, Touyako please.
G: No, actually, I was thinking about taking a trip there...
K: Gin-chan, what are you doing?
G: Oh, please lend me your ear, Kagura-chan! I just lost a crapload of money at pachiko!!
G: And then, just recently, I spilled curry all over my bokutou, you know, that new one I just bought...
K: Eh? You mean this bokutou?
G: That's right! And don't tell Shinpachi...I want to make this whole thing "mysterious."
G: Even if I give you money to keep quiet, what would you buy with it? Sukonbu? You'd buy sukonbu, right?
G: That's like the only thing you buy anyway, you love them that much...hmm?
G: Hey, that thing you're holding, isn't that...
K: Johnny, I'm feeling tired, I think I'm going to go to bed now...

same stuff at top except #8

<Question from Shimomura-San in Aichi-ken>

There's something that's been puzzling me for a while. Something that you, or rather, Shinpachi-kun said. "20 years ago, during the Amanto age, the 'Jyoue' protected the country from foreign enemies."(Vol. 1 p. 147). (*Used the same translation from yanime's version for consistency) So, this is to say that, Gin-san and Katsura-san, by estimation, are both well over the age of 30?


It's alright. Here, listen up. Now then, this might show up on the test, so listen carefully. The Joui War isn't something that can be categorized into stuff like "one year long" or anything like that. It's way more crazy and confusing than that. Well, there's really no easy way to say it, okay, Shimomura, turn your book to the next omake page...

(Next is on Page 106)

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