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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Gintama 37

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 37

?: Huh? This...
?: Something's different about the way it springs up...it's unnatural...?
?: Man, whatever happened to the old days when I used to run and you'd stay just as thick and soft as ever?
?: Have I really abused you with too many products after all this time?
?: Ahhh...since I was young, I bleached my topknot, got a perm, really did a lot of stupid crap...
SFX: Kapan
?: Looks like it's time to put some more glue on...
?: I'm sorry, sir! Eh? But where would I knock?
C: I'm talking about a knock from the heart, stupid!!

?: ...um, more importantly, something terrible's happened, Boss!
?: Some monstrously strong guys rode in here...and...

Chapter 37 - I'm done being reckless

B: What the hell do you think you're doing?!
B: How many times have I told you, violence doesn't solve EVERYTHING!! What is this, a shonen manga?!
B: What the fuck is this?! Did something happen?!
?: Boss...um, boss...did something happen to your head too?
B: Taking out the strongest, fastest team in Edo, the Bulldogs, with only four men...
B: What the hell are you people?!
G: An? We're that, uh, you know...
G: Special Strike Squad...eh....what was it again, dammit!
S: Special Strike Squad.....Po...Pomeranian....wasn't it, dammit?
G: Ahhh, oh yeah, that, that, let's go with that, dammit!!
S: The least they can do is remember the name of their own team...
G: Ah! That's right, maltese! It's "MALTESE," dammit!! Don't look down on us!!
B: ...OK, but even if you tell us not to look down on Malteses....

B: I've never heard of a gang called "Maltese" before!! What do you want?
G: Umm...
G: What did we come for, again? Shit! I don't know!!
B: That's what I'm asking YOU!!
S: We've come to pull out Takachin!!
S: I won't let my friend become a shoplifter!
B: Takachinko? There's no one named that in our team!!
?: Err, it's that one guy who joined us recently, Takaya...
B: Are you sure? THAT Takaya?
?: Yes...THAT one.
S: HEEEEEY!! What are you doing?!
K: Eh? This is Takachinko? You got it wrong, don't fuck around, man!
S: What do you mean, I got it wrong?! Just what did you come here to do in the first place?!
K: But everyone's head looks like french bread, so it's hard to tell them apart!!
B: Glasses...so you're Takaya's ally, huh?
B: I get it. Friends...so you're trying to help him return to how he used to be, huh?
B: Despite your glasses, seems like you've really got some guts.
B: You interest me...if that's all you came to get, then take him and leave!
?: But, Boss!

B: But before that there's something I want you to do for me.
B: Before anyone from our team can leave, there's a certain condition they need to meet.
?: But, the way Takaya is now, there's no way he can do it.
B: So you guys'll go in his place!
B: The rules are simple.
B: Speed over to that terminal on your bike.
B: If you can make it there before us, then I give you permission to take him out!

B: Using weapons or whatever you want to damage the other team is totally OK.
B: In that respect, it's a good idea to have one person be the driver and another the attacker.
B: Finally, I want all of you guys to participate, since we'll have four from our side as well.
G: Sorry, but all we have from our side is a single motor scooter, so could you let us borrow anything?
B: Are you guys really a bike gang?
G: Of course we are, bastard! A bike gang that's considerate of the environment, that is!
S: Wait, sister, do you even have a driver's license?
S: Samurai don't worry about small details like that, dammit!
S: But sis, if you're really a samurai, you shouldn't just run over everything in your path, dammit.
K: Gin-chan, I think I might have to go pee.
G: An? Just hop off and find a place to go then.
K: Is that really something you should say to a lady?!
B: Fufu...this is gonna be interesting...
B: Alright, on your mark, get set...
SFX: Uon uon uon

B: Whoever, however,
B: Always BULLDOGS!!
SFX: Pan
SFX: Oooooooooo
SFX: Buoooooooo
?: Fuhaha, here come those idiots!
?: Too bad they don't know that this ritual is really just a bloody sacrifice for all would-be deserters!!

?: All'a you are gonna die here!
?: Ok, drop it now!
SFX: Gashan
?: Fuhahahaha!
?: They'll be crushed flat...
SFX: Bagan

?: Ee
SFX: Zugashaa
?: Heizooooooo!!
G: Bwahahahahaha, who's gonna die? Eh, Heizo-chaaaaan?!
K: Gin-chan, I really can't hold it any longer...
G: So wait, go ahead, leak it, leak it!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!
SFX: Zuuh
G: Hii
SFX: Zushaaaa
G: Hiiiiiiii!!

?: Fuhahaha, how'd you like the effects of our custom lotion!?
?: Go ahead and waste your last breaths over there!!
SFX: Geho gehoh
G: That bastaaard!!
SFX: Buon
SFX: Gah
G: Buuu!!
SFX: Goon

B: Wha...what the?!
B: They just ran over the head of their partner to get ahead!!
S: Sister, what the heck are you doing?! You could've killed Gin-san with that, you know!!
S: I cannot allow anyone to get in my way, even if they be my own allies...
S: I am wind! I have become the wind! KYAHAAAA!
S: Huh? Sister?! Did you open the door to another world or something?!
S: Ahh, this feels good! In about 3 more km we're going to slip through time!
S: Sister, please slip through time without me! More importantly, did you just rip the handle off?!
?: Uorraah! We're not letting you get any farther than this!!
SFX: Gah goh bakih
?: Feel the wrath of the Bulldogs!!
S: Ahh, the handle!!
SFX: Zuruh

S: Uwabababa, the handle!!
S: Sister!! Get ahold of yourself!
S: You're mistaken, it wasn't the real thing! That was just a wig!!
B: U...uwaaah...now look what you did!! You pulled the hais right off the tip of my head...look at me now!!
?: Why are you trying to explain it?
B: Matsutarou, is there anything you want?
?: Boss....I don't think you need to worry...the "secret" of your head is already pretty well-known...

S: Ugugu....I can't drive like this!! This is bad...
K: Shinpachiii!
K: Just try to endure it a little longer, I know you caaaan!!
S: Kagura-chan!
K: Ooooooo!!
?: What the hell is with this kid...does she have a rocket booster attached to her ass or something?!
K: Muhahahaha!
K: True bike gangs drive fast and wildly no matter what they're driving! We blaze down the path of life altogether!!
SFX: Gosoh
K: Show them how different we are, gin-chan!
SFX: Bah

K: Ahhhh, look at Gin-chan! That's why I told you to throw out the sake!!
S: How is that the sake's fault?! There's something personally wrong there!!
B: Fuhahaha, you guys seem more like a comedy troupe than a bike gang to me!!
G: Thaaat's right.
G: You seem pretty similar to that too, though! The way you did that flying wig trick!!

S: Gin-san!
B: ...bastard.
B: So that woman was just a decoy...
G: I'd be worried about something else if I were you...
G: See, I could give you my special Samurai German Suplex right now and send you straight to hell...
G: ...but that'd be like throwing water all over Shinpachi's spirit.
G: I'm going to do the right thing here and hand the reigns over to the my leader.
G: Shinpachi...
G: ...let's finish this.

?: ...well, I'll be damned.
?: To think that there were actually guys that nice out there!!
?: I would've never believed that there'd be people that'd go and pick a fight fo rthe sake of someone like Takaya!!
?: Who knows what's going through their head...
?: Hey, you listenin'? We're saying that it's a complete waste of time to save someone as useless as you!!
?: Those poor suckers are probably caught up in our traps by now!!
?: After all, there's never been anyone who's survived our ritual....
?: Nn?
?: Hey, what's that?

?: You gotta be kiddin' me!
?: Why are they running here?
?: What happened to the bikes?!
?: They ran here all the way....?!
?: Forget the bike, the Boss isn't even wearing his wig!!
T: Why is he so desperate?
S: --Takachin.
S: I'm the same as you, Takachin.
S: I hate my own weakness...
S: And I've always...
S: wanted to become strong!

T: ...well, you sure overdid it this time!
T: Do you know how much I suffered to try and get into that team?
T: Now you went and made it all for nothing!!
T: And don't think I forgive you about the pooping incident, either!
S: Yes, yes, I understand.
T: If you think I have any intention of atonement, you're far too late!
T: You hear me? No matter what you do, I'll never forgive you...
T: So don't do that anymore...it's a pain in the ass.
T: Back there...the boss was inspired by your guts...
T: If they let you into the team, that'd be such a mess.
T: Even if you refused, you'd have a hard time.

T: Friends just don't let friends do that, you know!
S: Yes, yes, I completely understand.
Sign: Big Edo Mart
H: I think I'm gonna stop asking them for favors...

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