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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 39

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 39

SFX: Gasa goso

N: There's definitely something in there.
N: Some strange creature...
?: Teruhiko-kun?
G: It's gotta be Teruhiko-kun...whoever you are, please say you're Teruhiko-kun...
SFX: Bah

SFX: Gah
G: You asshole, do you really intend to leave me here like this?!
D: Aren't you the one who said you wanted to stay here?
G: Yeah, sure, don't worry. Just come back soon, buy some custard for me while you're out.
D: What the hell are you going to use custard for?!
G: Dzurakooo....what about all the trials and tribulations we've suffered through?
D: Who cares?!
G: Fine! Then how about this?! I'll buy you that leather jacket with "samurai" written on the back that you really wanted a while back!
?: You two...
?: ...what do you think you're doing?

Chapter 39: Anyone making a cute face is definitely hiding something!

?: Hou hou...
?: So that kid is in here somewhere...
?: And you two have come looking for him, is that it?
?: Lately, there have been a lot of punks busting in here and playing pranks in our garden~
?: See that lone tree over there? Sometimes they try to take the bark home with them as proof that they are a great samurai or something...
?: Well, I guess boys will be boys, but still...
G: Wait, so then this is your garden, midget-grandpa?
?: Excuse me?! And just who do you think you're talking to with that tone of voice? Doe you have any idea who this "midget-grandpa" is?!
?: That's enough, Gramps.
?: Did you forget what father said about treating beauties with courtesy no matter what planet they may come from?
?: Imperial Prince, I understand your feelings, but no matter how you look at it, didn't your father end up marrying some ugly hoe anyway?!
P: Hey! How dare you talk about my mother like that!!

P: If you talk badly about my mother again, I'll discharge you, you shitty old man!!
P: Hmm? Wait, you...
SFX: Biku
P: ...haven't I met you somewhere before?
G: Ewww, gross~ Are you seriously asking me out in Joumon-style? (*Joumon Period)
G: If you can't even tell a Joumon girl from a Edo girl, wouldn't you please go die already, baldy?
P: Um, okay...but I really feel like I met you somewhere before...
P: These beautiful women are in trouble, so we can't just leave them here like this.
P: All they're doing is searching for someone, so let's give them a hand, grandpa!
G: Ehh, I'll pass. I have a Gateball tournament at four anyway. (*Gateball is a croquet-like game that elderly people play in Japan)
P: You shitty grandpa!! How about I kick you through the gate of Hell instead?!
D: Imperial Prince, if I may, I'd like to ask you something.
D: The children said earlier that they heard the howls of some beast-like creature that supposedly lives in here. Would you know anything about that...?
SFX: Kyaaaoooosu
G: What was that scream just now?
SFX: Zazazazaza
D: Something's coming!!

SFX: Gasah
D: Gyaaoosu
P: Oooooh, Pochi loves me~
P: Is this the beast you were talking about?
P: Pochi's no beast at all!
P: This garden was specifically created for keeping Pochi in.
P: We bought this deserted house from a military family and turned it into a place where Pochi could play.
P: And don't worry, there's no way Pochi would ever attack a child or any other.
P: Neee, Pochi?

D: ..Sorry, but do you think it'd be alright if I pet him a bit longer?
G: Hey, enough already!
D: What are you afraid of? Sure, his body may be big, but...
D: Good boy, good boy...
D: There's no way such a loving pet like this would bite a human...oh, what an angel!
D: Nn?
SFX: Kyaaooosu

G: Ahhhhhh!! The angel and the yakuza share the same name!!
D: And now it looks like they're doing a cheek dance!!
P: Pochi is a rare species of animal discovered on a far-off planet.
P: What you see on the bottom is just a ploy used to attract food it wants to eat.
G: You're talking about us, aren't you?!
P: Don't you worry, the only thing Pochi eats is salami.
SFX: Gabu
SFX: Mogu mogu

P: No, er, this is...um...he's just being playful.
G: The hell he is!! He just bit a piece of you off!! Did you borrow money from that bastard or something?!
P: It's really alright, after all, I still have my life...
D: Ahhh, shit, he became his own punchline!
SFX: Gyaaaaa
K: This is bad, Yocchan...now even the okamas are...
K: Crap, what should we do?
SFX: Dah
K: Yocchan! Where are you going, Yocchan?!

K: Sisters!
K: Get ahold of yourselves, sisters!
G&D: Nnn...
G: ...So, you were alright after all, kid?
D: We were really worried...are you hurt?
K: I should return that line to you with a baseball bat!!
G: ...Well, Dzura, you really got into some trouble this time.
D: Shut up, your head is buried too! Namuamidabutsu! (*Buddhist chant similar to "Lord Have Mercy On Me")
G: Shinpachiiii! Kaguraaaa! Sadaharuuu! Goooodbyeeee!
D: Calm down already! You guys are just buried, that's it!!

D: Oh, that's right. We shouldn't worry anymore now that you're here...
D: Hey, then get us out of here already!!
K: What did you even come here for, sisters...
G: More importantly, how the hell do you have no wounds?
K: Well, I simply hid on a branch of a tree the whole time.
K: To tell the truth, I actually got stuck since I was too scared to climb down.
K: And then you two were buried by that thing...
P: That damn Pochi!! I don't remember playing this kind of game before...
G: Imperial Prince...
G: How can you say that, knowing that this is exactly what Pochi does when he wants to store food to eat later...
G: Goddamn you, Imperial Prince!! Now my life, my gateball tournament, and especially your head, are all ruined!!
P: Shut up, shitty grandpa!! Once we get out of here, I'm definitely gonna chop your head off!!
G: Let's see you try it! Not like it matters, since we're all gonna die here anyway! Hihihi!!
T: Gusu....I'm so sorry, everyone.
T: Because of me, you all ended up like this...

T: What have I been doing...
T: Causing trouble to so many...
T: I just wanted to find some proof that I am a man...
T: But there's absolutely nothing manly about this!
T: But the truth is, I was just sick of my dad getting made fun of...
T: Even though he may look like that, I know that he's more manly than anyone else.
T: I know that his heart is more beautiful than anyone else's.
T: But no one sees that, because they don't even want to try.
T: It hurts...
T: It hurts so much...
G: ...hey.

SFX: Nosso nosso
P: I...it's comiiing!! Pochii!! If you want to eat something, chew on grandpa!! My body's too oily so it might give you a stomachache!!
G: What are you saying?! If he eats me, he'll get cut from my bones!! He has to eat you!!
G: Woah, hold on, he's turning this way!!
D: Look, forget about us, just get out of here, kid!!
T: At the very least, I want to save you!!
G: Hey, are you even listening to me?!
T: Shut up!
T: I am a man! I will not run away!
D: Is this really the time to be saying that? Quickly...!!

SFX: Dah
G: Fungoooooo!
SFX: Gigigigi
T: ...I'm a man?

D&G: We already knew that!!
G: You and your dad are both men!!
SFX: Zugogogo
G: No one can see that? Enough of that bullshit!!
G: Those who can see, definitely see it.
D: No matter what, these two here will definitely remember.
T: Sisters...
?: Hmph, look at you, acting all cheeky...
SFX: Zah

SFX: Goh
SFX: Dogo
Scream: Kyaaiiiinn!

T: Mo...
T: Mom!!
SFX: Gururu!
D: ...I just remembered.
D: Shiro-fun Saigo... (*White Sumo Thong Saigo)

D: During the Amanto invasion, he seized a key chance and boarded the enemy's battleship wearing a white sumo thong.
D: After the battle, this legendary man paraded around the city block in his white thong, which was by then soaked completely red in the enemies' blood.
SFX: Gosha
D: Kishin Saigou Tokumori! (*This is a pun on Saigo Takamori, who was the leader of "Satsuma," a large region of Japan during the Tokugawa Era and the Meiji Revolution. Saigo Takamori is branded as "The Last Samurai" and fought against the revolution to the very end.)
D: He's a man who should be respected as one of our greatest masters...

T: Mo...mo..mom....I'm sorry!!
T: I...
SFX: Goh
SFX: Dosha
S: Dumbass!!
S: I told you to call me father!!
Tiny text: Alrighty
S: Hey.
S: You bastards are fired.
S: No matter how long I make you practice, you can't remember any of the dances. You're completely useless.
S: And if I hear you call me and my pals monsters again, I won't stay quiet, got it?

S: No matter what happens, you're always welcome to come play at my place.
S: I'll be sure to give the FULL SPECIAL SERVICE <3
G: ...that was scary.
D: Seems like we really owe him this time.
D: He hasn't lost his spirit either.
D: He's still a very respectable warrior seeking the way of the samurai.

T: "My Dad-Mom" by Saigou Teruhiko.
T: My mom is my mom, but she's also my dad.
T: What I mean is, she's really my dad, but also my mom.
T: My mom is always surrounded by a bunch of okama, too.
T: They get called butterflies a lot, but if I had to choose, I'd call them mosquitos.
T: But they're all good people.
T: I think their hearts are more beautiful than anyone else's.
T: Mom, everyone, please stay the wonderful mosquitos you are.
T: The way you are now is what I've grown to love.
T: The End.

Well, I guess this is the omake page this time. Not too bad, eh? You shouldn't have any complaints about this, right? I tried my hardest. I did my best. I didn't even have enough time left to write my name. This time I'm trying something different, so I hope you're as excited as I am about it. I'll still be continuing the Q&A section so send as much as you want! Complaints are fine too. Make sure you read the bottom too. Well then, see you next year!

T 101-8050
Toukyou-to Chiyoda-ku Hitotsubashi 2-5-10
Shueisha Shuukan Shounen Jump Henshutsu-bu

JC Gintama Vol. 5 with Subject: "Well, more than annoying, the truth is that I'm actually a shy person, so I'm going to pretend like I'm a hardcore reader to ask the question I want"

P.N. "No, actually, I think it's just because I want to pretend like I'm Gin-san"

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