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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 40

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 40

?: Nufufufu!!
?: Eragoya is really in trouble now...
?: If this happens, the people of Eragoya will curse your name forever, you know.
?: Enough with the jokes...I know well enough that the one who arranged for them to be killed...
?: ...was you, if I am not mistaken.
?: Ohhhh? So that's how it went, huh?
SFX: Dahahaha
?: Man, what a freakin' airhead you are!!
SFX: Parara
SFX: Parapapapa
SFX: Parirarira
?: What the...who's there!?

SFX: Zuo
SFX: Gasha
SFX: Gata gata
?: Who...
?: Who the hell are you?!
?: I am the voice of the chimes from Gion Temple...
SFX: Zuoh
?: The reverbrance of the impertinance of all worldly things...
?: The shade of flowers on the Sal tree....(*Sal is a type of tree)

?: And with that, I bear the "reason" for the assassination of heretical bastards!!
SFX: Zah

Chapter 40: Misunderstandings concering marriages are things that continue through your entire life.

?: Good evening.
SFX: Boki
SFX: Boki
?: Say hello to the Shimatsuya, Sattchan!! (*Shimatsuya is literally translated as "Someone who cleans up afterwards)

S: The black marketeer, Nezumiya, who feeds on the weakness of the masses, I presume?
S: Those plainclothes you wear are quite befitting of the death that shall undoubtedly befall you.
S: I, Sacchan from Shimatsuya, will be the one to judge your success and failure!
N: Hey! Hey, you! I'm over here!!
S: Now...prepare yourself, Nezumiya!
N: Just what the hell did you come here to do, anyway?!
S: Um...please excuse me...it's just that, earlier, I dropped my glasses...
SFX: Chuu
S: Do you think you could give me a hand in looking for them?
N: Here.
S: Oh, thank you.
S: Ah! I can see again!!

S: Although maybe it'd be better if I couldn't.
?: Intruderrr!
?: Ah! She's running away!!
S: ....I really screwed up.
S: I guess I'll have to come back later and try again..
SFX: Gashan

S: Good morning!
SFX: Garah
S: Huh?
S: Sadaharu, where is everyone?
S: Haa...
S: What a good-for-nothing bunch...
SFX: Zarah
S: Okay, it's morning, time to wake up!!
S: Gin-saaaan, Ketsuno Ana's special weather report is starting now!!

SFX: Suuu
SFX: Patan
K: What are you doing, Shinpachi?
S: Don't come over here!!
K: Did something happen to Gin-chan?
K: Did his hair turn into a straight perm!? I wanna see his straight perm!!
S: No, stop!! This door is a gateway to immorality!!
SFX: Pan

S: Uuun...
S: Nn?

SFX: Neri neri
G: And.....who would you be?
S: She's someone you brought home, right?!
G: ...Yesterday...I...aw, crap. I can't remember anything after the point where I went to go have a drink.
S: The least you could have done is not made her cosplay a ninja.
S: Let me guess, a kunoichi? (*female ninja)
G: Gimme a break, there's no way I'd do that! Besides, nurse costumes are my favorite anyway!!
K: Shinpachi, it's better for men to play around when they're young.
K: If they don't, when they get older, they run the risk of getting played by younger women or entering into unhealthy relationships, that's what my mommy told me.
K: Your mom must have had her hardships too, I bet.
G: Okay, well, I can't really remember anything so I need you to tell me...did I do something weird?
S: No, not at all.

G: Good, good, that's good. I was afraid that sake had driven me to the point of making mistakes I couldn't undo...
S: Our relationship is as far from a mistake as it could be. No matter what maniacal request you make, rest assured that I will do my best to answer it.
S: Now here, you need to eat your nattou, for your nutrition. (*nattou: http://www.onto.be/ta/mt/images/0405/nattoh.jpg)
S: Open wide!
G: Owwwww!! That's not my mouth!! What the hell is wrong with you?!
G: I can't believe I'm saying this, but: my eye is NOT my mouth.
G: And hey, what was that about a relationship?
S: Please, it's about time you started taking some responsibility.
S: After all, you did do "that."
G: What the hell is "that?!" I didn't do a damn thing!!
S: How can you say that? We are as intertwined as this nattou stuck in my eye.
S: Owowowowowowow!!
G: You idiot, I told you already, eyes are not mouths!!
S: Gin-san, what's done is done. You can't change the past, so just acknowledge your error.
K: Marriage is the natural course of action when two people fall in love.
G: Even you two are spouting nonsense, huh!? Your precious Gin-san is going to be stolen away by this nattou woman!!
G: This isn't funny...I don't even remember what happened, so she could just be tricking me...
G: And besides, how can two people who don't even know each others' names get married all of a sudden?!
S: Don't make such an innocent face. Your body knows all too well what really happened last night.
G: Don't say weird crap like that!! And more importantly, that's not me!!

S: Ahhh...I'm really hopeless without my glasses.
SFX: Goshih
SFX: Pururu
S: Yes, hello?
S: Hello, is everything alright?
S: Hello, this is Sacchan...
N: Greetings, Ms. Shimatsuya.
S: You're...
N: Thanks for last night...it's nice to hear your voice again.
N: I got your cell phone number from one of your comrades who tried to sneak into my house last night.
N: As ludicrous as it may seem...I've fallen in love with you, beautiful Shimatsuya-san.
N: I really would love to meet you once more...would it be possible for you to come back here?
N: No matter what happens, I'll take good care of your friends here, so...

G: Hey.
G: There's no use giving myself ulcers over this. I'm a man.
G: So, since I can't remember anything, there's no way I'll ever know what really went down last night.
G: Therefore...if it's still alright with you, I'd like to take your hand in marriage!!
SFX: Don
S: ...Oh yeah? Then come with me for a sec.
G: To the marriage hall? I don't really have much cash on me, though...
S: Sacchan-san!! Wait, wait!! Here, I found your glasses!
SFX: Bun

SFX: Dogo gago baki
G: Owowow, hold on...
S: I need to find myself a woman too...
K: Shinpachiii!
S: ....What?
K: Look!
S: Since when has there been a hole there?
K: Sacchan...must be an angelic maiden who fell from the sky.

S: ...First,
S: You're going to have to meet my father.
G: ...Introduction, huh?
G: Well, if that's the case, I'll go wherever you want, but...
G: Why the hell do we have to climb up the *side* of this place?
SFX: Hyuuuuu
S: I've been raised a very sheltered girl, so if I came home early in the morning I'd be killed. (*In Japanese, the term for sheltered girl is "hako-irimusume," or, literally, girl-in-a-box.)
G: Damn, must be one hell of a box.
G: For women, though, this time is always going to come eventually.
G: But hey, I want you to think back for a minute. Your first love was really your daddy, right...
SFX: Zakuh
S: Silence!
G: You know, when we get married, we're going to have to do something about this violence.
G: I'll even make a declaration to the Emperor if I have to.
S: Sshh...be quiet, I said!

G: Who the hell is that?
S: ...That's my father's helper, Nakamura-san. Since I haven't come home yet, he's probably patrolling around keeping an eye out for me.
S: Oh crap, Nakamura-san is on to us!
SFX: Za za za za za za za
SFX: Gago
N: Bugehh!
?: Hey, what was that?!
?: It's the Shimatsuya! The Shimatsuya's returned!!
S: Tch.
G: Nakamura-saaan! You're overdoing it, man! Even for a guy like you, you shouldn't kill yourself over a job like this!!
G: Woah, woah, there's a whole bunch of them now!! Who the hell are these guys?
S: Nakamura B, Nakamura C, and Nakamura D.
G: Why are they all named Nakamura?!?!

S: Now it's begun...my father's "Son-in-Law Trial"...
S: Do your best for me, please.
G: ....eh?
SFX: Don
G: Uowaaahahhhhh!!
S: She's running that way!!
?: Nezumi-sama!
?: We're in big trouble, Nezumi-sama!
?: The Shimatsuya woman has returned...with a vengeance!
?: She's kicking the asses of all our men left and right!
N: You bastards just aren't being persistent enough!
N: Doesn't she care about the hostages?!

N: Spread out through the mansion and search for her!!
?: Yes sir!
N: And when you find her, finish her off!
S: Nezumi-sama.
S: If the enemy's objective is to rescue her comrades...
S: The best plan of action would be to crucify her nakama to restirct their movements.
S: But, you see...
SFX: Koron
S: Ah, crap, my glasses, my glasses...
N: Hey, wait, where are you going?!
S: Sshhh..quiet now, it's me, it's me Sacchan.
S: I'll save you in a bit so for now, just be quiet and play along...
S: There she is!!
S: Slice off her head!!!
P: Sacchaaaan, run away!!

P: Sacchaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!
SFX: Gah doh goh
N: Wha...
N: What is this!?
SFX: Parara parapapapa parirarira

N: I am the Hidden Shimatsuya....
N: Say hello to the Sheltered Boy Gin-san!
S: Gin-san!
G: Fatheeeeeeeeeeeer!!
G: I wish for your daughter's hand in....
SFX: dogo
N: Gubueehh!!

SFX: Muke
SFX: Dosah
?: Gin-san?
?: Hey, Gin-saaan!!
S: I'm so sorry, Gin-san...
S: The truth is, we were never anything.
S: I was just using you the entire time...
S: ...But.
S: You knew about all that, didn't you?
G: ...hey, what are you doing?
G: I don't even have any wounds there. Hey, are you listening?

G: Look, forget it, don't touch me anymore. You smell like nattou anyway.
G: I lost my bride over these wounds, there's no way they'll heal that easily.
G: See ya.
G: If you ever need my help again, just get your ass in gear and come ask the Yorozuya. (*Jack-of-all-trades)
P: Sacchan...could she be in love?
P: Pfft, who knows.
S: Pupu...
S: Men really are the dumbest living creature...

Vol. 5) Be Careful of Belt Conveyers

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