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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gintama 41

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 41

?: No, no, no, no...
?: No way! However you look at this, it's a poison mushroom.
G: Stop making me say the same thing over and over again!
G: Things that look gross actually taste good, for example, salted fish entrails and miso crab!!
S: That strange color it has is a warning, you know. It's saying "I'm poison, please don't eat me!"
G: If you always limit yourself to that kind of lonely wolf thinking, you'll never find out how good these roots taste.
G: What do you think, Sadaharu?
SFX: Kun kun'
SFX: KUshih
G: Kuuu, what a nice smell! This is a high-quality mushroom that triumphs even the matsutake!! (*kind of mushroom) Good job, Gin-san!! (Gin-san's Voice-Over)
S: Don't just randomly make up a translation...it's clear he's rejecting it!!
G: Shut up, four-eyes! How dare you rebel against Gin-san?! The truth is, you've probably never eaten any mushroom except shiitake, right?! (Gin-san's Voice-Over)
S: Go away! I'm sick of you picking on me, you poor-ass samurai! (Shinpachi's Voice-Over)
K: Gin-chan, Shinpachi, over here!

K: Look...
K: I found something awesome!!
SFX: Nosshi nosshi
K: We can eat this too, can't we?

Chapter 41 - Is there really anything as delicious as matsutake? Everyone needs to ponder this once.

G: Whe...where the hell did you pick that up from, anyway!? Don't come over here!!
G: Just take that and go to your home with it!! Give it to your family!! And become happy!! (*All cliche lines)
K: Oh my, look, you two are fighting over it already! You don't have to worry, I'll split it into equal pieces for both of you!
S: You can keep my piece...hey, wait, what's that?
S: Is this thing...dead?
K: I dunno! Seems like it fell down over there.
G: Didn't I tell you not to pick up every single thing you find?
S: This a bear, right?
S: But there's a mushroom growing out from the top of its head.
G: It's that one thing, you know...since it didn't use its brain enough. Old man Kishibe-san in district three had the same thing growing out of his!
K: Are you serious?! We have to be careful!
S: Was it killed by a hunter? At any rate, it's not really that surprising to find a dead bear out here.
Sign: DANGER! Bears appear frequently, be warned!
S: It sucks, after coming all this way to get some mushrooms...
G: You fool! Don't go getting scared yet, we haven't even found a single matsutake!
G: You can't get the tiger cub without first venturing into the tigers' den! (*This is an old Japanese saying that basically means the same thing as "Nothing ventured, nothing gained.")
G: How do you expect to go mushroom hunting if you're afraid of bears, huh!? You ball-less asshat!!
K: You ball-less asshat!!
Singing: Maaatsuutaaake! Lalala~ Maaatsuuutaake!
S: Gin-san...
S: Look up!!

SFX: Gufuh
S: What are you doing?! Playing dead isn't going to work!!
S: That whole thing is just a superstition anyway!!
K: ...Gin-chan.
K: He said it's a superstition...
K: Hey, that's not fair! You're still trying your hardest to play dead when I already gave myself away!!
K: Mr. Beaaaar, this guy's alive too!!
SFX: Pan
K: See, look, he moved!!

G: Stop making so much noise! If you clear your mind of all mundane thoughts and act dead, the bear will definitely pass us up! Now come on, close your eyes.
K: Okay, nighty-night, Gin-chan...
SFX: Gashaaa
SFX: Guhabu
S: Gin-san, Kagura-chan!
?: What is it this time, playing dead? Man, what a retro this guy is...
?: Hey, stop! Time out! PAUSE!
SFX: Dogon
G: Smokescreen!?
?: Hey, over here!

SFX: gogogo
?: We call that guy "Masamune."
?: He's the king of this mountain.
G: You're...
M: My name's Marinosuke.
M: I've been following him for quite some time now.
M: Ah? Mushroom-hunting?
M: Do you have any idea how dangerous this mountain is?

M: You all saw it, right?
M: That strange mushroom....
M: Lately the damage has really been escalating from those things...they're strange evil spores from somewhere in outer space.
M: They attach to things like parasites and use their life force as fertilizer to make the mushrooms grow.
M: Any energy you try and sustain through eating food or whatever is just transported directly to the mushroom...and then you basically become a zombie.
M: That big bear from earlier, Masamune, has always been honored as this mountain's protector.
M: But after getting hit with that thing, he turned into nothing less than a wild beast.
M: He even went so far as to come down off the mountain and rampage around the fields down there, eating people.
M: It might be possible that the intent of those mushrooms is simply to annihilate everything on this planet.
M: And that's where I come in. Y'see, I'm an expert with this sucker here.
M: I would've had that bear, too, if it hadn't been for you guys.
G: The whole purpose of this was just to get some compensation?!
M: No, you got it all wrong.
M: He and I...we had some pretty good times together...
G: ....haaa....with monsters like that around, I guess we just picked the absolute worst time to go matsutake-hunting.
K: Oh well, we did our best. Is it time to go down then?

K: ...hold on a second, Gin-saaaan!! You have a mushroom growing out of your head!!
G: Eh?
K: Pufu....you're going to have to life the rest of your life keeping your head covered or something...
S: Wait, you're also growing one!! ...what the? Me too!!!
M: Don't say I didn't warn you....it's definitely too late for him now.
M: That's what happens when newbies like you try to underestimate this place.
S: You even have one!!
M: What the!? Whyyyyy?! No...you idiots must have put something in this pot!!
K: How rude! You think I don't know what I put in my own pot?! You really think I'd go so far as to throw the mushroom growing out of that bear's head into the pot?!
M: What the hell is wrong with you!? Who would put something growing from a corpse in there in the first place?!?!
S: Arrrghh! This is terrible! What's gonna happen to us now?
M: It won't be long now until we lose control of ourselves...
M: We'll just turn into zombies controlled by mushrooms.
M: But don't worry. We still might be able to make it down off the mountain to receive medical treatment before the initial stages set in.
M: Hey, don't just randomly touch the mushroom on your head like that...who knows what's gonna happen if you...

sfx: poko poko
S: Uwaaaaa, now they multiplied!!
K: Hey, what do you look so happy for? It doesn't mean you're better just because you got more...
S: Marinosuke-san, what are we gonna do? You have to have some idea!! There has to be something you can do!!
M: What the hell do you think I am, a mushroom expert?!
SFX: Zuun
SFX: Oooooo

?: Nooooooo!!
?: This is terrible!! Of all the times for it to come back...!!
SFX: Gacha
SFX: Dogoo
SFX: Ooooo
M: Look, just leave this guy to me.
M: In the meantime, you all need to run down to the fields.
M: A battle between men is a sacred thing. Don't even think about butting in!
M: Right, Masamune?

SFX: Gaaa
SFX: Doh
M: Huh?
M: What the-!!
M: Hey, where do you think you're taking me?! Let me go!! I have a fight to settle wit hthat guy!!
G: What are you thinking?! Do you have a death wish or something?
M: Shut up and leave me alone! This shouldn't concern you!!
S: Gin-san, look over there!!
S: We should be able to hide under there!

SFX: Gururu
SFX: bari bari
S: Awawawa...
M: This is just dragging things out for me...
G: Same for us too...
M: But you really went and did a needless thing back there...
M: Because you, I won't be able to make my deadline...
G: What? You mean "getting eaten by a bear" was part of your schedule?
M: ...A while back...
M: ...there once existed a village of hunters.

M: They were entirely dependant on nature.
M: Therefore, they valued nature more than anything.
M: There was a law in this village.
M: Aside from the sacred hunt, one was not supposed to involve themselves in the life-and-death of any other living thing.
M: But one man got too full of himself, and decided to break that law.
M: This made that man happy.
M: His blood-stained hands never knew animals other than through catching them.
M: Though it was very small, that one life meant more than anything to him.
M: This man soon grew to realize that someday, this life, which was so much smaller than his...
M: ...would eventually be taken away from him due to the law.
M: Stricken with a mixture of anger and sadness, he couldn't do anything.
M: After that moment, he swore never to aim a gun at another living thing again.

M: Much later, that man heard a rumor...
M: ...about a one-eyed bear terrorizing some nearby fields.
M: It was clearly trying to seek revenge on humans.
M: Having its parents stolen so mercilessly....
M: ...and then selfishly thrown away by a human.
M: The reason that bear has a mushroom on its head now...
M: ...is all my fault.
M: The suffering of both the men in the fields down below and that bear..
M: ...are all because I went and broke that law.
SFX: Chaka
M: I'm the only one that can stop him now.
M: I must stop him.
M: Even if I fail and die in his hands...
M: ...at least I'll know that I tried my very best.

?: Uoorraaaaah!
SFX: Don
SFX: Gaaaaa
M: Like I thought, it didn't work...
M: The only choice I have left is to shoot that mushroom off the top of your head.
SFX: Bagoki

SFX: Don
M: ...did it work?!
SFX: Dokah
M: Guhah!
SFX: Gasha
SFX: Gehah
SFX: Gohoh

SFX: Goggah
M: You guys...why?!
S: Marinosuke-san!

SFX: Gashan
M: Masamune...
SFX: Pota pota
M: I'm sorry...

M: Farewell,
SFX: Doooon
M: Masamune.
M: Seems like I really caused you guys a lot of trouble.
M: What are you planning to do now?
G: I dunno about you guys, but I'm fed up with mushroom-hunting.
K: Now we're gonna try grapes!
M: Huhu...you three really are something.
G: Where are you off to?
M: Hmmm.
M: I don't know about you guys, but I'm fed up with these rules.
M: From here on out, I'm going to live in freedom.
M: Enough...for both of us...

Thank you very much for purchasing Gintama Vol. 6. This is Sorachi. Please treat me well this year too. So, by the way, the Taiga drama (*a tv show that runs for a full year every week) "Shinsengumi!" finally ended, which makes me sad, since I've been able to pull a lot of ideas from it, which I won't be able to do anymore. I've always been a fan of the Shinsengumi in their various incarnations, so I really feel sad. Thank you so much, Shinsengumi. I'll do my best alone from here on out.
Yeah, but the truth is, I'm actually tired of taking advantage of similar things to give me inspiration. With this new year, I've made a decision to just go my way from here on out. Editor? Who's that? That little monkey that tired halfway along the road? That's what happens when you randomly jump out in front of cars like that. Well, anyway, this new year there's been a lot of new things I've been thinking about trying. How should I say it...this feeling...peace? It's just some feeling I've been having...lunchbox? Beef? Wait a second...

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