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Hellsing 70

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Hellsing

-> RTS Page for Hellsing 70

Chapter 70 - Castlevania

A: Who
A: is that?
A: Aah...
A: THAT is..

A: Heavenly Father...
A: Heavenly Father...
A: No matter what...
A: I will not beg for mercy.

A: Fight...
A: Fight, all of you...
A: Everyone, for God...
A: He does not provide help to those who ask for help.
A: He does not bestow mercy upon those who ask for mercy.
A: It is not simply a prayer, though. They are just trying to appeal to their God.
A: They are free to die.

A: Fight..
A: Fight, all of you...
A: Fight along with your prayers.
A: Hopefully all your effort will amaze God enough to bring him down from his Heavenly throne.
A: And then...Jerusalem will come down with him!!

A: For the sake of hundreds, one will die.
A: For the sake of thousands, ten.
A: For the sake of ten thousand, one hundred.
A: Therefore, a million warriors shall die for the sake of Christiania. (*The world of God) Even if this tiny world of ours bursts into flames.
A: And the result will be...the coming of God.
A: That will be the result of my prayers for Jerusalem.

A: Fight and pray, everyone...
A: Tear them and burst through their split bodies as they fall to the earth...this will be the result of your undying prayers.
A: To my miserable side, to the side of us pitiful creatures, just like an assemblage of horses...
A: God will come down!! From Heaven!!
A: So then...
A: Well?
A: Whatever happened to God coming down?
A: Where's that Jerusalem of yours?

A: What's wrong?
A: Answer me!!
A: King...
A: This mad King.

A: Everyone has died.

A: They've all died.
A: For YOUR sake...
A: For the sake of THAT which YOU believe in...
A: For the sake of YOUR PARADISE...

A: You are no longer a King.
A: No longer a servant of God.
A: No...not even a human, any longer.
A: Kill your friends, kill your enemies.
A: The ones you should product, the country you should govern...
A: Men...women...
A: The elderly...children...
A: Even yourself.
A: One without any hope of redemption.
A: Yes, however you look at it, you are truly beyond any help...
A: "Count."

A: But even so...now, finally...
A: as long as I don't give up, continuing forward...

S: Master--!!
A: A voice...
A: A voice is calling out to me.
A: Whaaaaat...
A: So it's....YOU?

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