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Hellsing 75

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Hellsing

-> RTS Page for Hellsing 75

Chapter 75 - HEART OF IRON

N: In Dover,
N: Dover Fort, England's imperial headquarters for communications.


?: Lord Islands...
I: Our majesty...
I: Has joined his queen in the casement*. (*A form of armored compartment.)
Box: Round Table Conference Chairman: Sir Hugh Islands

R: Soldiers from our Imperial Guard and the SAS have been deployed.
R: Round Table Conference Councillor - Lt. Rob Walsh
R: The nuclear submarine "Nereid" is currently heading towards us.
R: If the damage ends up spreading out from London, you may safely escape to Canada.
I: What's the status on London?
R: It seems to be the same as before. Both the situation as well as all transmissions we receive are extremely chaotic.
R: The most recent official communication that we have is one from Penwood.
?: Penwood, huh?
I: Indeed, Penwood.
R: That fool.
R: He should've taken his chance to get out when he had it.
I: Isn't the act of calling everyone a fool left and right...
I: ...the indication of a true fool?

I: I won't forgive them.
I: All of our precious friends...
I: All of our precious brothers!
R: Yes, we shan't forgive them.
R: Those Nazi bastards and their shitty heretical documents will be crushed like the insects they are.
R: Certainly, we must exact our revenge at once.
R: Our invading enemies' beliefs in vampires and the like...
R: ...seems to be gaining total control over the people.
R: The sample strike force you assembled in advance has just started to shown its results.
R: I estimate in another half day, they'll have performed a full clean sweep of the area.
R: Now, the true problem at hand...is London.
R: Virtually all of its inhabitants have been reduced to Midians.
R: In order to prevent this problem from spreading, we've just finished construction of a blockade around the entire city.
R: Our majesty and the upper-classes have suggested implementing the "Final Solution" as a means of counter-attack.

R: The Nuclear Weapon, huh?
R: Yes...
R: With the Nereid's Trident SLBM3 blast....
R: We should successfully be able to abdicate London from its title of "Imperial Capital."
R: But that is only a last resort.
R: Engaging in nuclear war with the citizens of one's own country is nothing any man should have to do.
R: And furthermore, I believe in our majesty.
R: We are still in the middle of our battle for London,
R: And there are still strong people there fighting for us.
R: Yes, those fighting...
R: That woman too is amongst them.
R: Leading vampires to kill other vampires...
R: The daughter of Arthur...

R: Hellsing...
R: ...right?
R: I agree, Islands.
R: However, it's been confirmed that our information has somehow been released to the enemy,
R: Confirming our suspicion of a traitor from within the Round Table.
R: When someone suspected Penwood...
R: You immediately shot him that notion down, didn't you?
I: That I did.
I: That man was incompetent...and yet a man among men.
I: He would sooner commit suicide than betray us.
R: Then who?
R: The only remaining members of the Round Table are now you and I.
R: Is it you? Or are you saying it's myself?
I: Don't be stupid.
I: Besides, I already have documents prepared for you in the event that I do betray the group.

I: There is but one thing I fear.
I: That is, if everything goes as I have predicted...
I: It means that London is in the worst possible circumstances right now.
I: When Arthur--when Integra's father died...
I: I issued a warning..an extremely strong warning...
I: "Arthur's brother Richard is an extremely dangerous man."
I: "If Arthur is dead, this man will use any means of treachery to get what he wants."
I: "Since her father is dead, the fate of the family has been placed into Integra's hands."
I: "Do not take your eyes off Richard. Do not take your eyes off Integra!"
I: I gave this warning to the Butler.
I: The Butler of the Hellsing family...Walter C. Dolneas!
I: But on the night of that attack...there was not a trace of that man to be found. Where did he go? What was he doing?

I: Arthur understood the true danger of Alucard.
I: "He" was a strong poison...a poison so potent it was better to be left alone than anything.
I: That is why he sealed Alucard in the basement.
I: But then, on that night...
I: Integra, who was being chased by Richard, set Alucard free.
I: Walter was not among those chasing Richard.
I: At that time, the 12-year old girl had no one else to rely on.
I: And then, by releasing Alucard, Integra became his master.
I: But to why didn't he use a more direct way?
I: Was this his true purpose from the very start?
I: If it was, from when did he begin to plan this betrayal?
I: 10 years ago? 20 years ago?
I: Or could it be..
I: ...September of 1944, in Warsaw?

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