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Ikaryaku 1

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Ikaryaku

-> RTS Page for Ikaryaku 1

Sidebar: "This is the game shop "Fantasy," which is overflowing with dreams! And inside the cute-looking store is...?"
(from left to right)
Maki: Boss! I've just finished setting the new games on the shelf!
Guy: Yes...
Guy: Thanks, Maki-chan.
Guy: Since you're new, you'll be unfamiliar with the store.
Guy: Whenever you get confused, just call me, alright?
Maki: Yes sir!
Maki: I'm Kurihara Maki.
Maki: Today I started my new job working at the game shop "Fantasy."
Maki: That's my boss, Honchou-san.
Maki: He's sooo cool...and very nice too!
Maki: Of course, I love videogames...
Maki: So I've been super-excited for this job...

(Note: the clutter of words I guess is like supposed to be the kind of stuff nerds shout out when playing Magic: the gathering or something...either make something up if you want or just leave it because I can't read it all clearly.)

Title: Ikaryaku (*The name translates roughly to "Everything Below is Abbreviated.")
Author: Kouta Hirano
(from left to right again)
Guy 1: OMFG! You've gotta be shitting me! Just how many of them do you have?!
Guy 2: With a Punishment Battalion card + 2cm FLAK card stack,
Guy 2: My Kanpfgruppe Zbv's battle power is perfectly doubled!!
Guy 2: I invoke the Rule of Kobayashi Motofumi!
Guy 3: Goddammit!! Don't just make up random rules whenever you feel like it, fucktard!!
Guy 1: Just shut up, you idiot!
Guy 2: Alright, alright, then how about my Zbv's battle power equals that of a Stalin Tank! That follows the original rules!
Guy 3: Your fucking Zbv is ANNIHILATED! ANNIHILATED!!
Guy 3: Didn't see that coming, didja?
Guy 3: DIDJA!?!
Maki: Those people have been sitting in the corner playing their card game for a really long time now...
Maki: They're pretty loud, too...
Honchou: Ahhh...about those guys...

Honchou: Just don't pay any attention to them.
Maki: Uhhh...but what kind of game are they even playing, anyway?
Maki: I've never seen any of those cards before...
Guy 2: Hey, hey, if they made a game where you used a *censored* technique in her *censored*, that'd just be friggin' awesome, amirite?
Maki: It'd be nice if he died somehow.
Maki: But with those guys there, the other customers can't play their games comfortably...
Honchou: Just ignore them, trust me.
Guy 3: Yeah, I'm talking to you, little girl! You were just looking at us with that "Oh man, those guys are so dirty" expression on your face, weren't you?!
Guy 3: SHOCK!!! Even though Japan has a constitution and everything!!
Guy 3 (wavering black text): I just can't belieeeeve it!!
Guy 2: WTF?
Guy 2: How dare...to think that you'd look at one of my brother with a "Oh man, those guys are so dirty" expression!!
Guy 2: I shall not forgive you!! I shall *VERY* not forgive you!!
Guy 2: Come on, Bouzu! It's time to take revenge for our brother!!
Guy 1: What, is he serious? Somehow, it looks promising...
Guy 2: I'm going to rape you.

Honchou: Sorry, but no raping inside the store.
Guy 2: Ah...
Guy 2: Got it.
Maki: What the hell is it with those guys?!
Honchou: Well, uh...
Honchou: Just don't worry about 'em.
Guy 1: Boss, who's that chick anyway?
Guy 2: Don't tell me, she's just started working here?
Maki: Are these...really the normal types of customers you get in here...?
Honchou: Yes.
Honchou: She's my newly-hired assistant, Maki-san.
Guy 2: Dude...this is bad...she's a total glasses-chick...shit! Isn't this awesome? She's so doable!!
Guy 2: Should I propose?
Guy 3: Totally, man, totally!! Go for it, all the way!!
Guy 3: Seriously? It's okay for me to go ahead of you guys? CAN I CELEBRATE?

Guy 2: Please marry me <3
Maki: HELL NO!
Guy 2: Wha...what's your type?
guy 1: DON'T GIVE UP!!!
guy 3: Charge on to the point of death!!
Maki: Light.
Next to Ryuk: Uho
Next to apple: Apple
Maki: From the first half.
Guy 2: Uuuhhh
Maki: HE DIED!!
Maki: He....
Guy 3: Matsuda-san, grab your pistol!

Guy 3: You...you need to be more realistic with your desires!! He's not even a real person!!
Guy 1: Besides, in the first part, he was pretty much Godlike-status, wasn't he?!
Guy 1: That's like someone even Griffith from Berserk or Rhineheart would lose to!!!
Guy 1: You're too cruel!! What a bitch!!
Guy 2: This is like "Grand Theft Woman!"
Honchou: They're the guys who own this place.
H: Kouta-san.
K: Ai.
H: Yamashuu-san.
H: Haa.
H: Yabu-san.
Y: Un.
K: And we allowed him to be the shopowner.
Y: Right, Honchou, right?
Y: Hey, Honchou, we still haven't heard your daily prayer yet!!
H: For a disgusting, trash-like human like myself to be allowed to work under the great heavenly emperor...
H: Fills me with much joy that I cannot express in any form of mere thanks, so please accept my apologies.
Y: Alright! Now go buy us some afternoon tea.
M: I think I'm going to quit.

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